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  • Op_Adnuld revamp

    so yeah, I'm asking for feedback on the mission after it's been played, soooooo can please leave your comments and constructive criticism here.


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    Re: Op_Adnuld revamp

    Overall, this mission is much better than the first Op Ahnuld. Points of contention:

    Dropping gimmick is questionable. If your intent is to scatter players so they have to struggle to get back together, then it fails - and only causes a frustrating inconvenience. For example, everyone would be able to quickly regroup at RP 1, they would just be inconvenienced by a walk. In any event, it appears as a gimmick and does not serve a useful gameplay function.

    I would like to see a response to the landing. If the enemy has such a large motorpool in the south why aren't they launching attacks on the DZ? I'd recommend reading up on the Arnhem landings during Operation Market Garden.

    It would be cool if there were some random and procedural responses to player movements. This is easy to design with simple probability of presence logics and synchronization of triggers.


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      Re: Op_Adnuld revamp

      A comment was made about the medics not having enough supplies, I believe that one medic mentioned he was only carrying 2 bandages and 2 morphine, this is the same as the standard infantry and at one point a few of us ended up giving up our personal supplies to a medic so he could do his job.

      I know this is a server config but would be nice to set the grass level to off as the AI was just owning us at one point and it was difficult to see them but they could see us - ruddy Arma bug...

      Overall I enjoyed the mission and found it fairly easy to find my squad at the beginning, am looking forward to doing the whole thing next time.
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        Re: Op_Adnuld revamp

        Overall, I'd say it was quite a fun mission, I'd love to see if some of the FRAPS footage somebody was taking turned out. As for critiques, it did seem like there might have been a few too many difficult objectives as somebody in TS said. However, I have to disagree about the hot drop, it was a neat way to enter the mission, although I do wonder how the gameplay would hold if it didn't scatter the players as much and instead the players had to react to a counterattack instead.

        I have to say, the time for the mission was kind of neat, after playing the mission for a reasonable amount of time to realize that it was morning and we could switch out of NVGs was neat, and changed gameplay up a bit.


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          Re: Op_Adnuld revamp

          As said before, if the enemy moved out and searched the DZ would make it more interesting, also, having strobes, NVGS etc makes it very easy to find squads and regroup, maybe make use of flares instead.

          Also yeah grass level is annoying, couldnt see the AI half the time, unless I was standing up -_-. if you could include a settings option to turn this off ( all missions should include this.)

          This mission seems like a good event mission, just need a few fixes and changes.

          I have a load of fraps videos, will try and get them uploaded over the next few days

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            Re: Op_Adnuld revamp

            Random respawn was a novel way to simulate a larger drop force, but once and obj is secured making it the spawn point would help a lot in cohesive action later in the mission.

            Make it earlier in morning so there is more darkness, kill the grass (it sucks bigtime, epsecially for the 240 gunner).

            AI was harsh (good), and force levels were good, stary might have been too lightly defended though.


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              Re: Op_Adnuld revamp

              Perhaps show only 1 objective at a time.

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