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    Originally posted by Ferris Bueller View Post
    Let me start out by warning everyone that this is a very long post, but well worth the read for anyone looking to help out their fellow players and the community as a whole.

    In our ongoing efforts to spruce up the community, I thought a little educational post on our ribbons system would be a great thing to put out there. I know that we have a lot of people who are active in all parts of the TG forums, but I also know that there are those who never get out of the PR forum who might find the process quizzical. So here's some insight into how the system works and what you can do!

    Ribbons Basics:
    The ribbons system that TG has set up is a great thing. The staff, over the years, has come up with a myriad of awards for players of all titles in the community to receive based on the nominations of their peers. Not only does this provide a way for players to give positive feedback to their fellow gamers, but it also gives everyone a great way to be recognized for their achievements in the games they play and in the community as a whole.

    Even better: ANYONE can nominate or be nominated for a ribbon! Let me repeat that: ANYONE can get ribbons and ANYONE can nominate others for them. It doesnt matter if it's your first day at TG or your tenth year here (yes, yes, i know TG hasnt been around ten years yet, but we're getting there!), you can both give and receive the gift of community recognition to and from your fellow players. So dont be hesitant, write up those nominations every time you see noteworthy action! This guide will give you a basic idea of how to do exactly that.

    The Ribbons We Have:
    So after looking around the forums and seeing people with massive ribbon racks, you might be wondering what they are. I'll give you a rundown of the ribbons available to PR players and forum contributors. Now, keep in mind that there are ribbons available that are specific to other games, so this isnt a complete list, just those applicable to our little corner of TG.

    To begin with, let me explain that there are "classes" for ribbons, that being class 1 through class 6. When you see someone sporting a plain ribbon, that's a class 1 award, given to them for the first accepted nomination they receive for each specific ribbon. If you see a ribbon with a gold star on top of it, that's a class 2. The more stars, the higher the class of ribbon up to class 6, which is represented by a single silver star on the ribbon and is the highest award anyone can receive for each ribbon.

    Also, nominations for ribbons dont fall under a one-time-action basis. If you know someone who routinely does a great job in a certain area, write them up for their ongoing service in that fashion!

    But, without further ado, I present you with the list of ribbons available to us and a brief description of each.

    Combat Action
    The Combat Action ribbon is awarded to players who possess a keen sense of battlefield awareness, survivability, lethality and tactical action on the battlefield.

    Distinguished Conduct
    The Distinguished Conduct Ribbon is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active TG service. Players who receive this award are known to be exceptional representatives of the "TG way".

    Distinguished Volunteer
    The Outstanding Volunteer Service ribbon is awarded to those individuals who go above and beyond in volunteering within our community.

    Distinguished Drill Instructor
    The Drill Instructors Award is awarded to an individual who has dedicate time and effort into training and helping fellow TG players to improve through training.

    Distinguished Medic
    The Distinguished Medic Service Ribbon is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers demonstrating great proficiency as a medic.

    Distinguished Armor
    The Distinguished Armor Service Ribbon is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers demonstrating great proficiency with armored vehicles on the battlefield.

    Distinguished Defense
    The Distinguished Defense Service Ribbon is awarded to those players who demonstrate exceptional survival and defensive capabilities on the battlefield.

    Distinguished Squad Leader
    The Distinguished Squad Leader Service Ribbon is for those who demonstrate an exceptional ability to lead others in a squad capacity, utilizing tactics, battlefield awareness, communication and strategy.

    Distinguished Commander
    The Distinguished Commander Service Ribbon is given to those individuals who stand out as leaders on a team level, being able to coordinate an entire battlefield through communications, tactics and strategy.

    Distinguished Sniper
    The Distinguished Sniper Service Ribbon is given to those who possess the highest skill and lethality with long range sniper rifles.

    Distinguished Anti-tank
    The Distinguished Anti-Tank Service Ribbon is awarded to those players who are known to be exceptionally deadly when engaged in infantry combat against armored targets.

    Distinguished Engineer
    The Distinguished Engineer Service Ribbon is awarded to players who demonstrate the utmost ability to utilize the engineer kit, from building, repairing and rearming to laying mines and traps to a strategic advantage.

    Distinguished Support
    The Distinguished Support Service Ribbon is given to players who exemplify themselves in a support capacity, often utilizing kits equipped with machine guns or long range grenades, to provide support, supply and mobility for their teammates.

