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  • Tora Bora Take??

    Fantastic mission yet again...... my little sinopsis from my team, Bayonet 3:

    My team was Bayonet 3. We were tasked with FAC for the first objective. In my experience with TG, missions like these take a toll even on the most veteran of TG. My team which consisted of Jeff 'kid' Viet, Fultron, and my Medic Harmin Utter I feel deserve the above ribbons.

    On objective 1 we were takes with FAC for our Froggfoot and were tasked to take out the AA that was in the area as well as a T-72. My team was successful in infiltrating behind enemy line and set up on our lp/op. We were tasked with the communication of our CAS bird and to tell them base of inbound and ex-fill directions. My team, which consisted of all new members without TG tags took this somewhat 'boring' task quite well.

    When I order them into different formation which they did on one call and I was able to do a lot of things that I am used too with my IHS which really surprised me. Our second course of action was to give support by fire to the other three Bayonet squads, 1,2&4. We were able to suppress the enemy at objective 1 and allow 1,2,&4 entry into objective one to get the bad guy.

    When we were successful in that attempt were were told that we were going to be the second flight out of the rally point. Without even saying a word, my squad was able to set up a perimeter with the other four squads making a nice giant circle!!. when the first ex-fill flight took off, my team again shrunk into a diamond for our permitted, again without being asked or ordered.

    My squad was very attentive and listen to the 'T' when we RTB'd and rearmed, even after myesleft telling them two different load outs, and they were able to accomplish the load out switch in under 1 minute, something unheard of lately in Arma :)

    On Objective 2 we were again tasked with the FAC role and a new role, were were to be base of fire for 1,2,&4 again. My team loaded real heavy and was able to unload at least 600 round a piece for the suppression of the enemy while the so there squads raced in to get the HVT. While we were waiting for the CAS to come into place, my teams communications, as well as other teams communications was fantastic. We were able to shift our suppressive fire to every threat that I or command called out! Needless to say it was really hectic and my squad handled it GREAT!!!

    After the assault, we then took into the town to help set a perimeter for the extract of the HVT, My medic was then called into several different locations to help heal people under fire. We were able to help cover the medic while he risked his non JIP life to go save the live of three other fallen soldiers that eventually was not able to recover due to bugs in the game. I only had to issue my order once to him, since he was stuck to me like glue, just like my medic should be. He knew his role, where to be, and how to get in and heal quick, for that I couldn’t have asked more.

    Throughout all of this mission my team conducted themselves well, they did everything a TG community member should have done, and they held to the 'role play' that the entire server was in. for that it made my job that much easier!!

    Thanks to all who made this night AWESOME!!!

    "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis

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    Re: Tora Bora Take??

    I was the leader for Bayonet 2 our primary task was to find an informant in the town of X (cant remember name). Due to our CIA agent not having an updated verision of ACE we had to borrow a German interpretator (Soup) from another bayonet element, we loaded up in the littlebird (Greendragon2) and flew over to "LZ Partyboy".

    At LZ Partyboy we where out of radio range from command (bayonet 6) so Greendragon2 had to relay messages between bayonet 2 and bayonet 6. When Radios got lined up for good good communication bayonet 2 moved out to the Recon hill outside town of X. Before i wanted to send in Soup i wanted to locate the informant from the recon position, when we located the informant on a rooftop we sent in Soup to talk to him. then to move back up on the Recon hill. When Soup returned we ran back to LZ partyboy to get a lift from Greendragon2.

    When picked up by Greendragon2 we started moving out to LZ fireball to join the other bayonet elements in the assault of OBJ2 but got new orders from bayonet6 to provide overwatch on a northern road to stop potential HVT targets trying to escape. We waited in the littlebird hovering above the road until we had eyes on the HVT we landed on the road went up grabbed him with no problems loaded him into the littlebird and went back home. Back at base we didnt really have to rearm since we still hadn't fired a single shot so we waited for the other bayonet elements to get back.

    When it was time to move out to Objective 3 we loaded up in Greendragon2 And moved out to LZ Fluffy. At LZ fluffy we moved up into posistion with the other Bayonet elements and waited for some CAS to take out the armor targets. After the perfect CAS coordination from Bayonet4 and Reaper1(?) we began assaulting the town. I Decided to try to get in close quickly in the town so we rushed into the town while Bayonet 1 north of us killed alot of targets when bayonet 2 ran into the town.

    When inside to town we took out we engaged about 10 Insurgents and my Medic Ceud got shot when leaning around a corner being fatally injured my team moved in secured the area where he got shot we dragged him into safety i slapped a bandage on him while my team provided perfect security for Ceud Whilst i tried to find a medic to help him with Epinephrine and Morphium. after Almost 30 seconds i got a medic from another bayonet element (sorry i cant remember exactly which squad or medic it was) we got ceud back up and going back to the FOB with Greendragon1.

    When we got back to base my team rearmed and waited for the squadleaders to get briefed by Dredge. then a traitor killed our HVT and mission ended

    Great mission guys!

    Thanks to everyone this was a great mini event

    and one extra thanks to all those who where with me in bayonet2

    Zorg - Operator.
    Ceud - Medic.
    Soup - CiA agent (i know you where not supposed to be in my squad).
    Dogone - late JIP Deep undercover CiA agent.

    hope you guys atleast understand what i tried to write with my crappy grammer :)
    Spartan 10


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      Re: Tora Bora Take??

      LZ Fireball was the second LZ :)


      KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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        Re: Tora Bora Take??

        Nice writeup Jack and Tarm. Tarm, good job squad leading and good use of comms, we always knew what we were doing.


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          Re: Tora Bora Take??

          Awesome right ups all. Did anyone get any footage of CAS being delivered? Id love to know what it looked like on the ground.


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            Re: Tora Bora Take??

            Overall, amazing game! I really enjoyed being the machine gunner of Bayonet 3. Some things that stood out in my mind besides the obvious awesomeness of Dredge, Jack, Tarm and others who were commanding:

            -The tension on Objective 2, when batteries on the laser designator died just as CAS was making a pass on a T-72. Not knowing whether or not ordinance was on its way.

            -The same T-72 exploding in a glorious fireball as all callsigns opened up on the town.

            -The speed with which everyone refitted, rearmed, and were ready to go again! 1 or 2 minutes at the most, kept things fast paced and intense.

            -The 360-degree security at LZ Fluffy Fireball and the TAB shortly after. One of the best I have seen in my time at TG.

            -And of course, the negative splash on enemy armour at Objective 3 that was quickly rectified. The situation as whole was recovered from the brink of disaster due to the abilities of the FAC, the Pilot, and Command. Everyone was impressed by this.

            There was LOTS more from this game, but a lot of it has been stated already. As I said in another thread, I can't wait to do it again.


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              Re: Tora Bora Take??

              100+ Screenshots inbound...

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                Re: Tora Bora Take??

                LOL - great photos, especially like the one where I quote "Dredge: Babs, I puked in your seat bro".......
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                  Re: Tora Bora Take??

                  A few things I took away from the mission that deserve extra mention:

                  A) intra-squad communication was extremely tight, especially with regards to CAS and fire support requests.

                  B) urban warfare was insanely good. Zero FF, even with a menagerie of fireteams duking it out, and some seriously impressive stacking/breaching maneuvers.

                  C) ricky-tick drop-offs and pick-ups. Many props to the pilots who did things on the head of a dime, especially to the guys doing JIP/respawn transport.




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