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SP tutorial missions?

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  • SP tutorial missions?

    I've only briefly looked at the mission editor. I'm interested in what capabilities there are for SP missions, specifically for tutorial purposes. ArmA is a complicated game, and ACE adds to that complexity. I think would be neat to work on a set of SP training tutorial missions to get new users acquainted with ACE. Specific questions:

    -Can you create SP missions?
    -Can you add your own voice overs for drill instructors?
    -If not, can you use instruction text boxes with triggers?
    -How flexible is the scripting for AI (can you script out specific movements so that an AI could demonstrate techniques like going prone and rolling under fire?)
    -Can you ask the user questions, provide multiple choices, and give feedback?

    Just trying to get an idea of what would and wouldn't be possible.

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    Re: SP tutorial missions?

    yep, every in-game scene you've ever been in was made with that same mission editor. SP missions, MP missions, cutscenes, campaigns, ... scripts written outside of the mission editor are commonly used for more complex things (cutscenes, or features like artillery calls, spawning enemys, dead body removal, ACE's wounded system... all are made by the same scripting language)

    be aware learning how to make "complex" (ie coded/scripted) ArmA missions can be a bit daunting! you will need to spend a substantial amount of time learning how to work with ArmA's editor and coding language, especially if you've never coded another language before...

    also, controlling the AI can be a bit of a pain in the ass, and furthermore a few of the scripting commands are completely broken (e.g. forcing AI to stand up, or forcing AI to act casual and "safe" rather than act ready for combat). what you mentioned specifically would probably be doable... but I could also be a bring-downer and suggest that some things are better taught by other means, such as Dyslecxi's "Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures" document :)

    Look around for tutorials and such, there should be plenty around, and naturally, good luck!

    edit: this site is at the top of my bookmarks, lol.


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      Re: SP tutorial missions?

      Well looking at the scripting command is great. It helps you remember who you can and can't do. But, this only gets you so far. I'll list a few things that have helped me out a lot.

      - ArmA Edit

      OFPEC is great for asking help from actual script writer. They also have many scripts that can easily be used in your missions. As well, every script there is fully documented and comes with a demo mission. This makes it easy to learn from the designer. Also, the best part is aside from all of this you can download tutorials.

      The BIS wiki allows you to take the commands you find, and learn about them. This resource gives your scripting syntax and plenty of examples.

      ArmA Edit is a great program to use to start learning how to script. Using "wizards" you can start learning basic scripting for missions. ArmA Edit also allows you to easily sort files, and read them with colorful text.




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