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PODAGORSK - SEAL Team WMD Compound Raid

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  • PODAGORSK - SEAL Team WMD Compound Raid

    05/05/2010 00:10 CET - CET 01:40
    MAP - Podagorsk
    Location - Classified
    1IC Socomseal

    Alpha SL Rampart

    Bravo SL IAJT
    -members not known

    Sniper Team Charlie SL Air Alex
    -spotter not known

    Before I get into this long AAR I want to say that this has been quite possibly the finest Arma2 experience I have had to this date.

    The Teamwork, Communication and overall performance from 1IC right down to the last operator was absolutely astounding. I think I have to this date not played a more intense and gratifying mission.

    Mission: Locate and Secure missing Warhead, Destroy Weapons Caches

    Seal Team X was inserted under cover of darkness and after securing the LZ Sniper Team Charlie was tasked with Close Target Recce on the informant location and provide a realtime intel for Alpha and Bravo.

    As mentioned in the briefing OPFOR was patrolling extensively in the AO which meant both teams had to utilize all our stealth experience gained in previous operations. Charlie located the informant in an abandoned church and provided Alpha and Bravo with a accurate grid ref.

    Shopz as point man in alpha lead us through various patrols with utmost skill. As we approached the informants location we were forced to go to ground as 4+ patrol moved within 15 meters of us. Charlie at this time had eyes on 1x enemy sniper near the informant and was given permission to fire once the patrol had moved away from our location. It was a 1 shot 1 kill scenario. Alpha and Bravo fluidly moved in and secured the informant with alpha providing 360 security while Bravo questioned the informant on the necessary intel regarding the arms cache and Warhead.

    1x Opfor Leader
    3/4x weps cache
    1x Warhead
    Location: Military Compound ca 600 meters SE of current location
    -fortified with MG Nest
    -multiple Guard Towers
    - unknown amount of foot mobiles
    - unknown patrols

    The intel received was deemed reliable and once again Charlie was tasked with a CTR of the OPFOR compound to give us more accurate intel on opfor disposition.

    Meanwhile Alpha/ Bravo moved south of the compound as we planned to utilize the high ground for our own initial recce. Fortunately the terrain was absolutely perfect giving Alpha and Bravo clear firing lanes into the compound and also clear view on all approaches to the compound. The last 200 meters to our battle positions were covered at a slow crawl with tension mounting throughout the SEAL team. During our approach Charlie was feeding us with latest intel and movement reports. Command then tasked Bravo as covering element and Alpha was designated the breach team. Plan was for Alpha to move into position on the south wall of the compound. I as Alpha Lead had decided that our primary tagt would be the Opfor Leader that was spotted in the main building of the compound. This would only be possible if Charlie and Bravo successfully engaged and neutralized the guard towers and bunkers.

    On Commands signal Charlie initiated what was to be a brief but very intense firefight.
    Alpha sprinted from out battle position over the open ground and breached the compound with shopz being the first man in followed by Geronimo and me and josh bringing up the rear. Once in the compound we moved with speed to secure the primary target on our way Alpha Lead engaged 2 tango`s that had till now escaped the withering fire of Bravo and Charlie. Shopz and Geronimo secured the Opfor Leader while Alpha Lead and Josh secured the ground floor. This again was done with 0 casualties.
    At this time enemy resistance was effectively neutralized and Bravo moved into the compound and located and secured the caches and warhead. Alpha was tasked with securing the rest of the compound which keeping in tune with our efforts so far worked flawlessly.

    Command then tasked Alpha with recovering the Warhead while Bravo swiftly placed charges on the caches. Once these tasks were completed SEAL team pulled back into the compound and blew the caches resulting in mission success. Charlie which had been providing much needed overwatch on the compound rejoined us shortly afterwards and we called the mission.

    I hope you liked my first AAR and if it were possible I would like recommend everyone with a medal for this mission. I know its not possible but hey if I could I would. I believe we all played a major part in completing this mission with 0 casualties on our side yet inflicting a major blow to the enemy.

    Would be nice to see how others felt this mission went. Specially tips and suggestion from the operator to the teamleaders would be highly appreciated.
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    Re: AAR PODAGORSK - SEAL Team WMD Compound Raid

    First of all I would like to thank Socomseal for leading us through the mission and all players for the great mission.

    Vigi and I where acting as the recon/sniper unit (1-1-C)

    As the recon party, Vigi and myself moved into the hills parralel to the road leading up to the informant.
    We tried to keep up the momentum as much as possible because we wanted to get eyes on the informants
    location well before Alpha and Bravo arived to be able to provide them with as much intel as possible.
    Once we had located the informants position and found a good observation and shooting position we
    started observing enemy patrol movements and started calling them in.

    At one point Vigi alerted me a patrol was moving towards us and we pulled back about 20m to let them pass.
    After that we returned to our overwatch position and kept the teams up to date on enemy movement.
    After the CO talked to the informent Vigi and I where told to find a position overlooking the compound.

    From there on the nerve wrecking walk to the hill south of the compound started.
    We ran into at least half a dozen of patrols on the way there.
    One of them passing us within 10m (good it was dark and we had ghillie suits).
    Once in position overlooking the compound we did a quick count of the hostiles and located the HVT.
    From there on the assault started as discribed by Rampart.

    It all went very smooth with some hairy moments with patrols walking up to our position.
    As mentioned by Rampart, I was very pleased to see such clear radio communication, also for as I've seen the other squad's manouvering, it was very clean.
    I liked Socom's style of leading by giving us (1-1-C) basic tasks without micro managing the route.

    My special thanks go to Vigi for the great job of spotting my targets and keeping an eye out for patrols.

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      Re: PODAGORSK - SEAL Team WMD Compound Raid

      was this CO20_SOCOM_Alpine_Outpost_V5? I'm glad it worked out for yal! 7437


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        Re: PODAGORSK - SEAL Team WMD Compound Raid

        yep I believe it was!! Legendary mission!! FYI in the end the helo did not come to pick us up at the helipad outside the compound.
        At the time we thought it could be because we would have had to egress back to the insertion point. Can you confirm or deny that this is the case? After you send the radio message where does the heli fly to?



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          Re: PODAGORSK - SEAL Team WMD Compound Raid

          Hi Rampart,

          I believe I fixed this issue in the last version update. Let me know if it works/doesn't work.





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