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Mission Edit Help Opfor vs Opfor?

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  • Mission Edit Help Opfor vs Opfor?

    Iam currently working on a Coop mission with Insurgents fighting against U.S.S.R Soldiers.
    So Opfor vs Opfor.
    I added this: "this addRating ((- rating this) - 100000)" in the init of each Insurgent which is normally used for Deathmatches so non addrated units get attacked and the other way round.
    The problem now is that the Insurgents attack each other too.
    Is there any other possibilty like making opfor units Blufor or at least allied to each other?

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    Re: Mission Edit Help Opfor vs Opfor?

    Make their group leader blufor than make the blufor leader's probability of presence 0%.


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      Re: Mission Edit Help Opfor vs Opfor?

      Ah thx mate


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        Re: Mission Edit Help Opfor vs Opfor?

        I had the same problem with My Uhao Terrorist Hunt mission, where the Terrorists had to kill as many civs as possible.

        Unfortunately after 25 civ deaths the game ended (default) as too many civilian casualties. So I went into the mission sqm and changed the class of all civilians from "CIV" to "West", with a simple "Find and Replace" function.

        Problem solved and the terrorists then gained full kills for a civilian death, rather than a "-score".

        Just another option for you.


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          Re: Mission Edit Help Opfor vs Opfor?

          I have had experience doing this. (reassigning a unit to the opposite side). Here is how I do it. Design the mission as you normally would. Don't worry about sides yet, just act like they are against each other.

          O.K., get EVERYTHING DONE. EVERYTHING (briefing, scripts, whatever). The VERY last thing you do.. is go into the mission.sqm file manually (with note pad or text view or something) ... in there all the units are listed... you have to change their side from like "EAST" to "WEST". I think there's two lines for each unit you do it to. After you do this, you reopen the mission in the editor in arma, save it and export to multiplayer and BOOM.. you got units on the opposite side.

          Thats the only way I know how to do it. The mission I learned this from was the infamous "Royal Rescue" mission. I'm assuming you've played this at least once. Find it and extract the mission. Go look at the mission .sqm file where the civilian unis are listed and you'll see they guy changed their side to "East" (so they will show up red as enemy when opened up in the editor).

          Alright.. if your totally lost, just PM me and we'll chat more.

          <EDIT> lol.. oh should have read the comment above.. i see you know this already.
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