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7/8/2010 - Chak Chak AAR

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  • 7/8/2010 - Chak Chak AAR

    Overview: Our objective was loosely defined (i.e, Chak Chak has NO missions notes, just two waypoints -- this really should be fleshed out, as it's otherwise an awesome small-group mission): deploy via Chinook, move into a nearby village, and destroy an undefined number of ammo crates. Force set an LZ on the rear side of a hill to the north of the village, and our plan was to ascend the hill, ascertain the amount of resistance in the town, and then close and engage via door-to-door fighting until the area was secure and the ammo caches could be safely destroyed.

    We were under the command of Force Majoure, with the rest of the group split into two fireteams, Alpha led by elite (sp?) and Delta by me. Both FTs were full, and at least on my side it was my first command since re-joining the game, so much appreciation for the patience and tight teamwork.

    Performance Analysis: DemonFire did an excellent job of maneuvering us to the LZ under fire, and everyone was able to disembark safely and establish a perimeter. Per CO orders, we moved south, climbed the hill, and were pulling out our rangefinders when a previously unseen patrol engaged and destroyed the Chinook that we had thought was safely hidden in the tree cover back at the LZ. Additionally, an enemy APC was spotted in the town and moving on our position. Not having expected to encounter such stiff resistance, our AT supplies were spread thinly; Alpha had no AT on-hand, and we had just 2 RPGs. While calling out enemy positions for Alpha, I took a shot in the leg and was pulled to safety by Delta, even as they engaged and destroyed the APC that was moving on us.

    We fell back to a large rock formation along the hilltop, but even as we retreated while firing on the remaining visible OPFOR infantry, we spotted and called out a T51 speeding in on our position from the southwest. Clearly not having learned my lesson, I was grazed by a second shot while attempting to radio the tank's position to the CO. Once again, albeit with somewhat less friendly banter, the rest of Delta pulled me back and patched me up. As I was regaining my feet, the tank began to loop around to engage us. Delta fired its last on-hand RPG, scoring a direct hit to the turret but failing to destroy the T51. While the armor was momentarily pinned down by Alpha, Delta checked the closest OPFOR bodies for RPG rounds, but turned up empty. With the tank rolling back towards us, both Alpha and Delta squads took up positions along the rock formation and switched to HE grenades. In one of the greatest anti-tank moments I've yet experienced in-game, we actually succeeded in defeating the tank and its crew with them. (Seriously, really nice work, guys!)

    With the immediate threat passed, Force (the CO) ordered the teams down the MSR (main supply road, I believe?) in column formation, maintaining a 150m spread and keeping our eyes open for additional contacts. We reached the edge of town safely and split, with Alpha checking the west half of town, and Delta checking the east. Force joined up with Alpha.

    Delta made its way through the first major courtyard, clearing every open doorway and taking down a few enemy contacts without incident. A radio check to Alpha indicated that they were having similar luck, and so we prepared to cross a side road and enter the next courtyard when a rifle report was heard, and Force collapsed, shot in the head from a distant enemy sniper. Delta dispatched the contact, but with our CO down, I assumed (my first, and entirely unintentional) command. The death of Force was unfortunate and should have been preventable, but the mission approach was still solid: Delta would continue checking the East courtyards, while Alpha checked West.

    In the next yard over, we found our first ammo cache. Delta set satchel charges and I radioed into Alpha for a SITREP. Alpha reported taking fire and having wounded; given the circumstances, I called for a retreat to the edge of town while we detonated the charges. We met Alpha and blew the first cache, but given our rough intel, decided to continue checking the western half of the town. Lokka (Delta's AR) thought he spotted the cache, and so I ordered Alpha (who had a satchel charge) to take the charges and fall in with Delta as we moved to secure it.

    As we approached the second ammo cache, we were ambushed by two separate enemy patrols: one moving from further south, and a second closing in on our rear to the north. Both Alpha and Delta lost half of their men, including the satchel carrier; with a scavenged RPG, Delta destroyed the second cache on my order.

    Given that we were down to just 4 players, we decided to call the mission; we *think* we successfully destroyed the caches, but weren't certain if or how we'd be notified of it given the seemingly unfinished mission briefing and setup.

    Suggestions for Improvement: A very good game, for reasons I detail in the next section, but not one without some things we could work on for future missions:

    1. In the firefight as we closed in on the second cache, I made a serious error: I didn't confirm Alpha's position, and the resulting detonation blast nearly took them out . While there were thankfully no injuries, it was (in my opinion) my most significant mistake: losing both situational awareness and putting the rest of the team in danger. When in a leadership role, I need to be more responsible about knowing where everyone is, and less impulsive under fire.

    2. After we blew up the first ammo cache and fell back to the edge of town, someone in Alpha killed Soup, who was the injured Alpha team member who was carrying the satchel charges. It's not clear whether Soup was AFK or just uncertain of what was happening, and he wasn't upset so far as I could tell, but I was pretty angry at the time. I understand the out-of-game reasons for doing so, but with everyone laughing about it and no command consultation beforehand, it was pretty confusing and frustrating. I apologize if I was a jerk in my response, but team-killing (even when it's expedient) really isn't part of what I understand the "TG spirit" to be. The issue should have been raised in the command channel prior to Soup's death.

    3. Lots of swearing throughout the entire game. Not something that bothers me, but it's not cool under the TG rules, and it needs to be toned down in the future.

    Summary: Overall, I think this was a really good game for a couple of reasons: we stuck together when things went FUBAR early in the mission, prior to entering town; we used the in-game VON and out-of-game TS3 to good effect, separating FT and Command radio well and doing a great job of identifying and calling out targets and orders; and finally, we stayed relatively cohesive despite three major setbacks, including the loss of our CO.

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    Re: 7/8/2010 - Chak Chak AAR

    Yeah, it was just one of those things. (A little mis-communication on the Alpha team.) I told the FTL to "put me down" so I could get the Satchels out of my pack, but was shot instead... like an injured horse.




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