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CO35 ACE Restore Order and BH down WIP

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  • CO35 ACE Restore Order and BH down WIP

    I posted this into the mission depot and I think it got uploaded as the post went away, but for some more information I'm copying the briefing file (I'm not native, so excuse some errors ;) ), it's a coop mission @Afghan Village with USMC and SF against insurgents.

    Note I did include some server side options before starting so the mission can be adjusted to match a lower playercount or if sb. feels not like getting IED'd (though I lowered their effects by using a lower explosion and greater radius), see this one for an example (copy link out):

    What the mission is about:

    1) Destroy the ammo cache.

    2) Find the informant.

    3) Retrieve enemy INTEL.
    (you need to find the pc, get close to it and use "secure intel" in the action menu)



    Seize the village at AG16 and destroy the ammo cache while on the lookout for enemy INTEL (our INTEL tracked the location to a small estate at AD06, search for a HD) and our informant.
    Priority goes for the ammo cache, as the insurgents might get the weapons away soon.

    Finding our informant has the least priority.

    He passed sheduled contact by 5 hours.
    INTEL reports his last contact at BC13 and using a old russian UAZ.


    ++ Enemy Forces ++

    Insurgents of unknown size, armed with eastern weapons like AK47's, RPG's and PK's. INTEL also reports homemade explosives (IED).
    They could e.g. be hidden in cars or barrels. Projectiles might be the best bet for premature explosions.

    The enemy may not be well trained but will fight determined.
    Be advised not to confuse insurgents with the local civilians as they don't have any general uniform and tend to dress in civilian clothes.

    ++ Friendly Forces ++

    5x USMC Platoon Lead

    4x USMC FT Alpha
    4x USMC FT Bravo
    4x USMC FT Charlie
    4x USMC FT Delta
    5x USMC RECON Squad Racoon
    5x SF DEMOLITION Team Whiskey
    3x Corvette (M2A2)
    1x Pilot - Donkey (MH6)


    1 M1025 HMMWV (MK19)
    1 M1025 HMMWV (M2)
    3 M998 HMMWV
    1 SF HMMWV

    2 M923A2 Trucks

    1 M2A2

    1 MH6

    To destroy the ammo crates Team Whiskey is equipped with satchel charges, in theory that is.
    Sometimes the rucksack will contain nothing (ACE bug I guess), which is why the first ammo crate contains 10 backup satchel charges.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    I'm also working at another coop mission (@Avgani)where 3 players will take the role of survivors (downed UH-60) and the rest of the team needs to rescue them while insurgents lockdown the city and head to the crash site.

    It's done in triggers, briefing, parameters and I need to adjust some patrol locations/ the general enemy count though this needs testing with more than one person and I might need some opinions on when the mission should end.

    The goal of the mission is to get atleast one survivor to a safe location (think it's too hard otherwise), if everyone of the survivors dies the mission will end in 30 seconds.

    Would it be okay if the mission would need every (alive) men out there to be home? Guess it would be more realistic, right?

    Some part of the briefing:


    ++ Commander's Intent ++

    Advance on Avgani while keeping an eye out for enemy IEDs, snipers and RPG-Grenadiers. Success in this mission depends on how fast the convoy will get into the city to get our guys out of there.
    Insurgents could arrive at the crash site in any minute!

    SF Team Racoon should insert and assist the survivors which will get us the necessary time should the convoy slow down.
    Because of the heavy enemy resistance we need a hell-of-a-pilot to land the chopper safely.

    ++ Movement Plan ++

    The convoy advances along the road until it will stop at OP Baker. Racoon will touch down at the crash site and assist the survivors. Leaving the convoy, Fireteam Alpha, Bravo and Charlie will haste to the downed UH-60 and escort the survivors to safety while HQ and Delta secure the convoy.
    All units get inside the convoy and speed back to the FOB.

    Some images: (copy again)
    An unlucky place to crash into

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