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Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

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  • Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

    Mission: Militia offensive in Operation Arrowhead 7/8/20 2100-2228 (One hour and 28 minutes) REMEMBER AS YOU READ THIS: Sometimes you have to play the bad guys!

    Commander: Toki (First Command?) Fire Team Leaders : Alpha Mac, Bravo Tiggr, Charlie Scope. Militia: Lokka, Azzwort, Khaki, Impulse, Dead Smile, Splint, Deamon Fire, Ezzatolkl, Jhdeter, Igor, McKoll, Gridbum, Hich Calibre, Kilo, Kool, Mac, Ovets, Raptorjeezus, Romaniac, Seiler, Strikker, Alpha (If I missed anyone I apologize ... message below and I will add.)

    Prologue: The after action Report if written from the perspective of Bravo Squad and may not reflect all the views of the involved combat. I do not mean to ignore anyon''s contribution to a great mission. Fog of War ... this is what I saw and heard. Factual mistakes can be edited if you will tell me. Other views should be written in the thread. Post screen shots if you have them. Thanks all, and especially Toki, for leading a great mission.

    We spent the day watching Black Hawk down to see how the Americans fight. We especially wanted to see how they use the HMMVs in towns. We have been told that the Americans have set up a base and headquarters in the hills north of Chak Chak. Our trainer met with the village elder and it was decided that we would not tolerate this intrusion. We will drive them forth... with the help of Allah.

    We intend the attack to be done before evening if it is Allah's will and we will be back for evening prayer at the mosque. These Americans are strange in their ways. They fight along the roads even though their vehicles can leave the road.

    We have gathered all our weapons at the command of our visitor. He brought a T-34 tank, kind of a beast, we used to fight the Russians when they had these but so many were left behind when we drove them off we still have on we captured when the crew ran away. It even has ammunition. We have two captured American HMMVs with some armor. We do not like these but they will help surprise the American patrols. We will put then at the front of the convoy. The rest of our equipment is mostly Russian with a few British Enfields from when they were here from India.

    As usual, we spent the morning sorting the old ammunition to see what would probably still fire. The AK rounds are from when the Russians were here. Some fire, some will not. Our visitor has brought us some new AK 47 ammunition with the captured HMMVs. He assures us it will all fire. We will use this for the initial ambush.
    We have two small trucks with machine guns mounted on them. These we like because they are fast and light. Most o us will fight on the ground beside the vehicles. We will not hide in the vehicles after they have taken us to battle. Where is the honor in such an act?

    Our big concern is the American helicopters. We have no weapons to deal with them so we must finish our battle in and hour and a half, no more. If we do not, the American helicopters will be upon us like locusts. We have talked it over and decided. We will fight for one and a half hours and if we cannot breach the American Headquarters, we will withdraw back through the pass and get rid of our weapons. If we disperse without weapons, the Americans will not be able to shoot us because they desire the good will of our village.
    I pray that Allah will favor us. I fear that the Americans are praying to their God as well.
    Allah Akbar ...

    The plan: We are being led by, Toki, one of our young men (how else do they grow to be old men if they do not lead). Even though there are more experienced men, he has asked to lead this attack. He is young but he knows of the American's because he studied at one of their schools to be a teacher. He can read. And he knows how to use the new radios we have from the American vehicles.

    He says we will divide into small groups of eight or so like the American squads. Our groups will each take two vehicles. Several villagers will operate the T-34. Two were in the Takistan Army before returning to the village after them Americans came to our country.

    The tank will meet us at the pass above the first village. It is here that we expect to meet the Americans. We will catch them when the sun is hot and they are inside drinking water and trying not to get sunburned.
    The young man leading us will direct all of this with the new radios. He will watch the battle and tell us when to attack and how the American's are reacting.

    The Move to Assault: The problem with all of our new equipment is it is American mostly and we don not know if we can depend on it. It breaks easily and is hard to use. We found notes that the drivers had written and stuck on the vehicles but most of us do not read the infidel's language. And after all is it just a vehicle. You start it. You shift it. You try not to run over your men. If it breaks down we will just leave it behind and go on foot.
    Our commander is having trouble making the new radios work and the day is moving towards prayer hour. We must move or lose the light. While he sorts it out, I take the two HMMV's and the other group follows in the small trucks. The tank has gone across country on a short cut so it will not slow us down (and it makes too much dust). It will meet us at the pass.

    I will admit at my age my concern is that we are moving along a road like the Americans do. Like most Takistanis, I would prefer to fight near my own village from prepared positions with some roadside surprises for the young infidels. But, sometimes you must use what Allah provides. Let us hope he is also giving us the element of surprise. I fear if we are discovered too early, they will call their helicopters and we will all die for nothing. With this in mind I ask Grunt to take over if Allah wills my death today.

    I can not raise our commander on the radio as we move along the roads. The villages are mostly deserted because everyone knows the Americans are in the next valley. Finally, we near the pass. The commander reestablishes contact as we dismount from the vehicles on our side of the pass. I hate fighting in these things because they are hot and you cannot see through the bullet proof glass. Even if you could, what good is it since you cannot shoot through it. I will lead the scouting group through the pass.

