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6/17 101st Airborne

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  • 6/17 101st Airborne

    CO - headshot -> Ratlover
    Alpha - Militant -> Beta
    Bravo - Me
    Charlie - Mustang
    Sky cow - Tomdack - Impulse


    Much thanks to all of those who choose to finish this one. Mission lasted so long i know i am going to forget some stuff so post your own AARs and hopefully we can get a complete picture.

    Visual AID:

    We got our gear and bordered the C130 trying to drop somewhere east of the Artillery camp. Due to lag or a bug we ended up being dropped just east of FOB Shepard. Bravo squad was assigned to support duty and tasked with setting another FOB near the town of Unterluss. Alpha moved first and secured the town but while en route to the town we were engaged by enemy infantry. FT1 halted and engaged while the valuable assets pressed on to the safety of the town. The enemy squad retreated when it also came under attack from alpha and bravo moved into to town and set up FOB Jupiter. Alpha moved east to secure the town of Neu Lutterloh while bravo protected its northern flank and provide AT support. As alpha moved into the town an enemy armored patrol attacked from the west. I managed to destroy the first BMP with a TOW and the second was taken out by a smaw from Alpha. FT1 and FT2 moved toward the town engaging and destroying an enemy infantry squad that was northwest of the town. Both alpha and bravo then secured the town but came under heavy contact to the south. After a prolonged firefight both squads pushed south to destroy the artillery camp. Bravo attacked form the north while alpha attacked from the east. After a brief firefight we secured the camp and blew up the artillery pieces then moved off to FOB MARs.

    Bravo arrived at mars and was given some time to relax and rearm. We then moved out toward Weesen to hunt for enemy AA.

    Bravo reached and secured Weesen with no problems but once in the town we were engaged from the south by enemy infantry. We successfully destroyed the contact and proceeded south to the town of Queloh. On the way we were engaged by a patrolling enemy squad and after a brief firefight we destroyed them as well. Once we reach the woods north of Quelohh we got in a line and advanced on the town.

    We secured Queloh without further problems.

    Thinking the mission was close to ending I decided to make a mad dash for the POW camp. I ordered everyone to drop their packs and run to the POW camp. Just east of the camp an enemy squad engaged us from the south. While FT2 provided cover FT1 assaulted past and into the camp. Using the last SMAW round we destroyed the wall of the POW camp and entered. We spent the next several minutes clearing out the camp while still engaging the enemy squad from the forest. Unfortunately Seg was killed while we were trying to secure the camp.
    With charlies help we secure the camp and regroup.

    While we were leaving the camp Charlie was engaged from the north. Bravo flanked to their west using the forest to literally get within spitting distance of the enemy. Once we eliminated the enemy squad we moved toward the northwest to join up with Alpha. We were engaged by sporadic enemy forces. About half way there someone spotted an enemy armored patrol and we didn't have any smaw ammo left! So we did the only sensible thing and ran like hell to the north. Unfortunately an enemy BMP2 managed to get someone in the rear of the formation. After that casualty we managed to break contact and took up position on the western flank of the attack on the enemy HQ. Bravo provided cover while Alpha and Charlie attacked the town.

    We then joined the assault killing a few confused enemies and then.....

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    Re: 6/17 101st Airborne

    All while TomDackery was flying back and forth bringing people from the spawn to Shepard so they could fuel Bravo's war horse.
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      Re: 6/17 101st Airborne

      Yeah, without Sky Cow, that mission would have been unwinnable. Thanks also to Impulse for hauling people around.


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        Re: 6/17 101st Airborne

        Really fun mission.


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          Re: 6/17 101st Airborne

          I like that mission,to bad my connection was not all that great that night,i would have liked to have finished the mission as Alpha lead,we had a great team going.

          We missed our paradrop mark due to lag like everyone else,and Alpha suffered it's first casualty on that jump due to a parachute failing to deploy for one of the soldiers.

          The second part that stood out in my mind was the fact that we had a C-130 plane crash on the runway that was carrying and landing troops to the front,and on it's second run or so when it crashed,it had our new CO being transported in it.For whatever reason,it was reported that the C-130 did not have it's gear down while it was attempting to land,but regardless of that,the emergency landing was very well done by the pilot because he kept the aircraft in one piece.The C-130 remained intact at our new FOB as it skidded across the runway, and an emergency team with medics needed to be scrambled to the disaster area to get the wounded out of the smoking plane at the end of the runway,just like an emergency response team at airports.Humvees and a medical truck quickly raced out and were the first responders on the scene.People who were unconscious and others who were wounded were safely evacuated and brought to their feet, by the excellent work from our medics.

          The other part that stood out in my mind was the Backblast on the SMAW.That backblast seemed to be very powerful that game.After Alpha shot down many enemies without casualties,an enemy static vehicle was spotted and a SMAW gunner was requested to destroy it.As usual,we cleared out the backblast area and made sure the SMAW gunner was a safe distance away from the buildings,most of us were off to the side of the SMAW gunner and well away from him.We informed him backblast clear, he lined up his shot,fired,and then everyone around him ended up getting killed by the backblast anyways,even some people who I believe were around the corner from the SMAW gunner. I found that to be a bit strong and was puzzled that the backblast would kill so many who were not behind the SMAW gunner.Seemed to have had an indoor effect while we were outdoors.I guess we were still to close to one of the buildings,but something still didn't seem right about that outcome.

          I noticed in Mkoll's video,he to got hit by the SMAW's backblast from way out in another situation that mission,except he did not get killed,but only wounded.

          Good to see you guy's accomplished that mission,great work!




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