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11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

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  • 11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

    It is with great trepidation and lament that I remember the events of the night just last. I, the great Warlord of the NA call shame and chastisement upon all men and their families who did fire upon my brave warriors. Lest let those brave men now in the care of our lord rejoice and give our praise to Allah, for they and I now sit in the land most promised savouring our many virgins.

    Two days last the infidel Warlord came to me and he said he need help. What for? I enquired, he say great leader of Taliban in town North West of us. I rebuke his reverence of the Taliban, say he is scared monkey. I say I bring my men and show fearful American the fury of great Warlord.

    We arrived not an hour before the infidels proclaimed their majesty over operation, to which I coyly agreed to follow for present time. They maybe see this, they sent us to front of trucks travelling out, but we smarter than them, turn tables soon. Driver switch our casette player on, bellowing of Hippity hop and R and C. I'm not fan of such music, but it pleases my men. Short after my men's proclamation of faith to both Warlord and Allah we realise we miss turn. I insult my driver and remove his right to virgin. He may regain right later. Then we turn around to head correct way. We no see any American on way back, not surprise I, great Warlord. Americans are pudgy creatures, very familiar with their comfy seats and doughnuts. This does not bother Warlord, for Americans are small in number and unnecessary for success of great Northern Alliance.

    Infidel Command soon tells us to move to side of hill, make base of fire. I know not what that is, so we go to hill, sound our mighty war cry and shoot down upon the Taliban traitors within the town. Our brothers in group 2 join shortly afterward to which we all cry our praises and swoop down upon the filthy Taliban. I hear many men die in Group 2, this saddens and enrages Warlord and I order men to push into town further to kill yet more Taliban.

    A most peculiar thing happened. Warlord saw man, crawling away from group. He wore our great lord's cloth and Warlord assumed this meant he was ally, but he too far in front of group. So Warlord cry to him 'Are you friendly, yes, you there! Warlord demands you answer, we will shoot!" But he no reply, and Warlord think for a moment.

    Warlord need more slaves for court, last month see death of several to starvation. Warlord consider carefully. Man seem strong, can carry RPG well on back. Could replace with rice sack. Then Warlord realise, he is enemy but crawling back towards his filthy allies. He is coward, running from might of Northern Alliance. Warlord needs no cowards and shoots him in head.

    We push further in, taking position on the North West side of town to be fired upon by blind American Sniper. The infidel wounds several of my men, failing to kill them with his pathetic lack of might. Warlord barks supreme order to American infidel, stop shooting us or we call friendship off. The Americans, knowing their place, stop. Many of Warlord's great men bleed and groan, without medicines or bandage to treat wound. Warlord commands Infidel medic to attend to make amends. No such Medic arrives.

    Warlord now realise that Amercian Infidels planned to kill us and Taliban with one swoop, was foolish to believe Infidel wanted not to enslave our great land. Group not able to turn to fire, shooting at Taliban to East. It is then that the horrible truth overcame my great warriors. Lament and weep they did, to which I rebuked and Chastised them. Like great men of Northern Alliance we shall die, singing our prophets praises and killing in the name of our lord I tell them. They come around and we share one final prayer. Warlord commands that all Taliban and Infidels be wiped from our beautiful land.

    Warlord not remember much after that, many bullets flew through the air delivering judgement and punishing sin. All was ended by crack of Infidel mortar, killing the last standing warriors. Warlord sheds a tear for great land, what will become of her without Warlord? What of Northern Alliance? But no, Warlord remember, Northern Alliance strong! Great land strong! They kill infidel and Taliban in place of Warlord. With this Warlord rests and attends to his many virgins. Truck driver does not, having lost his priveledge. Truck driver gets old used hag.

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    Re: 11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

    Pretty awesome game, especially Demon 3'1'a's (IAJT's squad) epic overwatch with a captured Taliban AGS and DSHKM.

    It was pretty cinematic, capturing that overwatch position - my squad, 2nd group of northern alliance force, spotted them above the town in the mountains. I moved 2nd group into defilade and we got those bastards in our crosshairs - but we were quite far away, outside of effective range. Meanwhile Demon 3'1'a snuck up behind them, and we made a plan where my squad would draw their fire by firing first and heavy, while the Americans sprung over the hill and assaulted their positions. A few minutes later I see rangers cresting the hill and moving down upon the Talibs, so I order my squad to open fire.


    Position succesfully captured, and we storm into the town in short bounds, killing the high priority target and slaughtering a convoy of Talib reinforcements. Or I should say, demon 3'1'a killed the convoy, as they had a Mk19 and a captured AGS, raining hate down upon them and directing company mortar strikes.

    Although Jacezz makes it sound like we got owned, the mission would have ended about 10 minutes earlier if a machine gun bunker on the south road into town was cleared - we technically won as far as i'm concerned and the next version of this mission will be a little less restrictive with victory conditions, even if they are a few stragglers in the town you will still win. In any event, quite an epic firefight in the town, as Talib fighters strongpointed houses and ran from building to building throwing grenades and firing RPGs at us. Friendly fire became an issue, but this was by design -if the CO lets elements get mixed or does not define clear end states and boundaries of operation, it's inevitable, as it was in real life.

    Overall, Allah Ackbar for my Northern Alliance brothers!


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      Re: 11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

      Oh no, we didn't get owned at all, The Taliban did, and yeah, should have been a win if wasn't for that MG nest, just spicing it up with and continuing the facade I was running last night of the egomaniac broken reality Warlord, the whole of Squad one was doing it in the funny accents and everything, was hilarious.

      The FF towards the end was a bit much though :P Fun mission overall however, just needs reaally tight co-ordination, which Squad 1s antics somewhat detracted. As said, was really fun though.


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        Re: 11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

        IAJT, myself, and the rest of the SF team seriously messed the OPFOR's stuff up.


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          Re: 11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

          Definitely did some work on those OPFOR as SF.

          Regarding the FF - I know I inadvertently took some shots at friendlies before realizing it was blue on blue. The NA team had pushed into the village/compound and started to double back - when you're dressed the same as the enemies we've been engaging and you're now coming from the same direction... well....

          All in all, had a great time. Good experience as a squad with IAJT, gridbum, and Raptorjeezus.


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            Re: 11/07/10 Sanginakt - NA Squad 1 Warlord

            If you look very carefully you'll see that the Northern Alliance guys have camos/paramilitaries on AND a mix of regional clothes, while the Taliban only have regional clothes. It's a small difference, but it's an intended design of the mission. The blufor commander may be best suited to use superior optics, his GPS and small unit cohesion to ensure the NA aren't getting themselves killed. Interesting that everytime I have seen this played the PL decides to divide all of his forces without clearly defined phase lines or limits of advance.




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