    The Surprise: As we group for the mission, we do not hear the sound of the approaching American HMMVs until they are on us. There is a moment of confusion as the look at our HMMVs and we look at theirs and then weapons begin barking as fire is unleashed on the first enemy fighting vehicle. We shoot the tires. They try to exit while the gunner heroicly defends them. I admire his bravery even as I send him to his God. We must stop them before they can warn other Americans. "No one must escape .. " I scream. None do.

    But as our weapons fall silent a second HMMV approaches, they must have been traveling in a column of two. I understand they do not like fighting alone and will always have others near by. Again, our guns from both sides of the narrow road that splits the high pass bark death. Allah is merciful and we lose only one member of our group. They have damaged one of our HMMVs and we abandon it. We fight better on foot anyway.

    We begin searching the American bodies for anything useful. I find a gun with a strange kind of sight that lets me see the enemy when he hides. It is like a little television screen and the Americans show up as little white dots. Allah is generous. We take binoculars and grenades and some of thier explosives. The rest we leave because it breaks too easily. I will get rid of this wonderful weapon when we are done because it uses batteries and we do not have electricity in my village so it will shortly be useless anyway. But now I can see like god where the infidels hide.

    Execution of our Attack: We regroup under our commander and begin scouting down the pass. Two of our small lightly armed trucks (Alpha) spring ahead with the young men of the village. They look heroic with the head scarves flying out behind them but they are young and I fear impetuous. We hear gunfire as then round the first bend and one vehicle veers off the road. I look with the weapons sight and there are infidels in the woods near them and at the first check point ahead of them in the valley ahead.

    Out commander asks if we can get to them to support their fire without our HMMV. We still have one. I order it to lag behind and cover us from behind so the Americans cannot kill it. The rest of us move quickly on foot down the small pass. We have defended this pass from the Russians in the 1980s. We have defended it from the British in the last century. My ancestors defended if from Alexander the Greats armies from the west and later from the Mongolian Hordes of Genghis Khan. I know this pass. Generations of my ancestors have defended this pass. There is no trail, rock, tree, or source of water unknown to us. The only thing out of place here is the Americans.

    We join the light trucks (Alpha). Our Russian Transport truck and our T-34 stay behind up the pass. Resistance is mostly light as we approach the town. Small arms and an occasional machine gun on another American Vehicle. The tank spots a firing position on a hillside behind the town, the American ground troops have formed up on it. We will teach them why they should not stand co closely together. What is left of them after the round from the T-34 hits disperses with no will to endure another round in the open. We silence then in a brutal but short fire fight and start searching for their weapons cache. We find it. It has little of use except explosives. Most of my men will not use the American rifles because they fear they are the "Jesus rifles" we have heard about.

    It is said that the rifles are made to kill Muslims. Each one has a saying from the American Holy book that blessed anyone who uses it to kill a believer. For most of us touching such a weapon is unclean and most of my men would rather use a rifle with no bullets or take one from our own dead than touch an infidel weapon.

    We have been in the battle for 45 minutes. We are moving too slowly. We must reach the American supply depot and Headquarters Compound before the 90 minute time line. Time is so strange for us. I look at the shadows and think of the time for prayer approaching. Our commander who has trained in America has a watch. Most of us do not. They are amazing things, watches. They divide the smallest part of a day into things measured. It helps the Americans decide how much time to spend on each task. How much to pay for a task. How much time to rest, how much time to spend having a cigarette, how much time they can spend attending to natures callings. It is evidently so important that each and every person in American has many of these and at least one with them at all times. I do not understand "time" and watches. What is, is. What isn't yet, isn't. Why in the name of Allah do you wait for what isn't yet to become ? These thought make my head hurt ( so does this camera sight).

    We take the village and turn east towards the supply depot in the next town. Again, I dismount the HMMV because the young man driving it is going too fast. I fear my life if I stay inside with him. I would rather run along beside the vehicle than be trapped inside it.

    We immediately come across a fortified American gun position on the road but they are smoking cigarettes or something and we have the advantage of surprise. Maybe the HMMV confused them long enough for us to get close. We spill the infidels blood again. I take no pleasure in this but sometimes it is necessary. The town beyond is coming to life as the gunfire at the roadside gun position wakes then from their watching for clocks. Allah be merciful we have stepped in an anthill!

    I am hit. "Grunt" (yes, an Takistani name) takes control of our group of fighters and begins to make the infidel wish they were in Kansas. There are bullets coming from al over now. We surprised then and they are trying to move to higher ground along our sides. We may have iron sights but we have been shooting since we were boys. None make it.

    We fight our way into the depot. Many have seen paradise in that attack. But, we capture it and chase the Americans out. So much equipment, what is it all for. More HMMVs, heavy trucks, a Helicopter (if only someone here could fly), is there no end to what the Americans have. There are whole cases of bullets, of grenades, tanks full of petrol. They have only been here for a few weeks yet they have electricity, radios, and a place where they work on fixing all of this equipment they have to have to fight.

    We don't have enough explosives in the whole village to destroy all of this. We cannot carry it away. Time is getting late. Prayer is near. We have to move fast.

