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14 Aug 2010 STOCK OA Event AAR

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  • 14 Aug 2010 STOCK OA Event AAR

    Overall it went pretty well. I got some fraps i will post up.

    Heres pretty much how it went.
    Footage of General Carver rocking, just another weekend for him

    I thought it went pretty well. The mission was def hard.
    1. Commo was good
    2. We got lots of people
    3. Good teamwokr
    4. I had fun ;)
    1. The server crashed for some reason on two diff maps.
    2. Mission Execution could have been better.
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    Re: 14 Aug 2010 STOCK OA Event AAR

    Glad it all went well!!!!

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      Re: 14 Aug 2010 STOCK OA Event AAR

      Enjoyed myself at the event Igor. I just wish we had more search lights and a tad more AIs to deal with. :)

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        Re: 14 Aug 2010 STOCK OA Event AAR

        Originally posted by LowSpeedHighDrag View Post
        ...and a tad more AIs to deal with. :)
        From what I saw when I had parked the chinook it looked like you had too

        LowSpeedHighDrag: was killed

        Igor: AAAHHH

        Kief: was killed

        Someone else: AAAHH



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