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07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

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  • 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor


    12 men

    Azzwort CO
    TomDackery Chinook Pilot
    1 Platoon Medic
    1 Over-strength Squad.

    Enemy Killed: 40+
    Friendly Casualties:
    2 KIA
    4-6 WIA


    A SF operative has been found alive in the village of Landay. Alpha unit was inserted West of the town on a mountain peak near the town. Proceeding through the mountain bowl to overlook the town, a massive enemy force was located surrounding the village on all sides, raining fire down on it.

    My squad quickly gained fire superiority on the enemy directly down the hill between us and the town, using bounding over-watch to fire and maneuver between large boulders advancing towards the town. Our heavy, deadly fire drew notice of hostile squads north and south of our POS, which tried to engage our flanks as we pushed into the town. But superior cover fire from bounding squad mates decimated the attack on both sides. We took a two wounded here who were attended promptly.

    We quickly gained the town and moved to secure it, killing numerous enemy combatants already in it's perimeter. We found the wounded HVT and treated him, popping smoke to signal extract. Enemy technicals attempted to flank our rear, only to be cut down in accurate fire. We took a couple wounded (including myself), and 2 KIA's including the CO here.

    Under heavy and direct fire, the Chinook landed expertly within 30m of the town and we proceeded to board the chopper. Once the HVT and the QRF was aboard, the Chinook extracted to the main successfully.

    All told, this mission went exceptionally well. Our Force-of-action was perfect, and our fire effective. Movement was very quick. We had assaulted the besieged village and extracted the HVT in less than 15 mins.

    Good Job Alpha Squad. Post here if you were a participant in this great action.


    Excellent movement and fire.
    Excellent Bounding overwatch.
    Excellent MOUT.
    Excellent comms.
    Excellent pilot.


    Fire order was not issued on first contact.
    Some civilian casualties in town.
    Could have used gunners in the Chinook, Hindsight: 20/20

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    Re: 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

    I was the Taliban commander in this mission, I had about 150 AI soldiers to work with, plus impulse, waldo, jerome and falcon.

    My initial plan was to probe the east of town, meet with reaction forces and then assault with concentric force from the north and west. My forces were scattered about the AO initially, some units had to move over 1500 meters to get to their staging areas.

    Initial taskings to my players was for them to act as observers and to deploy AT and MANPAD assets against QRF forces on several exceptional OP/LPs.

    The initial movements of my command essentially resulted in my failure to succeed operationally. Falcon and Waldo, AT and MANPAD respectively, mistakenly assumed that the target area only had the HVT in it, with few or no guards. Accordingly they drove too close, and were KIA while moving to the western OP overlooking the objective. It was also reported to me that the town was clear. Accordingly I attacked before all my forces finished staging at around the same time Waldo and Falcon were killed.

    My moving forces came under heavy fire from tribal forces strong pointing the village. I was not in a position to withdraw, so just tried to manhandle my way into the town. This attempt failed, and my attacking forces absorbed massive casualties.


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      Re: 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

      Nice aar. I was one of the squad grenadiers, I reached the town second and saw friendlies (independents) but command/SLs gave the order earlier to shoot all in town as they thought only hostiles were in the town... sorry Igor... i radioed friendlies to cease fire but he took many hits from the 2 rifleman behind me. The rest of the MOUT went great though.

      It was a high adrenaline mission, our landing was perfect we moved a bit and as we were ready to make a stealthy approach, we hear shots fired. Apparently the independents were friendly and were shooting at opfor. When we crested the hill and saw many hostiles around the town we moved expertly led by great SL's by bounding between rocks to the town under fire, and then in the town secured its perimeter fast. When the SAW gunner went down I picked it up and suppressed to the east which was soon to be the rear of the LZ the chopper would set down. It was a mega firefight at that point and I'm really surprised we only took 2 kia. But we were well organized and kept up highly accurate suppressing fire which pretty much decimated the organization of the attack against us. It was a hot LZ and after I got to the chopper I got out and ran the saw dry to cover the chopper.

      Kudos to the pilot Tom, that was a awesome job, he let the bird sit in the hot lz exactly as long as he could and was cool under fire. We all got in just in time before he had to take off as the bird was taking 12.7mm fire.

