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TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

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  • TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

    Well the urge took me again to do somthing simlar to that which I did for Avgani and that's to create a template for various missions, by creating some key features into the excellent Afghan Village map by Opteryx.

    So I spent the last two days building it and now it is ready for my first mission which should be available shortly.

    I have taken some shots below, but effectively I have added a large FOB (MERCURY) in the North East which now has a Heli port and a frontline airfield for A10's and Harriers. Just as was planned in Cold War Euroean Theatre of combat, I chose to convert the road to a Runway. This is controlled by checkpoints/runway control points with traffic lights and guards to halt traffic for a take off or landing! ;) I tested it with an A10, it works, but unless you are really confident at manouvering jets, I would give flying a miss. It's quite tight getting onto the runway from the netting hangars! ;)

    I also created a Checkpoint in the middle of the village and another FOB (HAMILTON) in the North West of the village.

    Included is an old russian minefield to help funnel traffic! ;) Essentially this now offers mission makers multiple choices, from simple CoOp missions, to base attacks, to hostage rescue, patrols, convoys, etc etc.

    The map has all the buildings empty and some AI machine gun nests, so the mission designer can put whatever characters he wants where. In addition I have added a few extra buildings in the centre of the village to addsome extra CQB elements, along with a nice Minuet! :D

    Anyway, all was done with new ACE and OPX bits and pieces and I hope to have the mission up and running in the next few days or so.


    When is a road not a road...??? When its a runway of course...

    The playpen......Yes the A10 actually does a "wheelie" as you taxi up onto the

    From the Air - FOB MERCURY

    From the Air - Checkpoint Zulu6

    From the Air - FOB HAMILTON

    And on the 7th day he looked at what he created.... and it was good! so he put a large erection in the middle of the village!

    "What we do in life... echoes in eternity!"

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    Re: TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

    LOL, nice comments! Looking good mate, can't wait to give it a spin!


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      Re: TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

      Looks AWESOME BD!

      Spartan 4


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        Re: TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

        That looks really good! cant wait to try it out.
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          Re: TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

          Looking good BD, I hope to see YOU and your missions soon.

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            Re: TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

            sweet base, FOB Mercury actually looks like a real military facility. at least how i would imagine one to look like.


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              Re: TG Afghan Village - BD style! ;)

              Thats awesome BD.

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