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The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

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  • The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

    Post your AARs, screens, videos, etc.

    GG, thanks for being great guests ShackTac, and thank you all for attending :)

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    Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

    1st Mission:
    3SECTION's movements throughout the mission.

    Command's plan was to have 1, 2, and 3 Sections quickly capture objective 1. Meanwhile weapons squad was to set up the HMG covering the northern fields of the AO, while the recce squad would push deep to the south to try and ascertain the enemy's movements.

    We took objective 1 with minimal fuss (A), 2SEC and 3SEC then prepared to move east across the AO to seize objective 4 while 1SEC defended objective 1 (B). 3SEC was about halfway to Objective 4 when 2SEC took heavy casualties and 1SEC reported a determined enemy push for OBJ1. 3SEC proceeded to fall back to OBJ1 to help break the attack (C). We ran into light contact with an enemy squad about 300m northeast of OBJ1 (1), they popped smoke and pulled back, however they soon regrouped and attacked again killing 2 of my squad members. The BLUFOR squad pulled back once again after our mortars began to land rounds on their position (M).

    After this skirmish, 3SEC and 2SEC prepared to assault and re-take OBJ1. After a quick mortar fire-mission and some up-close fighting 2SEC and 3SEC managed to clear the town of enemies. Shortly thereafter the enemy again returned to attack, this time from the south. Multiple rockets and grenades started coming down on our positions but the enemy couldn't advance across the open ground to the south of town without taking heavy losses, and their attack was stopped short (2). By this time 3SEC was at about half-strength with the other squads taking similar losses. The platoon medic arrived and we tended to wounded and stripped the dead of useful supplies.

    After settling back into our defensive positions (D) we heard the sounds of a truck coming from the south-east signifying another enemy attack. We moved to the south end of town to engage the truck, and it certainly attracted everything from bullets to RPGs. It quickly turned around without depositing any troops. I was beginning to think that the truck was possible a diversion instead of a last-ditch attack, and a few seconds later my suspicions were confirmed as the sounds of M16 fire started coming from the north side of town. We quickly moved north and became embattled with the attacking BLUFOR (3). I had a close encounter with a BLUFOR soldier peeking around the corner, that ended with him getting a face-full of AK rounds. I crept around the corner to find two more BLUFOR, I emptied the rest of my magazine into the back of the one closest, however the click-click of my empty rifle and the muzzle-flash from an M249 were the last sounds and sights I observed during the battle.

    Overall the first mission we played was by far the most fun for me. The wide open AO played excellently with the over 100 players we had assembled. The recapturable objectives also lent some focus to the fighting and the scenes for many intense firefights. The mission ended up being pretty close, with us edging out BLUFOR through the use of well-placed mortar fire.

    3 Section moves out from the rally

    3 Section prepares to retake Objective 1

    A gutted building at Objective 1

    Dslyecxi's heroic one man charge through a mortar barrage.

    Tiggr, being badass as usual

    Mission #2

    Bravo Squad pauses to scout the town.

    A wounded Dslyecxi is captured and hauled away.
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      Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

      Well all i got is a video
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        Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

        Nice video LT Winters ... why is it Dyslexci is always involved in the hostage POW abuse things here . How dies he provoke such reactions? Can we all spell Geneva ... war crimes ... video at 9:00 pm. This is just ike real life where no event goes uncaptured by the ever present video cam. Enjoyed these games a lot this afternoon. Hope we do them again. Loved playing with the ShackAttack peoples .. hope they enjoyed being on our servers.
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          Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

          This was a good event that I've been looking forward to for a long time. Good attitude from everyone, even when the inevitable delays occurred, and some nice tactical battles. 100+ players in ArmA 2, and honestly I wasn't sure it was even possible, but we proved that it is.

          Here's some video from the first battle (Battle of Bergen) where I was in OpFor. The team was 3 Section led by ThePieSpy with me, GenJoe and Prowler in FT1, FT2 with Paddock, Meek, Milkduster and Reddick. The mortars made some nice environment... lots of booms and smoke. Fun until one lands one your head (nice view of that happening to me in the last minute of the video). There's also some nice smoke cover by whatever BluFor team we were engaging. That team ended up killing 2/3rds of us.

