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    Hey guys, just wanted to give you guys a heads up on my new upcoming TvT mission. Here's the summary of what I've got so far concerning mission setting and gameplay: U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group are at it again in Afghanistan against the Taliban. There will be 8 players in the 5th Special Forces Group (Blufor), 8 players in the Taliban (Redfor), and everybody else is played as a neutral Afghan civilian (Independent), which should makeup the majority of the players - that is about 35 or more. Of course blufor gets their own cool forward operating base with the special forces weapons as well as IR strobes for night games, and more; the redfor gets a low profile base with abilities to plant VBIED's for roadside bombings or even whilst driving to carry out suicide bombings; and the independent afghan locals are spawned all over the village, prolly without any weapons or map. Afghan locals will have the option to join forces with the Taliban or with the U.S. Army Special Forces. As a redfor or blufor player, the option to "recruit" will be given when near proximity of a potential Afghan local ally, which results in them joining the players group for group channels. Blufor players also has the ability to arrest uncooperative afghan locals, while redfor can simply execute. I have yet to find out if recruiting an afghan local results in a red arrow marker to show up on the opposing side for that unit on the map, but if it does not, then it also opens up the potential to conduct undercover work with the new recruit as well as betrayals since recruits can be re-recruited and switch groups ;). As of right now, I have not created any mission objectives, but hopefully I can get this done before the upcoming weekend.
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    Re: Operation Peregrine Falcon

    This sounds very interesting mate and quite different, well done!


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