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  • CHARLIE Testing Guide

    So you have a good mission idea and your just getting started. Good, now is the time to start your planning on how you will go through the testing process with your mission.
    The fastest process for getting your mission to work well is to build just the triggers & scripts that will make it function. Do not populate your mission with all the bad guys & force a play through with a group of players. The objective is to see that the right things function when they are supposed to. The wave of bad guys is triggered (but you only need 1 of them on the mission while testing), or that destroying the generator shows as a completed task, or that your script functions on the dedicated server the way you intended. In most cases this means that you are on & off the server in a short time.

    Sometimes the test server is a place to invite your trusted friends to give you some feedback on the mission. This is a legitimate use of the test server if you have problem to solve or if you need advice in an area. Don't use the server as a private game server because it holds up testing for anyone else and takes traffic away from our main servers. We wanna see you get your mission on the Alpha or Bravo server & have it played there.

    Next, check that you have a mission name & file name that match and also meet the standards.
    Lets say your mission is a coop mission for 20 players but you added 10 extra slots for people to join in progress and the mission takes place on Takistan. Then your mission name would be "co30/20_CoolMissionName_v1" and your file name would be "co30/20_CoolMissionName_v1.Takistan.pbo". Plus make sure in the description box underneath where you name your mission in the editor you include the information needed by an admin who is browsing missions to play. This includes the description of the mission, forces required and if the mission accommodates JIP (join in progress), respawns, revives and so forth. Here is an example:

    "1 squad Russian mechanized inf patrol Rasman - no JIP/Respawn - with Revive"

    Now your ready to submit your mission for testing. If your mission is for an upcoming event jump down to EVENT SUBMISSIONS. Otherwise follow the format as listed in the first post HERE.

    Its time for a note about versions. Any time you need to upload a new version of the file you must increase your version number in the mission name & file name. The reason is if you don't we won't be able to upload the file. When ArmA is running you can't modify or delete any missions in use by the game. So if you give us a new version we can upload the file & you will be able to select it the next time you load the mission selection screen.

    So now your actually ready to test your mission. Once your mission has been uploaded the admin who did so should shoot you a PM with the server password. (If the mod set of the server needs to be altered you will have to wait for this to be done by myself) You will be able to enter the server with the password and once in press Right Shift - P to bring up the Server Control screen. You can then vote yourself the admin & select the Missions button to select your mission.

    Now we use an honour system on the test server. There are training missions we can use Charlie for or other missions loaded on for other events. They may not use the same mod set as is currently loaded on the server. Anyway, your here to test your mission so leave the others alone. You may share the password with a few friends if your testing conditions that require more players or if you are looking for input. This password will be changed periodically anyway.

    Obviously an event mission has additional concerns. We don't like the mission to get out prior to the event so in this case you have already started a CAA thread discussing the event idea with the admin team. Your submission for testing will go in there. Currently I will configure the server for the correct mod set & change the password to something unique and post it back there for you. When your testing is complete post back that you are done so the test server can be reconfigured for general use & your file will be removed from the servers MPMissions folder so no one else can run it while doing other testing.
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