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  • co_ace_28_Bastogne_B_V1-0

    Hey guys, just finished making a mission: co_ace_28_Bastogne_B_V1-0
    Island: ACE_Avigon
    Players: 28
    Type: Coop
    Mods Needed: ACEMOD, ACE Islands

    It is based on the battle of the buldge, but instead it occurs during a cold-war era. It is also randomized so each time you play it will be different.
    -Defend BP Bastogne and defeat Slevan attack
    -Clear Factory Area of Enemy
    -Destroy Enemy FOB.

    36 hours ago, the Slevan army attacked South Avigon. They are a soviet-trained force and in accordance with soviet military doctrine, they built up their forces secretly and launched a surprise assault.

    After battling for many hours, our platoon fell back to the city of Brenantes. A Co. setup an assembly area to the rear in Saint Elodie. The PSG and a medic, and charlie and delta fireteams went back to resupply and pick up the sniper team and a M60 tank. The PL, a medic, and alpha, bravo, and an anti-tank attachment are still at BP Bastogne, but low on ammo. The PL must hold the line until the PSG can get the reinforcements up to the town. Once the two elements have linked up, they must defeat the Slevan attack and then counterattack.

    Based on your extensive study in Soviet military doctrine, you know that Soviets rely on heavy masses of machinery and troops and pre-planned missions. In the attack, quantity is important and the goal is to envelope and destroy. Armor is used extensively as support to the infantry.
    Highermission Operation Order

    NOTE YOU ARE 1st PLT, not A Co

    Task Organization: A Co.

    1st Plt - Main Effort (only 1st Plt actually exists, others are just for conceptual idea)

    2nd Plt

    3rd Plt

    (a) Enemy:
    (1)Weather: Dependent on selection
    (2)Terrain: The island of Avigon consists of rolling hills, small towns, forests, and a basic road structure.
    (3)Composition: Scouts have confirmed that a motorized rifle company is operating in our AO that consists of 2-4 motorized/mechanized rifle platoons, light infantry, plus attached airborne elements.
    (4)Locations: Local intel has confirmed the enemy has occupied a factory area, vicinity 072/202, and are setting up a FOB in the town of Balles, vic. 072/205.
    (5)Activities: Some elements are attacking, others patrolling.
    (6)Strength: Enemy consists of a company sized element. They are well-equipped, tanks, IFVs, and crew-served weapons. Additionally, they are highly motivated and will resist.
    (7)Probable Course of Action: Will attack with fierce violence of action.
    (b) Friendly:
    (1)Higher Mission: 1st Bn will defeat enemy attack NLT H+60 vic Avigon South and will counterattack enemy FOB NLT H+120 Avigon South in order to prevent the enemy from setting up a presence in the area
    (2) Lead Unit: 1st Plt, Right: 2nd Plt, Rear: 3rd Plt
    (c) Attachments: 1st Plt has an anti-tank element, sniper team, and M60 tank attached
    Detachments: None

    (2) Mission:
    A Co will defeat enemy attack NLT H+60 vic Brenantes and will counterattack enemy FOB NLT H+120 vic Balles in order to prevent the enemy from setting up a presence in the area
    (3) Execution:
    Commanders Intent: The purpose of this operation is to halt the enemy advance in our AO and counterattack them in order to seize lost land.
    (a)Concept of the Operation: 1st Plt (your plt) will defend battlepostion Bastogne until the enemy attack is defeated. Then once consolidated on BP Bastogne, will counterattack enemy held factory and FOB.
    2nd Plt will provide security from enemy flanking from the East
    3rd Plt will be held in reserve

    (4) Service Support
    (A) General:
    (1)No resupply for 24 hours
    (2)Resupply from HMMVs/5t trucks<

    (5) Command & Signal
    (A) Command
    (1)CO with be located with 3rd Plt
    (B) Signal
    (1) Minimize side chat conversations if you are not a team leader or the PL/PSG


    Version: 1.0

    Designer: IGOR

    "Never forget that you are there to SERVE the soldiers. Listen to your NCOs and always do the right thing." -My Father

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    Re: co_ace_28_Bastogne_B_V1-0

    get this posted in the mission depot thread if you have not.
    Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.




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