          The next battle, Ghost Town, was well led on BluFor by Jacezz as CO and Boka as Bravo SL. I was leading B3 with Sandiford, Wolf and ViperMaul. We all died gloriously (meaning: instantly) in the first contact. It was really stunning how quickly we all went down. :D There was a moment, while observing as a dead-guy, that I thought BluFor had it... OpFor had taken good positions in the town, but Blu was well organized and in a perfect "pinch" with two groups on opposite sides outside of the town and aiming in. It was a nice crossfire, but Blu didn't move together... the SE Blu team moved in first, inflicted some casualties (the tower that Inkompetent was in was completely destroyed which looked REALLY cool from spectator mode...). However, Blu took quite a few casualties too, and by the time the NW Blu team engaged it was already favoring OpFor. OpFor win.

          The third battle I was in, Balota Airstrip as BluFor, was led by kevb0. I took Bravo SL with Khiddy, Headshot and beta as B1, 2, 3 FTL respectively. Just fantastic movement from all three Bravo teams... even though we were in elevated ground, the terrain was quickly turning into a killing field... literally. Very little defilade from north of Balota and OpFor was well dug in in the northern corners of town. Alpha press from the East while Bravo made a long sweeping flank with razor thin defilade. We eventually crossed the road and were slightly south of the town. Someone on OpFor must have seen it coming and moved to intercept, killing me, but the rest of Bravo was in a good position to finish the assault. BluFor win.

          A few good technical things were learned:
          1) short and absolute bare minimum missions are best, with as little scripting as possible.
          2) disconnects/crashes can be handled by the admins if they are announced in Teamspeak, and server locking helps avoid connecting players causing lag.

          Overall, the admins did a great job, and I'm glad I could be there. Even as a dead-person, I had a blast in Spectator mode... heck it was almost equally fun to be dead. I actually didn't mind dying when I knew I could watch 80 players finish the battle! Good fun to study the movements and watch the mayhem.

          Hope we do this again soon!
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            Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

            I was in charge of the heavy weapons squad in the first mission. With me and my mostly goon squad, we did the best we could despite feeling lost most of the time. We supported OPFOR Section 4 at Objective 3, but the entire squad got mortared twice. Moral of this story, goons are mortar magnets.


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              Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

              Originally posted by Minto Took View Post
              Moral of this story, goons are mortar magnets.
              Not only that, but OPFOR Fourth Section was quite insensitive to how exhausting it is to run across a field with an MG, after surviving two mortar strikes.

              The first map was definitely the most exciting. I did not care for the volume of mortar fire, but the ticket system is a fantastic way to smooth over rough edges like that. I definitely agree that high player counts reduce the need for lots of scripting, but the ticket system is a big exception.


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                Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                I didn't have any videos or pictures, but I have bragging rights, because being Recce, we decided to ambush, and we got a full truck on its way back


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                  Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                  In the first mission I think 2SEC (squad I was in) stood for at least 50% of the ticket loss in our team. We didn't kill much, but we got shot up really good. First time spotting two enemies after having moved half a click east of OBJ1, and quite surprised by desync-teleporting and alike we found ourselves dead before we really knew what happened.

                  Second time, coming as reinforcements to OBJ1, we were immediately engaged upon disembarking, forced into cover and within just a minute or so getting mortar shells in our heads. Again wiped out in a short time since even those who made it out of the mortar kill zone in time got shot.

                  Third time, again moving on OBJ1 (but a further distance on foot this time) for a second counter-attack we again are shelled with mortars, only half the section taken out this time, and we actually manage a successful counterattack on the town, although with only one single survivor.

                  Reinforcements (those who died from the last mortar attack) get ambushed in their truck with supposedly an AT4.

                  At this point we had to move in on foot, encountering their recon troops just south of Vor dem Hotze, killing at least two of them (only two confirmed). After this, due to being on foot and scattered, 2SEC didn't manage much more than spontanous, resultless skirmishing, the mission ending just before our last push on OBJ1.

                  I think I saw two whole enemies that entire mission, trying to shoot one of them in the back as he retreated, only to get M203ed by another (which was the other one I saw). Still was fun though!

                  Second mission I was in the 3-man team watching and defending the southernmost end of town. However we literally couldn't see anything. The view was terrible with no enterable second floors at any reasonable place in town for an outer perimeter defense, aside from the church tower.

                  Eventually I asked for permission to go into the large military observation tower to the southwest, knowing I'd probably not get down from there, but at least I'd have eyes on the enemy, and they maybe on me, making them get second thoughts about how they can attack. Indeed I spotted even more guys than we had seen before, but hiding up there my mission duration was cut short, when the BLUFOR knowing they couldn't shoot me, simply demolished the whole tower with AT weapons. Damn you! I didn't expect that kind of firepower put on me!

