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  • CTI Overmatch 100

    Okay to start out I only have limited scripting abilities. My main talents are implementing scripts and creating ideas. Thus far on the CTI I have done this:

    files.filefront [dot] com/CTI+SectorLink+Beta+7zip/;12000865;/fileinfo [dot] html

    What I need now is some help with the objective system and resupply/ reinforcement system. There is of course many other thing I want to add into the mission. My main objective is to make this playable as soon as possible.

    A small changelog is included in the file. To some up:

    - Mando missile 2.3 featuring realistically configured systems and missiles
    - SPON Scripts (pretty much all of them)
    - Mando Hitch
    - Mando Javelin
    - DCV Command M113
    - SPON/ GLT Smoke Replacement
    - BAS-f scripts

    The goal is to have an objective system that is linked. This will ensure that the battles stay intense. As more players join the server, the objectives will take more people to take over. Also, objective links will be come less demanding. This allows a large amount of players to go for any objective anywhere. Sides will be able to deploy FOBs, OP, and defenses. This will in no way become an RTS.

    Death, in Overmatch the player will become completly blacked out. They will not be able to use the map, talk, or type. They will have to wait 2 - 5 minutes to respawn at main base. This base is not attackable. Vehicles and ammo will not respawn. Instead, cargo containers (or by themselves) will be airlifted into the base where they will be assembled.

    All vehicles will be in the CTI. At the beginning the commander will select the starting equipment. The vehicles will be dro immedatly. After that, orders placed will take over 1 hour to arrive.

    With ACE, a lot of the scripts were added into the mission. This is okay with me, but some are still required. If anyone is interested in helping me with this mission, please contant me over the forums. Otherwise, I will have to learn scripts and ArmA II will be long released by then.

    - Spyder



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