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7/25/2010 1am EST SOCOM Tora Bora

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  • 7/25/2010 1am EST SOCOM Tora Bora

    Command - TomDackery (myself, first time leading this size group)

    Alpha - Force_Majuere
    Bravo - DemonFire
    Charlie - Weapon X
    Delta - azzwort

    Air Units:
    BlackHawk - ForGlory&Pain [Glory]
    MH6/AH6 - H. Rearden [Spidersilk]
    AV8B - [TMP]Killa [Fluffy]

    azzwort joined later in the game as Delta lead, and Bravo dematerialized shortly after.

    2 KIA

    First Objective
    Locate and make contact with the Informant in [Town Name].
    Teams: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
    Despite some confusion over the radios, the teams eventually loaded up in their respective helicopters to be transported to their LZ's. Alpha and Charlie were inserted behind a mountainside West of the AO via Blackhawk, while myself and Bravo were inserted to the East via Littlebird. The plan was to recon the area, locate the position of the Informant, and send in the C.I.A. operatives to make contact. Alpha made the first visual of the Informant in the center of town and Operatives moved in, making contact, then exited back to their squads. As the helicopters came in, Charlie took small arms fire, but made it safely back to the Extraction.
    Once at base, I held a squad leader meeting to go over the next objective in Ravanay.
    Second Objective
    Secure a high-ranking Al Qaeda officer [HVT]
    Teams: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta
    Available support: Fluffy and Spidersilk on station. Glory took a wide circle around the AO to ensure clear communications if needed.
    This objective we got our hands a little dirty. With Alpha on overwatch/FAC duties to the NorthWest on a hill, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta moved into positions to the South of the AO. Bravo was designated support by fire, and set up slightly South-South-East of Ravanay. Charlie and Delta took first contact before the HVT could be spotted. Alpha called in a lethal dosage of CAS on the North side of town at this moment, neutralizing a tank and several infantry. Second CAS run was called in the middle of town on a technical, killing approximately 10 other insurgent fighters. While clearing a house, Weapon X was killed in the line of duty, but his team cleared out the rest of town without a hitch. Charlie and Delta moved up from the South, splitting the town at the road, and mopped up the remaining forces. Spidersilk then joined the party and kept tabs on the ground to help ensure no enemies were left. All that was recovered was a briefcase, and the HVT was never found, though an unarmed man was spotted running west, only 50meters south of Alpha's overwatch position.
    Again, a debrief/briefing was held back at base with all the Squad Leaders and the next objective was laid out (tasking at this point was FUBAR).
    Third Objective
    Find and rescue four Northern Alliance fighters from enemy hands. Timurkulay
    Teams: Alpha, Charlie, Delta
    Available support: Fluffy and Spidersilk on station. Glory circling to ensure clear communications.
    Alpha took overwatch/FAC role once more, but didn't join the party until 2x GBUs had been wasted on a hillside due to odd lazing of a BMP-2 (the entire team had a CTD). Charlie and myself did try to fill the role as FAC, but to no avail. Azzwort also tried to help, and even called in a CAS run to my suprise, since he had a Rangefinder in his hands. When Alpha returned, the BMP was finished off, and Delta began moving up. Once Delta ran into contact, Charlie moved up also to assist. HVTs were spotted running around the north side of the MSR running through the town, and heavy enemy presence was on the South side of the MSR. Delta and Charlie were advised to hold their positions, and Spidersilk was called in, nearly leveling a building and neutralizing the mass of enemy forces, leaving a wide open window of opportunity for Charlie and Delta to enter and mop up targets. Two NA fighters were extracted safely, one was found dead on the side of the road, and one is still missing in action.

    Debrief/Brief at the tent. Mission accomplished! ? NOT YET!!!
    Final Objective
    Destroy an Al Qaeda terrorist training camp. All targets viable.
    Teams: Alpha, Charlie, Delta.
    Available support: Fluffy and Spidersilk on standby.
    All teams inserted again via Blackhawk. Once safely on ground, a shoulder fired Anti-Air was fired from the town, and Glory took the brunt of the explosion. Amidst the "Blackhawk down, Blackhawk down. We have lost the initiative, gentlemen." teams were still able to make it to overwatch positions for FAC and CAS made several very effective attack runs. Delta moved in and took fire, Alpha engaged with their overwhelming MG fire, and Charlie moved in to support. after 10 minutes of heavy fighting, the Alpha Charlie and Delta were able to suppress the presence effectively and clear out the town for proper Search and Destroy.

    Conclusion: Super effective. Mission complete upon RTB.
    All squads did a superb job, made commanding very very easy. CAS runs were beautifully accurate and effective at taking out targets, making the infantry's job easier. Transport pilots were very professional and knowledgeable enough that I gave them full reign over the LZ placement.

    I have some video of some of the action which I am putting together now.

    Se also:
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    re: 7/25/2010 1am EST SOCOM Tora Bora

    My first major mission with full ACRE implementation, and it was very, very sublime.

    Everyone acted professional, and such we had extremely minimal casualties on all aspects.

    A couple additions to the excellent AAR:

    -Took a single 50cal round at 3rd OBJ, hit my rotor, but managed to limp to base. Reason: Flying to high, I thought I was far enough from town, but took for granted the AA ability of the town.

    -SAM from last OBJ. Stupidity on my part, assumed there wasn't SAM's within range from town, again flew too high as I was exfil. I took the rocket hard though, not even enough control to auto rotate.

    Suggest to mission maker:

    Mission was a bit to easy.

    No respawn on choppers. If we crash, then bluefor can commandeer SUV's to get home. Mission, when played appropriately had little risk to pilots, especially considering the ticket limitation. Suggest no respawns on birds to encourage higher level of play. Mission is easy enough that wasting birds should be actively punished. There is always the spare MH6 anyways. Failing that, theres about 6 SUV's that the troops could use to hit up objectives if they didn't want to call the mission as failed.

    Crewchief+Gunner/FAC slot for BH would be useful, Crewchief could cordinate with command net while gunner or pilot cordinates comms with pilots (Crewchief helps with map markers).


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      re: 7/25/2010 1am EST SOCOM Tora Bora

      The date should be 7/25/2010. I realize July is not the 5th month of a year.
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      "Enemy machine gunner in a field of pink flowers, over" - azzwort


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        Re: 7/25/2010 1am EST SOCOM Tora Bora

        fixed :)

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