                  PS: Gief 60mm instead of 81mm/82mm mortars, so the infantry actually gets to fight. Now it was more "Enemy spotted at XXXXYYYY, 10 shells, HE, 100m spread." and that's one whole dead squad =/


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                    Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                    Awesome games all round,

                    First one I was on Blufor, 4 Sect SL. Honestly it was the most difficult mission I've ever SL'd on, purely due to the level of comms flying back and forth all the time, trying to keep on top of it and keep my Squad informed and relaying orders was neigh impossible at times, but every member performed admirably.

                    Anyways, our objectives were to first move out and Secure Objective 2, we were to be the main push into town. This went fine, no enemy prescence within the town. We did get near mortared on our way out however, we were still very combat effective however and immediately started pushing on Objective 4, where we spent the rest of the game. First contact was clocking in a squad sized element of the OPFOR running around the treelines to the north. We did not engage due to the sheer distance between us, instead advised command and set up to engage when they drew closer. This went something along the lines of the OPFOR pushing into a treeline on our North east and getting caught up in our fire there, not sure if they wanted to sneak by us and flank south or assault from the treeline, but between 4 Sect's bullets and the mortar shells dropped on em, they didn't make it far.

                    The next 20 or so mins comprised of 4 Sect running like headless chickens away from landing mortar fire. Must have been shelled at least 6 or 7 times, however only one strike managed to cause any serious damage to the squad. We were back up and combat effective however before OPFOR made another push on the objective. Special hats off to Jimbo, 4 SECT FT2 lead on that one for being able to deal with my intermittent inter squad coms, keep the flanks secure and generally perform pretty admirably all round.

                    Second Mish - I took Blufor command for this one and lead the CDF to a rather crushing defeat. Original plan was that Alpha would assault from the South West, whislt charlie provides a base of fire from the West and Bravo from the North West. This devolved a bit when Bravo took heavy fire in the Northern woods. Also it seemed that every time someone went down it was the SLs... Seriously, OPFOR must have been using bullets equipped with SL homing devices, Bravo in particular had a new SL every 5 mins, and despite being in heavy forest concealment I was sniped out before the big push in could happen by the guy in the tower ( I believe ). I had ordered a switchup to have each squad assaulting from their staging points just before I went down, which seemed to start out well until charlie fell onto Alpha and instead of a 3 way pincer assault we ended up with a two, which didn't happen all at once sadly.

                    Highlight of the match though - Ham's last stand against the OPFOR squad within the town on his own.

                    Third and last match for me of the night

                    I was getting quite tired by this point (nearing on midnight), so I took a less stressful role, the auto rifleman slot in Bravo FT2, Headshot's Fire Team. Not too much happened for me on this one, took fire numerous times from uknown positions, but didn't get shot. Mostly tagged along and provided a little cover fire, got eyes on once but was in no position to take a shot sadly.

                    Anyway, again, awesome games all round and really looking forward to seeing something of that nature happening again!


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                      Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                      It figures that the one thing I was looking forward too *all friggin week* I miss out on. Ah no matter, I had my fill of wenches and ale. ;)

                      Keep the AARs coming gents, I'm getting my laughs and smiles reading them. And let the medals rain down from the skies!

                      P.S., I heard Jacezzz did some CO'ing at the event! ;) Somebody get this guy a beer. And a round for everyone else that stepped up to lead last night, way to show the initiative!


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                        Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                        This sounds like a really good time. Curious as to how often you run these sessions here, and how long they last in real time?


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                          Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                          Excellent work guys, glad to see this went of well, big cheers for the organisers on both sides!


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                            Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                            Originally posted by Mauser GDog View Post
                            This sounds like a really good time. Curious as to how often you run these sessions here, and how long they last in real time?
                            This one was a first I believe, although TG events have been run every couple of weeks or so during my time here. I left after about ~4-5 hours, Believe I left on the last official game of the session.


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                              Re: The Shack "Tactical" Gamer June 27th AAR

                              Thanks to all who showed up and contributed to the experience, it certainly was interesting. For this being the first 100+ session as well as the mixing of three communities, things went pretty well. There were technical issues that could have been prevented (lesson learned for next time), and of course the typical and expected ArmA deciding that it would be cool to spazz out from JIPs/disconnects/crashes, but apart from that, it was reasonably smooth. With the application of the lessons-learned I think it could end up being quite a bit faster (organizationally), easier to get into, and allow us to have more time to play as well. We'll see what the future holds.

