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Creating a Squad XML

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  • TheBigC
    Re: Creating a Squad XML

    This thread was moved to not distract from the one it spawned from. This information above is how you create the details you see either in game by hitting the "P" button or the logo you see on the side of the vehicles.

    It is not that difficult to create the files that make this happen, just have a bit of patience with the image though. If you use a custom image for your clan or yourself, keep it appropriate for in game.

    If you are interested in exactly how to do it yourself, follow the below links to get started.

    Wiki Page

    PhotoShop tutorial

    *Note - You will need a host on the internet that allows you to upload it there. TG offers this kind of space with thier Supporting Membership!!

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  • Buccaneer
    started a topic Creating a Squad XML

    Creating a Squad XML

    Originally posted by houdini
    I'm particularly interested in the Squad XML, rank graphics, and customized map markers. ...Any chance we can duplicate something like this at TG?
    Squad.xml already done -- BigC and I have been beavering away on it to get it to work.

    If you PM me the following, I will add you:

    id Your ArmA-UID (always the same irrespective of your selected Character -- see below)
    nick Nickname to be used with your selected character
    name Any other name you want to be called (i.e. Real name)
    email Any generic contact email you may want to give (e.g. [email protected])
    icq If you feel the need
    Remark Anything well hard, or witty!

    Locating your ArmA-UID

    1. Start ArmA and select the player-edit menu:

    2. In the bottom-right corner you will see your ArmA-UID:

    Adding the URL Necessary to Display Your Information and Logo In-game

    If you submit your information for the TG squad.xml, please add the following URL (exactly as typed - Cut 'n Paste) into your Squad URL box, located just above your player ID. (See picture directly above if not sure where it is.)

    Note: If you display the above link on a web page, the TG logo will not display - that's because the picture is saved with the .paa extension. This is what the game uses to display the logos on vehicles.
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