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CO39 Battle for Hill 2547 update/feedback

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  • CO39 Battle for Hill 2547 update/feedback

    I'm planning to release v3 soon, which adds in ACE earplugs and glasses for the appropriate classes, and fixes a couple minor bugs and some difficulty tweaks. I am delighted you guys are enjoying it and thanks for all the nice comments so far :)

    I would like to add ACE medical, but I designed the mission to work with AI and a single player, and I really don't want to mess with an AI doing anything more than magical heal button with ACE being in perpetual beta.

    I'll probably be moving the Platoon COs to the command group as well since I think it fits better. The original goal was to get them on the command channel, but we kinda stopped using that and group chat for the command group should work just as well. The whole layout is awkward, but as far as I can tell, that was the structure of the actual company.

    Now that you guys have played it a few times, could I get any additional bug reports/suggestions/random feedback please?



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