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Late night Op Ares V2

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  • Late night Op Ares V2

    Co - me
    Bravo - Militant
    Hotel - Rat
    Thumper(M1A1) - Skin then Hellhound/Chaclas
    BunnyRider - Lowspeed
    Steel Rain - Impulse/ Waldo
    Engi - Piespy
    Recon - Cro / Mills

    Great mission last night, the squad leads did an AMAZING job of coordinating their efforts. It was a good relief being able to lay out a plan and letting the squads decide how best to perform their roles. I was especially impressed that the SLs were not afraid to call for fire support from Steel Rain or Thumper.

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    Re: Late night Op Ares V2

    Pro: The squads all seemed to work well together, and it felt good being able to work directly with the dismounts in helping clear towns.

    Con: As luck would have it, we hit a very random mine and lost a tread. We tried to repair it with a truck but that wasn't working, so we switched Tanks and tried to blow the old one. After three satchels the damn thing was still in tact. Frustrating, but reassuring that we were safe behind all that armor. Then the server went down :(

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      Re: Late night Op Ares V2

      I had a lot of fun that round,the coordination was indeed amazing and I loved how that mission played out,before the dreaded red No Message appeared.

      I was very impressed with the teamwork, to say the least.As the Bravo Squad lead, I was given many tools to use, and great support assets,such as

      The Bradley(under Bravo squad command) to mount up in and mobilize around the AO with,as well as to use to shoot down a low number of armor targets and to clear the way of all enemy light vehicles and fortifications at a distance in short period of time.It's a good portable turret to have watching your back and Gramps and Longtime did a great job at being the vehicle crew for the most part of the mission that they played as crew.Glad we took the Bradley with us.

      The Abrams codenamed Thumper- Skin then Hellhound/Chaclas, to call upon for support to help with armor and fortified targets,as well as back up just in case our position was being overrun.That was another great option to have and I enjoyed coordinating with Thumper when I did.There's nothing better to have come racing up towards your location to help support in the fight then an Abrams, what a beast,and that beast helped Bravo a great deal when it did.It was good working with that crew.

      The fire support from the Howitzers codenamed Steel Rain-Impulse/ Waldo, to call upon to hit any enemy infantry or fortified areas as well as static vehicles that we find in some form of cover,and also to lay down a Smoke missions to mask movements was also another good option to have and I very much enjoyed calling in fire missions with Steel Rain when it was needed and could be used.I forgot the the Howitzers callsign during the mission, but you could say I was under a little bit of stress,being shot at and all trying to look at a map and relay some squad commands and calling in danger close fire missions can scatter the mind a bit lol, but steel rain hit the requested area targets with extreme accuracy.

      And of coarse I cannot forget my Fire Teams.They were able to easily break off, flank an enemy,or search an area and then regroup later and in formation.From what I remember FT1 was lead by Jesper followed by Dagi and Kraken,and FT2 was lead by Chunga followed by Longtime and Ironzulu and also I should mention Mustang as he came in later.I would have some JIP's later on as some Bravo squad members called it a night and went to bed,and the JIP's would jump in their without missing a beat.This was a long mission.

      Another, good option that for once I was able to use,was the request of a medic which was played by Jaze.When one Bravo soldier reported he could not walk and needed a medic,As bravo lead I requested command send a medic to our location and this was done well and put a smile on my face.This actually made me think that maybe we could have a pilot act as a MH-6 pilot to fly the medics around to where they are needed,like a CASEVAC with out the Evac part and the MH-6 could also store some ammo in it so we can rearm as we heal up if needed,then the LB can buzz off out of the area to where ever needed next or to a temporary position near command.I think some of our fly guy's would like this task.

      A little AAR

      In the beginning Bravo was heavily pinned down by enemy armor, technicals and infantry at the first objective near a stone wall covered by bushes in a fairly open, rising field.We took heavy fire at our stone wall and were getting flanked and a couple team members started to go down after withstanding a lot of fire.The Bradley who was behind and off to the side a bit from us ground troops was letting lose with what he had and successfully engaged and destroyed some enemy,but the Bradley could not shoot everything at once and in all places,plus the TOW reload time last's more then a mere few seconds making it difficult to quickly take out rushing armor.As the Bravo lead I was able to communicate well with Steel Rain to get a fire mission to hit around where some enemy inf and vehicles were located and engaging us by the town.Being heavily pinned down it was hard to spot rounds,but after a few shifts of fire around the area where the shifting enemy was suspected to be at and shooting at us from,and after hearing and seeing parts of the fire mission as it struck, it seemed like Steel Rain were hitting bang on.While the fire mission was being called,enemy inf was within a 50 meter radius of Bravo as well as some technicals that would dart in and out of the area.