                              It looks like we started the first mission with 107 people. :)

                              As far as the missions went, the first one was interesting, but I came away from it feeling that it hadn't really shown off what was actually happening - namely, that 100+ people were playing ArmA together. It was too spread out of an objective area, too much reliance on mortars, too many small-unit fights and not enough large-scale epic stuff. There were some gameplay things that would have helped a lot - group markers, player 'tags', VON ID - as without them, things got more confusing than they should have been, and the gameplay suffered accordingly. I'd like to thank all of the SLs on that one in particular, as it wasn't easy to keep track of everything that was going on throughout the mission. Igor did a good job as PltSgt, Hashassin as driver, each of the SL's was solid, and Sam was jonny on the spot with those mortar rounds, much to the enemy's chagrin. :)

                              It seemed like a very close mission for the majority of it. I found myself gravitating towards Objective 1 most of it, trying to help repulse the repeated enemy attacks that were coming at it. 1, 2nd, and 3rd section ended up spending the majority of their time dealing with this, while weapons and 4th section were further east, holding their own for the most part.

                              I didn't get too many screens of the first one. I think this one sums it up well. ;)

                              Here's an attack on Obj 1 happening juuust in the nick of time to avoid some mortar fire landing in their assembly area.

                              The final engagement was cool to watch from spectator - OPFOR pushed up, came under fire from BLU.

                              OPFOR returned fire, seemingly routing BLU.

                              OPFOR moved into the woods just abandoned and came under fire from multiple directions.

                              After taking several casualties, they called in a mortar strike on the enemy that had fallen back from the forest earlier.

                              The mortars didn't seem to outright kill anyone, but they broke BLU from their cover, resulting in that group of BLU being mowed down by other OPFOR. It looked great from the map. :)

                              The mission ended shortly after that as I recall.

                              All in all, it was well-fought on both sides. I just wish it had been less about arty and spreading the players out, and more about large-scale infantry fighting. The server felt like it was hurting on it, too, which resulted in some oddities. The later missions seemed to run much more smoothly by comparison, and for me at least that made a world of difference in gameplay.

                              In the second mission, Jacezz came up with a good plan quickly, which was cool to see. Being able to see the entire platoon maneuver by means of the map markers was a really refreshing change from the stumbling-in-the-dark nature of the first mission.

                              (moving out from the assembly area)

                              I ended up accomplishing very little on this mission, getting wounded and incapacitated when my fireteam rushed the town. I laid around hoping that maybe I'd wake up or a medic would find me, but nope... not quite. :)

                              The third mission, Balota Airstrip, was interesting. I had a plan to push out all fireteams to forward locations (east), ambush, fall back, etc, until we got back to town. During this, we only did a real ambush once - Wonky's fireteam engaged enemies to the NE of the hangars, while I put some GPs on people trying to cross a field. I kept pulling teams back, relocating people, etc, trying to adapt to the movements we were spotting.

                              The terrain was a nightmare - each time we'd react to movements, we'd end up in an untenable position. Whether it was the terrain slope, the tall grass, the elevated positions the enemy had.. it didn't seem to matter, there was nowhere we could fight from effectively. I finally pulled everyone into town, assigned sectors, and the final battle began. The terrain was so unfavorable and visibility so poor that I had to rush into the open on several occassions to even have a chance of seeing what was going on. On my last one of these, onto hill 11 on the SW side of town, I was engaged and killed. After a bit we lost the mission. Still, it was fun, and that's what I'm looking for with ArmA. We didn't get massacred out in the open, we chose where we were going to fight, and we did our best. We went down shooting, and it was fun. :)

                              When all is said and done, I hope everyone enjoyed the session. It could have gone more smoothly in some respects, but by comparison, it could have gone a looooot worse, too. I was happy to see that the playerbases for the most part mingled well. There was a bit of clique-ism happening at the very start, with some groups deciding to stick to themselves vs mix it up (as the intent of the session was pointed out to be), but that was really only a small portion of people when you consider the 100+ dudes that were on there, and it wasn't a huge deal in the scheme of things. Perhaps next time those people will be more open to mingling. ;)

                              Thanks again to all who attended, behaved, and made it the enjoyable experience it was! :icon14:




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