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Insurgent Pain (co22 avgani)

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  • Insurgent Pain (co22 avgani)

    Made a thread on this mission because it's my first and I'm looking for feedback.

    MISSION NAME: co22-ACE-Insurgent Pain
    VERSION: 1.0
    MODS: Avgani map. Ace.
    STYLE: 22 player coop, 3 playable teams + 2-man HQ.

    A routine military-police call turns into something a little more desperate... designed to be a quick and dirty map that may cause a little disorder. Shouldn't take any longer than 45 minutes, an hour tops to complete.

    If the mission gets on there and if anyone ever plays it I'd REALLY appreciate a point or two of feedback/bug reports etc. (too easy? error messages? the author was a retard?). I tried to help the enemy AI be extra annoying in it with some dirty scripts. Let me know if you think they worked.

    if you want to, you can download it freely on your own as well:


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    Re: Insurgent Pain (co22 avgani)

    Are you looking for some of us to play test this with you? We can definitly make that happen and give you some feedback.
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      Re: Insurgent Pain (co22 avgani)

      Hmm, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to that; while I fully expect the mission to "work" (I've spent many an hour playing it alone on my own crappy dedicated server :p), I don't know if it will "feel" right with a reasonable number of players. It is pretty short anyhow, as I said.

      I wouldn't be able to do this today though - any time tomorrow I would? Knowing myself, I'll probably be playing on the server most of tomorrow evening anyway. However you could do it, just let me know... and thanks for the concern!

      <edit> I just looked at the server and it was being played... turned out the one thing I couldn't test on my own doesn't work -- the spectator script. I'll try to get that sorted out today.

      <edit 2> Alright... spectator mode is fixed. If anyone wants to direct download it, here's v1.1.

      I'm not expecting to work on this mission any more, but still welcome any feedback which I can keep in mind for future work.
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