    Valorous Unit
    The Valorous Unit is awarded to an entire squad for responsiveness to Commanders orders, skill in execution, and superior teamwork with other squads. This award can only be nominated by team leadership.

    Distinguished Special Ops
    The Distinguished Special Operations Service Ribbon is given to those players who exemplify the skills of stealth, mobility and lethality in going behind enemy lines to eliminate strategic targets that a frontal assault cannot reach.

    Distinguished Assault
    The Distinguished Assault Service Ribbon is awarded to players who are the pinnacle of lethality on the battlefield.

    Distinguished Tactician
    The Distinguished Tactician Service Ribbon is awarded to players who have shown their prowess though the planning and execution of tactics and strategy on the battlefield.

    Distinguished Air Cavalry
    The Distinguished Air Cavalry Service Award is awarded to those who have shown great aerial skill in helicopters in transport, supply and combat operations.

    Distinguished Jet Combat
    The Distinguished Jet Combat Service Award is given to those players who demonstrate extreme skill and lethality when engaged in aerial combat maneuvers in jet aircraft.

    The Process:
    So you may be wondering a couple things:
    1. How do I give ribbons?
    2. How do I get ribbons?
    Both of these questions are easily answered and come with some great written aides posted by our Ribbons team. First, we'll address giving ribbons, since, as we all know, 'tis better to give than to receive. :)

    To give ribbons to someone is a very simple endeavor that only takes a few minutes of your time. Simply visit the Submit A Nomination forum, create a new thread, and write up a ribbon nomination appropriate for the actions you witnessed! It really is that simple! Now, as far as how exactly to write a nomination, we'll cover that later on.

    Getting ribbons is even easier. All you have to do is exemplify yourself through your actions on the battlefield or on the forums and sooner or later, someone will throw your name into the ring for a ribbon or two. After a while, you'll wind up with a big ribbon rack like you see some of the more veteran players wandering around the forums with. Ribbon awards dont ALWAYS get posted in the PR forum, so I highly recommend keeping an eye on the Awards Presentation forum once in a while to see if you got anything, and also to be able to congratulate your teammates who got awards as well!

    Now, insofar as how the process actually works, it's quite simple. Any player writes a nomination in the ribbons forum for another player. This nomination is collected and submitted to the appropriate admin staff (depending on the game and class of the nomination). The admin staff then reads over the nomination, discusses and votes on the award. If it is approved, our Ribbons officer posts the award in the ribbons forum for all to see! The process, from start to finish generally takes a week or two depending on when the nominations are submitted. All ribbons nominations are kept confidential.

    Writing Nominations
    As discussed earlier, in order for people to get ribbons, they have to be nominated. There is absolutely no limit to the number of nominations you can write, as long as they are appropriate and well written. Again, to submit a nomination, simply head over to the appropriate forum and create a new topic to write the nomination in. As a basic guide, here is the format that ribbon nominations should generally follow:

    Now, it doesnt have to follow that guideline exactly, but all of those points should be covered in any nomination you write. In addition to that basic rubric, there are some guidelines for which class you can nominate someone for that can be found here. I wont post them all here, because its another fairly long post in itself. But it's really quite simple.

    To round this section out, I'll give you an example of what a well written nomination looks like and what a poorly written nomination looks like. Remember: the quality of your nomination WILL impact whether or not the award is given, so make them GOOD!

    Here's a good example:

    And here's an example of what not to do:

    One last thing on this: NEVER tell someone you wrote them up for a ribbon, it's in bad form. Also, dont ask people to write you up for ribbons. If you deserve them, trust me, you'll get them.

    Event Ribbons
    Event ribbons are given to any player who participates in scrimmages or community events. The basic ribbon is the TG vs TG internal scrim ribbon. We have lots of people who have a class 6 ribbon in that department for their participation in many TG internal scrims. The internal scrim ribbon doesnt change and we dont make special awards for single internal scrims.

    All external scrims, where a field of TG players goes toe-to-toe with another community, get custom designed ribbons. Also, organized events that play out over longer periods of time within the community, such as the insurgency world series, get custom designed ribbons for the participants to wear.

    The last set of custom event ribbons that can be worn is for organized league play. In order to have a ribbon for organized team play, the team you are participating on must be acknowledged and sponsored by TG. If the site administration approves the team, a custom campaign ribbon can be created at their discretion.