    The American headquarters is near. I, in my stupidity do not know where and turn the wrong way with my group. It nearly costs us the battle. The others go north as we turn south. But, the youngster driving makes me listen and tries to tell me I am wrong. This is hard for our youth. We turn towards tha battle once more.
    We are moving up a winding road to the North. The Americans are in a good position above us at the end of the road. This will not be easy. I hope I will still be alive for prayers.

    Once more I dismount and move outside the vehicle. We have switch backs and I start cutting them uphill looking for ambushes. The young Americans have been surprised. They struggle to get organized rushing one at a time out the gates only to meet death. Some are near, the HMMV saves my life more than once. The fight is getting close and intense as the Americans bring more troops and weapons online.

    Our commander tells us we must leave now if we cannot take the gate. One of our young men (Scope) in a fit of impetuousness only young men understand takes the wheel of the heavy transport truck and with it full of our militia rushes past me into the gate of the headquarters. We are all praying Allah Akbar because each breath could be our last and if I die I wish to die with Gods name on my breath.

    Those of us outside the gate rush to join the truck now inside the gate by a miracle. Our fighters pour into the compound as the Americans turn to fight the truck in their midst, they have their backs to the gate.
    It is a mistake they will not make again. I swear to Allah that I can hear their helicopters in the distance. We have two minutes left. Victory is ours. Tonight many of my village will not say prayers. They are already in Paradise. Many who pray will praise Allah. But, there will be sadness. Who has won today. Tomorrow the Americans will be back. If not tomorrow, then next week. And, we will have to do this again.

    My ancestors will talk about how we defended our country from the Americans, just like the Russians, the British, the Romans, the Persians, and the Mongol Hordes of Genghis Khan.

    I do not think they will remember my name.

    Thoughts and Considerations:
    We chose to execute an attack in a manner not unlike our enemies, the Americans, would use. We formed a column , established an order of battle, traveled mostly on the roads to save time, and attacked in squads, with fire suppression, and heavy weapons support from the rear.

    Toki did a great job on leading us. He had some problems with VON setup and we lost comms for a few minutes at the beginning. This led to someone else moving the column forward using his plan. He was back in charge at the RP1 position about the time we first encountered the Americans.

    There was re spawn and use of a sort of mobile re spawn unit so that if felt a little like a Domination Mission which saves us having to ferry troops back to front (broke realism a little).

    I have written this AAR from the point of view of the Takistani Militia. We all feel weird on the missions where we attack US Forces. But, we forget that they use different tactics and have different motivations than us. This game is not America's Army where you are always, and only, US forces. Here at ARMA2 and now OA we occasionally engage from the enemy viewpoint with enemy weapons. Sometimes, we have to think like the enemy and I hope this AAR makes you look at the game in a different light. Ask yourself, did we engage like a militia, if so what would our mind set have been, how would we have operated. How would our tactics vary from those of our enemies. Why?

    This is asymmetrical warfare with one force more heavily armed and technologically advanced while the other is local, knowledgeable, well supported, lightly armed and agile. One side has better and more technically advanced communications as well as advanced weaponry. The other has simpler weapons. close inter tribal relations ( or not) , knowledge of the terrain, and the home turf advantage.

    We literally won this scenario two minutes from the allowed time. It was a nail biter and victory was by no means assured. The frontal assault on the gate by Scope and his men, seemed wither foolhardy (if they got killed) or heroic (if they didn't). It actually turned on an interpretation of the orders from Toki who simply said "Get as close to the front gate as you can .. as fast as you can." I think that means "Charge" don't you?

    Allah favors the bold and the foolish.
    "The unexamined life is not worth living". Socrates. "The unlived life is not worth examining". |TG| tiggr

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    Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

    tiggr will you be my dad?


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      Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

      speaking as someone inside the truck that rushed inside the gate, by some insane miracle, we took no casualties. Not even our fool hearty young driver scope was harmed. as usual, fantastic AAR tiggr!!! Also great mission, I spent much of my time in it as a spotter for scope's MG, we often moved with the convoy along the hillside, our squad leader wasn't actually scope but rather lokka i believe, either way dispite his relative inexperience, he did a fantastic job and kept his cool even when things got rough.

      Good luck to you all!

      Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.


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        Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

        my driving was bravo alpha


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          Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

          Tiggr.. this is amazing. If you adopt krause take me too!

          Video time!

          The assault on the Base:

          The crazy MTVR rush:

          The hungry, ignorant man immediately grasps that he is handed a fish, but is bewildered when handed a net. The man who shivers in the cold thinks happily of the man who invites him to sit by his fire, and somewhat poorly of the man who loans him an axe, flint and steel.


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            Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

            Originally posted by Thomas R Harper, Jr View Post
            Quoted Entire Text Block

            Did you ever thought about writing a book? :). It's great!
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              Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

              I was in the truck Scope was driving. As soon as he took a right turn up the hill, I knew the you know what was going down.


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                Re: Militiia Offensive Operation Arrowhead After Action Report 7-8-10 2100-2228

                ah yes best game ever, anybody has records of our Beatbox in ze CAR?




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