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16/07/10 Socom Tora Bora

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  • 16/07/10 Socom Tora Bora

    Awesome game guys!

    Despite the objective wierdness, etc had a lot of fun playing that one.

    Quick writeup -

    Me - Alpha Lead.
    Babylon Come - CIA Agent.
    Ozymandias - Medic.
    Shopz - Intermittent MGer (JIP midway, left before end.).

    First objective was to head to a town I don't remember the name of and have one of our CIA agents (Believe there were two in total, one in Alpha, one in Bravo) make contact with an informant within the town. The informant was purported to be standing in plain view on a rooftop. Alpha tookup a position North West of the town and went into overwatch, labelling tagets and lasing up the Informant for other squads to see.

    Command called for our CIA agents to meet up and move into town, which caused some worry for ours as Bravo's was dressed like a local and unarmed, whereas ours was wearing BLUFOR uniform and carrying a gun. The informants were therefore ordered to head into town to meet the informant, Alpha's armed guy covering Bravo's unarmed, keeping 50m approx away and out of sight.

    Not sure what happened to Bravos guy, but after 10 mins of our guy (Babylon Come) freaking out as patrols passed nearby, and the rest of Alpha giving him heads up on moving patrols Babs caught up with the informant and we received a grid co-ordinate. Wierdly the meet informant task only checked out for Babs, but it was good enough to tell us where to go next, so we regrouped, headed back to the LZ for extraction, jumped in ze choppa and flew to our next objective. Around 30-40 mins in, not one shot fired from any squad, one obj done and all going very well.

    Next objective was to secure a member of the Al Queda (Or howya spell it) leadership and escort him back to base. Alpha took up a position to the centre west of the town that the HVT was in and watched our Harrier drop a payload on the town. Was a bit worried that the HVT would be killed in all that, but luckily enough our guy (believe Striker) was on the dot with that and managed to clear most of the town without the HVT taking a gbu to the face. Alpha got to laze a target during this, which is always fun.

    So the bombs finished dropping and we all went in to secure the town. Alpha then met up with Delta on the southern end. Delta had secured the HVT and were in the process of taking him out, Alpha positioned itself by Delta and moved with them in taking the HVT to the LZ.

    We called shortly after that, one of our extract Choppers had an intimate encounter with a tree, and seeing as the HVT was back at base command and admin decided it was a win, which i totally agree with, with one change. Uber win.

    High fives to Babs on the espionaging, hope there were some spare pairs of US standard issue underwear at base for him lol.

    Also high five to Kief, who was Co-ing. Awesome work on his part with keeping everything rolling and communication flowing.

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    Re: 16/07/10 Socom Tora Bora

    Just came on here to write my AAR after scribbling notes now and then throughout the day but you said pretty much all of it! It was an excellent mission and went off (almost) without a hitch.

    CO - Kief
    Alpha Lead - Jacezz
    Bravo lead - Hotmachina
    Charlie lead - Century
    Delta lead - Unknown, had comms issues with Delta.

    UH-60 pilot (callsign Bow) - Deathstrike
    AH6/MH6 pilot (callsign Eagle One) - Ratlover
    Harrier AV8B pilot (callsign Heavy Rain) - Striker

    Jacezz pretty much said it all but Id just like to say it was an excellent mission and one I really enjoyed COing. All squads obeyed orders to the T and communication between the squad leaders was excellent.
    Id also like to thank the pilots who did an amazing job through communications, coordinating with units on the ground and general manoeuvres especially when under fire. The CAS provided by Striker in the Harrier was incredible. He got 30+ infantry and 5+ vehicles on one pass. Also kudos to Ratlover in the AH6 for the good CAS, hot transports and keeping an extremely cool head when he lost his tail rotor and managed to fly it the whole 5km or so back to base and land safely. And finally thanks to the 2 CIA agents who infiltrated the heavily defended town and contacting the informant. They maintained excellent stealth at all times and relayed great info back to command.

    Great mission guys, really enjoyed it. Wish I frapsed it :)
    After an experience like that its safe to say Ill step up to CO more often


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      Re: 16/07/10 Socom Tora Bora

      I was the 'Deep Cover' CIA agent in Bravo squad. I had a lot of fun. It's one of those odd instances that only happens at TG: I played for an hour and a half and didnt have a weapon the entire time, and i was totally satisfied with it.

      It was a pleasure working with my teammates in Bravo squad and also Babylon as we met up outside the town and infiltrated it.


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        Re: 16/07/10 Socom Tora Bora

        Hi guys,

        I'm glad you guys had fun! I want to upfront apologize about the screwy task updates. This issue has been addressed and fixed for the newest version, SOCOM_Tora_Bora version 3!

        Great job guys!

        Force 7437


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          Re: 16/07/10 Socom Tora Bora

          good work guys, lets push some ribbons out of these action reports...... really good on the aar's

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