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Six updater setup check list

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  • Six updater setup check list


    I have been meaning to do this for awhile now and thought it would be beneficial for all to have a Check list to follow when helping a friend or someone new to our server set up SIXUPDATER.

    I am going to only list the steps to follow to help guide you. Sorry no pictures as you can find them already posted in Dredge's thread "Everything you need" thread.

    1. After d/ld'g Six from here: have them retrieve the ALPHA and BRAVO server YML's listed below:


    2. That will set them up with the YML's and they will see a ALPHA and BRAVO server Preset in the Dynamic area of Six to the far left panel.

    3. Edited- this step not necessary

    4. They should now see @cba_co,@Jayarma2lib,@TGmaps,all the @ACE mods, and @ACRE in the BRAVO preset and ALPHA preset will show the three @CBA files, @TGAlpha, @sthud, and @stmovement.

    5. Now have them open the Options by clicking the small blue tab, located upper left corner of Six. Look for the servermod box near bottom and clear that of "servermods" if there. Click ok or save.

    6. Now look for green button or tab titled "Sync with SU portal. Click Run Ping Test.

    7.After that runs, now they are ready to download.

    8.1 Make sure the Beta box on the home tab is unchecked. Have them click the ALPHA .(located in the Dynamic area panel to the left.) Then right click, go to updater actions, choose convert manually mods.

    8.2 Make sure the Beta box on the home tab is checked. Have them click the BRAVO preset. Then right click, go to Updater Actions, choose Convert Manually Installed Mods.

    9. (9.1 & 9.2) When that process is finished follow same steps as above, but now choose Install or update mods.

    10. This will take some time, so relax go get a drink or whatever.

    11. Now all the little tiles to the left of the mods for Bravo server should be green except for @Jayarma2lib which will remain black.

    12. Near the end a white box will appear and ask for permission to load plugins for Teamspeak. This would be a good time to close Teamspeak before clicking yes for that.

    I am sorry, you thought you were done.

    The next step #13 is optional. Because of auto updating of mods between client and server updating. It is now recommended to click then right click preset go to updater actions and choose Launch Game. If you choose to put icons for each server you might be out of sync with server until it is updated when the mods are showing an update is ready. Possible loss of game time is at least 24 to 48 hrs.

    13. Now you can create an Icon just for the ALPHA and BRAVO servers(recommended). Follow steps of #8 and choose create icon, choose create-execute-shutdown at bottom and at top of next box that opens. You can rename each one, I have one named ALPHA and the other BRAVO.

    14. Now go to the top of Six and your will see four titles--Home--Preset--Game Profile--Server. You should already be looking at Home. In the middle their are 3 long boxes titled Preset-Profile-Server. We are only going to go to the far right of the Profile box and click the little black button and choose A2 OA Combined Arms (forced)

    15. Now, going back to the top of Six, click the Preset tab and in the box named profile make sure A2 OA Combined Arms (forced) is listed. If not look for that little black button to the right as above and you know what to choose.

    16. Going back to the top of Six, click the Game Profile tab. Here you can put Check marks in no splash-no pause-no filepatching-skip intro and further to the right you can type the word empty in the world box. Also to the far left you can put your player profile in.

    17. The final step is to click the Home tab then click the Save button at the top of Six above the Game Folder tab.

    That is all you have to do for now to beable to enter the Alpha or Bravo server at Tacticalgamer.

    Now close out SixUpdater, double click the Icon on your desktop for either the ALPHA or BRAVO servers

    Six will start up, it will ck mod status, it will now start the game and Six will auto shut down so as not to be running in the background.

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    Re: Six updater setup check list

    Closing for use as an info thread.
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