    Wearing Your Ribbons
    Wearing your ribbons isnt quite as complicated as it looks. Everyone essentially has two types of ribbons that they wear: game ribbons, like the ones I posted above, and event ribbons that you get from scrims and community events. The game ribbons are always to be worn first and in the order in which they were received. Scrim ribbons are to be worn after game ribbons and also worn in the order in which they were received.

    The key exception is that if you are awarded a higher class ribbon later on, you dont move that ribbon to the end of the line. You simply replace the ribbon you already have in your signature with the new award. This goes for both game and event ribbons.

    Rounding It Out
    I really hope this has helped familiarize some of you with the ribbons and ribbon system that we have. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them here or by shooting a PM to one of your great admin staff. These guys are all very knowledgeable about the whole process and would be more than happy to help you out! So in closing, I'd like to reiterate a couple key points here:
    • Anyone can give or receive ribbons. There is no SM or longevity requirement. You can be here for a day or a year and get a ribbon all the same
    • There is no limit on the number of ribbon nominations you can write and you are encouraged to write as many as you can!
    • Dont ask for ribbons or tell someone you wrote them up for one.
    • Wear your ribbons with pride and wear them right.
    • If you want more information or greater detail, head over to the Awards Forum and read the stickies!

    On that note guys and gals, get those fingers typing! I expect to see the admin staff being worn out from all the ribbon nominations by the end of the month! Ribbons are a great way to honor your fellow players and have a meaningful interaction with the community. Hope this helped some of you guys! Enjoy!

    this was in the PR forum, and it was really good, hope to see more ribbons comming now!!! :)

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    Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

    The ENTIRE admin team couldnt stress this enough


    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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      Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

      Ribbons approves of this post.

      Acknowledge your teammates' Outstanding and Distinguished efforts: Submit a nomination!


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        Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

        cool now go approve that other nomination :)


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          Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

          There are two ribbons that aren't listed here which apply to ArmA specifically. They are:

          MOUT Specialist


          Recon Specialist

          For a full list of ribbons across all titles at TG, click hereee.

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            Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

            I've nominated people for awards before but nothing was done about it, kinda puts me off wasting my time for them to be ignored.

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              Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

              I would'nt take it personaly I've had it happen to me and I'm sure it happens to everyone. I belive it's based on the vote, the best theing I can tell you its to wright a very thought out nomination.


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                Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                Three cheers for more awards and more AARs! Now you (yes you) can sit around the fireplace, hop on teamspeak, and ramble on about your war stories to all your friends!

                (I am not responsible for any loss of friends, muting, or banning that occurs whilst telling war stories. Any war story must be first written up in the form of an AAR before they are officially recognized as a war story. Thank you.)


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                  Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                  Originally posted by AdeptAbyss View Post
                  I've nominated people for awards before but nothing was done about it, kinda puts me off wasting my time for them to be ignored.
                  In my experience you have to post/nag in the same thread and they will go through eventually lol

                  BTW there is no vote involved for a class I nomination! Class I nominations are automatic.


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                    Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                    Actually, there is a vote on all ribbon nominations that go through, no matter what class.

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                      Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                      Originally posted by MarineSeaknight View Post
                      Actually, there is a vote on all ribbon nominations that go through, no matter what class.
                      o rly? is that a new change? The last time I read the Ribbons documentation it said class I documentations are more or less automatic.


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                        Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                        There's been no change. We've always voted on every nomination submitted. Class I's are like that because well, they are Class I's. We vote so that if someone writes "Durrr... MSK wuz [email protected] shootzing and stuffs kay?", it doesn't get approved. Joking aside, it doesn't take much more than a standard show of know-how to receive a Class I ribbon, though the nomination itself has to be well-written enough to receive a majority admin vote. If you've submitted a nomination and it didn't go through, chances are it was too short/lacking of effort or details, etc.

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                          Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                          Would be nice if the people voting decided to tell me what was wrong with the nomination and not just ignore it.

                          My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
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                            Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                            I highly doubt you were ignored on purpose, and people make mistakes sometimes Adept. If you'd still like to pursue an answer, I would recommend PMing Ribbons or posting in the Ribbons Forum. After all, Ribbons is human too...

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                              Re: Get Involved: Ribbons!

                              Or is it? I personally think Ribbons is a robot...a sentient one at knows where we live!

                              Some say he's a CIA experiment gone wrong, and that his blood smells of Root Beer. All we know is, he's called The Stig...errr...I mean Ribbons!
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