      The only thing that we could have done better is cover the rear of the chopper as the rear gun cannot fire with people loading. But given the fact we didn't even know the LZ until smoke was popped and even then where the pilot was going to land her. Not to mention we were engaged heavily on 3 sides at the time. :)


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        Re: 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

        My name is TomDackery, and I approve of this AAR. I was the pilot of the Chinook, call-sign Jesus (because I would reappear one day to bring all of my followers home). Flew through some canyons, landed at the LZ completely unaware of my speed (I actually freaked out a little because of that fact, thought I was coming in too hot), which turned out to be just within the 30km/h safety net that most ArmA2 choppers have as I have noticed. Waited for the all clear, lifted off slightly, exited the way I came, and went to sit at a airfield 6.8km away from the action to some day be called in with the "PACKAGE SECURED, CHINOOK COME IN FOR EXTRACTION". This of course distracted me from taking measurements of the length of the rotors from tip to Chinook body, and measuring the size of the Chinook itself (10m body, rotors protrude about 15m at the longest from the rear of the helicopter, front side still unknown). So I take off, jank my approach a little more Southerly to avoid going the full length of the AO, as Command shouts out "LZ is marked with red smoke". Of course, at that time I was still 5km out and coming in full speed. About 2km out I zoom in toward the town to see tracers a flyin' and there... just south of the group of buildings... Red smoke. It was like a landing pad of freedom, on a freedom encrusted sea of sand and freedom rocks. So, naturally, I figure it'd be the best place to plop her down at, and I guess I managed to get close to the smoke. First few people were able to run to the Chinook. Then, of course, the endless stream of handicappable people.

        If you couldn't hear me over direct, I wasn't as cool as one may think. There were bullets ricocheting off the cockpit windows, hitting the hull of my beautiful helicopter. I was shouting over direct to GET IN THE HELICOPTER, mainly because package was on board all ready, and I was still waiting for people to crawl to the back of the helicopter and get in. Also, I was yelling for the door gunner to fire more, because in my opinion he could've been full auto never stopping put-some-fire-on-the-Tali's-HIGH-ROF. After about a minute of being under fire, most people were on board, except one. This one was a tough loss for me, because at that time, he was running to the helicopter, but I was under heavy MG (12.7mm as stated before, I believe it was a DShK) fire and taking Engine damage, which was a NO-NO-NO-NO moment for me. At that moment I had to make the decision to throttle up and get out, which lucky for me, the MG gunner stopped firing at my engine block once I did so, helping us get a clean getaway. Flew through some canyons, landed at main, cried a little. Did I mention I almost got lost and had to ask the crew for the heading to main base? Oh, yeah, I almost got lost and had to ask the crew for a heading.

        Only stat the pilot cares about: 1 MIA :(
        Respect for staying and suppressing the MG for the sake of the Package (I forgot who it was).
        EDIT: I mentioned it. Also, I misread the first topic, and I know now why I didn't know there were 3-5 other MIA... it's because they were all WIA, not MIA. I flipped the W mentally.
        Last edited by TomDackery; 07-18-2010, 02:23 PM.
        PR - ArmA2
        "Enemy machine gunner in a field of pink flowers, over" - azzwort


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          Re: 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

          I don't count myself MIA (as best I could ascertain, I was the only one, I found the 2 KIA bodies, both less than 50m from the LZ), because I was slaying bodies left and right still and had a plan to exfil to a safe extraction point that the mission end condition didn't let me try to attempt. MIA makes the mission seem a fail though it wasn't, KIA wasn't accurate (and not what I was trying to do). So I'll call it a gray nuetral "in process of extraction". Also why I didn't mention it in the AAR.

          As for the friendlies in village, it was incredibly hard to determine who was taliban and who was not, so upon the aggressiveness of the push (and the 260 degree counter-fire) the SOP (on my orders) became "Don't shoot the HVT, but ask the other questions later". We hit the village and hit it HARD. Winning the hearts and minds. HSLD.

          The Taliban would have razed the village afterwards, we were not in a position to make a FOB there then.


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            Re: 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

            ForGlory, I didn't mean to imply that the orders regarding sop in the village were bad. I just was stating the facts and why the FF on Independents happened, I was so close to shooting Igor myself and then time slowed down and it seemed like it took forever to key the radio to shout friendlies, you know how it is. I would have done the same thing if I were in your place. To reiterate: no Blue on Blue incidents occurred, only blue on independents that were not really allied with us they just wanted the Taliban out. BTW they had guns :)

            I also agree with you on the razing of the village after; so no point in winning h&m.

            Hindsight : We should have had a crew chief and 2 gunners in that Chinook, also the mission designer could have gave another chopper possibly a mh-60 or uh-1y to act as over watch and stay in the air with a crew chief and gunner blazing away that would have helped the extraction and been realistic.

            Tom I heard your direct comms, you were doing what any good pilot would have done... screamed for people to get on!!! Also people that haven't played this mission have to realize if the chopper was destroyed or unable to move we would have failed the mission as stated in the mission notes. The facts stand you did a great job Tom! Also you too For Glory, excellent work and great adaptation to the battle and leading us. I don't consider it a failure, but to the MIA issue.... we came for one man and got him but left another? ;) JK


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              Re: 07/17/2010 Lone Survivor

              Nah I wasn't indicating that in your post, also wasn't trying to defend myself anyways, the action was what it was. We probably acted more realistically than we care to admit. I wasn't about to wait until they fired accurately at me to determine FoF, and I sure as heck wasn't going to place my outnumbered men in that choice either.

              Some way for the IND to surrender or disarm would have been a better way. But AI is AI.




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