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Dr. Eyeball Team Status Dialogue Troubles

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  • Dr. Eyeball Team Status Dialogue Troubles

    Hey anyone at all,

    I am having trouble getting Dr. Eyeball's Teamstatus Diaglogue v1.3 to work in my ACE mission. It works at first. But after respawn the "team status" action menu disappears. I followed his instructions and I think i'm doing everything right.

    here's the official Armed Assault Forum link for download and info..;f=71;t=60075

    (i can't make it a link because i'm not yet at 15 posts)

    Has anyone had experience with this great feature? (if your not sure what i'm talking about.. its the interactive team menu u use in domination and evolution to change and manage groups members)

    I'm using this with the ACE mod.. so its possible there could be a compatability issue with it. I'll keep posting my finds here. I would appricate any hints, comments or leads anyone who reads this would have. This is a great feature and I really want to get it working 100%.


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    Re: Dr. Eyeball Team Status Dialogue Troubles

    Presumably you need to reapply the init function for the script after the player respawns. Some sort of infinite loop to check for deaths and reinituate the script on respawn should do the trick. Or you could use a trigger around the respawn marker... theres a bunch of ways to do it really.




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