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WIC Day 2 based mission 15/6 Midnight (GMT)

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  • WIC Day 2 based mission 15/6 Midnight (GMT)

    So guys, how do you think that one went with me commanding?

    Before anyone mentions, I know the FF was horrible - and kept happening, unsure as to why, any opinions / suggestions as to how to remedy that for future would be much appreciated. (flashlights / chemlights not really a solution as they illuminate your position to the enemy.)

    Also thanks to the SLs out there who provided heaps of useful input and tactical suggestions mid mission!

    So the AAR report. (Sort of)

    From the outset I had Weapons, Hotel and Golf teams take up positions on treelines to the south and south west of the bridge, hoping to move in stealthilyish and light the enemy up together as one, sadly did not go so awesome as Golf were ambushed at their RP point (Sorry guys!). From there a bit of a battle ensued which saw Hotel run through an SL towards the end, and Weapons run out of ammunition, taking a small town from a group of spetznatz.

    Not an awesome start, but great job to the teams out there, this prolly'd been fudged without their effectiveness. Anywaysh, after the southern side of the bridge was cleared we had some major downtime to rearm weapons and get them back out. In retrospect the town was empty enough for Hotel and Golf to simply have advanced, however at the time I was too wary of hidden squads within the town or somesuch that might ruin things. Totally paranoid belief however as 10-20mins later when all squads were up and ready we ran through the town in minutes facing very little opposition.

    Again, sorry!

    Things sped up after the enemy armour approaching from the North East were taken out and all squads moved up the MSR to the north in preparation to assault the enemy artillery positions there. Golf got into position pretty quick, however Hotel encountered a lot of opposition whilst on the move through the forests, and both teams endured a lot of friendly fire whilst weapons chilled in an AAPV roadside.

    Eventually, with a lot of ff and enemy squads taken down the teams assaulted the artillery positions and eliminated all contacts within it and the nearby town in less than 10 mins (I believe... Wasn't timing!). After that both teams faced heavy resistance from the northern treeline at the edge of town. Took some time to put an end through that and shortly after the squads started pushing up, securing victory for blufor and defeat for commies!

    Hard to say who I think really stood out in that mission, I was mostly heavily preoccupied with keeping on top of things, assisting with rearming etc, and in parts engaging the enemy myself to help out a little here and there. All teams really performed well, Golf were solid from start to finish and Hotel really pulled through despite at least 2 SL changes.

    Just a shame about the FF!

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    Re: WIC Day 2 based mission 15/6 Midnight (GMT)

    It was a great mission overall and great job on commanding you kept fluent comms!

    I was part of weapons, the ammo bearer for the M2. At the start of the mission we set off at walking pace to secure a good field of fire with the M2 before the rest of you arrived. We got a perfect spot, set up the tripod, put the M2 on top, loaded the ammo AND.... nothing...
    It glitched or something we did wrong but it just wouldn't fire and we had a platoon size of men running across the field directly in front of us with no idea we were there! Very frustrating! But we made do, took out our M4s and assisted the squad to our left in taking them down. During this firefight a small group of Spetznaz attacked us from the right so we moved to engage them. The 3 of us sucessfully took them down and we secured the small town.

    After a while command and the ambulance used the town we took as a small FOB, we got more ammo for our M2 and mad our way over there in a M113, but as soon as we got back over to our M2 beside the larger squad we were blown up by something we don't know but were fairly sure it was FF :(

    We were completely disorganized after that and had to completely rearm at base leaving the other squads waiting for us at the bridge which I again apologize for, but we brought some serious hardware with us :)
    We crossed the bridge with the squad, supporting them and successfully engaged many targets in the town and cleared it out allowing the minefield to be cleared. The armour then rolled through and cleared out the enemy armour with ease. It was victory after victory from then on and turned out to be a great mission!

    Once again thanks to the CO and the other squad leads for keeping their men in line while they waited for us. My apologies once more :)




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