      Bravo's Bradley got caught and hit by enemy armor as it tried to reload it's TOW's and back up, all while firing, and with Bravo pinned down and almost face to face with enemy inf rushing up,the Abrams, Thumper(M1A1) was able to coordinate and move directly to where Bravo was pinned down and I believe relieved Bravo of the enemy armor and other enemy near Bravos location,giving Bravo much needed relief and helping preserve Bravo as a fighting force.In the wild mess, I personally got shot while laying prone and calling in the last fire mission,but the good coordination and actions of all vehicles and support elements allowed us to win that intense battle in that moment and Bravo successfully held their ground.

      The other moment that stuck out in my mind was when Bravo was moving in on the second objective town.As we moved along a dense wooded area that leads towards the town,Bravo spotted some enemy fortifications and troops.The Bradley was sent through and over to the other side of the wooded area to engage these threats,but to my mistake as Squad lead I did not direct them to detour around to get a good distance on the enemy to engage,instead I got them to move onto our flank close to town,and the Bradley entered an RPG storm.I have no idea how many RPG's were shot at the Bradley,I lost count, but there was many,and I thought to myself after every RPG rocket flew passed, that this is insane, and how many RPG's are there in that town wow,I also thought that the Bradley might make it through the storm after astonishing hearing on comms the Bradley crew saying we are still up,but the last few RPG volleys hit the Bradleys sweet spots and the Bradley was destroyed.

      In retaliation I called a few Fire missions from Steel Rain to hit the area the RPG's came from and as Bravo held in the dense wooded area,enemy started to creep on our flank slightly behind us, and also to our front inside the dense wooded area.Bravo would successfully shoot down the flanking enemy,but the enemy in the dense woods would open fire at very close range and from within concealment,so it made it hard to identify where they were.As a result of not seeing the enemy danger close,I ordered Bravo to fallback around 50 meters and put down some suppressive fire as we look to break contact with the enemy in the woods.As we started to fall back,I requested more fire missions from Steel Rain to hit in the dense wooded area where the unseen enemy secretly assaulted to.

      As Bravo pulled back even further while engaging the ghostly foe in the densely wooded area,Bravo managed to pull back far enough in the wooded area to avoid any friendly artillery that is about to strike.When Steel Rains artillery shells hit, they hit exactly where it was needed and asked for and wiped out all the unseen enemy rushing us in the wooded area.Bravo was then able to move up and take back the wooded area with the help of Thumper.With good coordination with Thumper, it was requested by Bravo that Thumper watch our flank and take up positions at a certain intersection area where Bravo received fire from.After more enemy were shot and after communicating for more fire missions, Bravo was later able to move into the town, with little to no resistance.As we moved in comms lite up with talk of BMP's being in the town and Bravo quickly tried to take some sort of cover to figure out where they were.Surprisingly they were within 30 meters of Bravo and it seemed like they were well placed because the BMP's survived the siege on the town and remained unseen for some time to my knowledge.I believe from there Thumper was able to take the BMP's out,but bravo did suffer 2-3 casualties in that gun play before the town was cleared and we moved on.

      Guess its to late to try and make a long story short,but that's my battle report on the intense moments i remember Bravo encountering.

      I really like the combined arms and having arty assets at your disposal to call in as a squad lead,I felt like a kid at Christmas time and gave me a good run with Modern Combat tactics :)

      Good work to everyone in that mission,you really made it enjoyable,and I like that set up,Well done to the CO, in game name was Mkoll i think and thanks for making it clear that we could use and request any kind of support.I look forward to upgrading my think tank to really be able to use all assets properly and in the right way in Arma2 with you guys.Good mission and well lead.
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        Re: Late night Op Ares V2

        I know it's not the most popular map, but I really had a blast working the combined arms aspect as well. Just listening to the command net was cool. 2 Infantry squads supporting eachother, plus a Bradley, plus my Tank, plus Arty and Medevac. And it all kept from going to hell. I'd really like to play it again in a full server (and without crashing). Just as long as I get to represent Thumper again :p

        My priorities, in order. 1) KD/R 2) Winning 3) Gunning in a Tank 4) Everything Else


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          Re: Late night Op Ares V2

          Militant, thanks for that AAR. Made me feel like I was gunning in that Bradley all over again. :)




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