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Ruck system updated (JIP problems & desync issues)

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  • Ruck system updated (JIP problems & desync issues)

    Found this useful and interesting at the ArmA Wiki page.

    Heres the direct copy & paste.

    Update to ruck system (Jan 31 2009)
    In view of the strain put by the amount of real magazines per unit on the network engine, ruck system has been revised. The main change is that _PDM magazines are now stored in a unit variable, instead of being 'physical' magazines. The variable is called ACE_Ruckmagazines, it contains a list of a unit's ruck magazines in this format:
    ACE_Ruckmagazines = [["mag1",amount1],["mag2",amount2],...,["magn",amountn]]
    Consequently, the operations with ruck magazines can no longer be done using native functions 'addmagazine', 'removemagazine' and 'magazines'. There are three new functions created to do just that:
    [_unit,"ACE_15Rnd_9x19_B_M9_PDM",4] call ACE_Sys_Ruck_AddRuckMagazine
    Will add 4 pistol mags to _unit. You can also use
    [_unit,"ACE_15Rnd_9x19_B_M9_PDM"] call ACE_Sys_Ruck_AddRuckMagazine
    Which will only add 1 mag.

    To remove a mag:
    [_unit,"ACE_15Rnd_9x19_B_M9_PDM"] call ACE_Sys_Ruck_RemoveRuckMagazine
    To get a list of ruck mags:

    _mags = _unit call ACE_Sys_Ruck_RuckMagazines
    the list will be a standard plain array just like what 'magazines' command returns.

    Of course, you can also directly manipulate the variable by 'setvariable' command.

    _unit setvariable ["ACE_Ruckmagazines",[["ACE_15Rnd_9x19_B_M9_PDM",4],["ACE_30Rnd_762x39_B_AK_PDM",20]]]
    Note that you still have to use _PDM magazine names.

    Functionality changes and limitations

    As ruck magazines are now 'phantom' and exist only on the client machine, there are several changes and inherent limitations as to how the system performs, both in SP and MP:

    Dropping the ruck will result in magazines being unpacked into player's inventory and (when there is no more space there) on the ground.
    Dropping a ruck item on the ground will create an unpacked mag on the ground (not a _PDM as before).
    In multiplayer, you can't access unconscious player's rucksack contents.
    A special script is spawning ruck contents of a dead unit so that all clients can access them. This feature can be turned off (to prevent the clogging of the battlefield in persistent/long-lasting PvP missions, as spawned weaponholders are not removed by body removal scripts) by setting the variable ACE_Sys_Ruck_SpawnRuckItemsOnDeath to false.
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    The link:

    Mission designers take note! I know I will.

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    Re: Ruck system updated (JIP problems & desync issues)

    wow. so some of the lagg we get on the server in large missions might actually be due to the existance of equipment from dead players adding up. interesing. I think i'm going to disable the ruck salavage system in all my mission from now on.
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