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  • COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

    Hey guys,

    Homer Johnston and me decided to make a COOP mission on ACE_Avignon with approximatly 4-5 hours Gameplay.
    Summary (Only thoughts):
    -Players will take the role of Independant Soldiers who will paradrop on random positions at night on northern Avignon, so the first task of all squadleaders would be to regroup their men behind enemy lines.
    -No high-end Weaponry/No NVG's/Only squadleaders and teamleaders have maps.Maybe we'll disable the compass for some units.
    -Probable objectives are simple but will most likely effect the gameplay if they are completed.: Disabling AA/arti sites, Destroying Radio towers, ambushing convoys, blowing up supplies, taking over villages and bases.
    -Allied forces have one Safehouse on the island.
    -Respawn: Players will probably respawn after 300 sec paradropping again (Position will be choosen by the player on map)
    -DAC will be used (no addons needed)
    -Mission will take place in about 30-40km square area

    We are wondering if there would be any interest in this, or if anyone had any opinions on it...

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    Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

    Sounds good, but the combination of night, no NVG's, and no maps may make regrouping somewhat difficult. Dsylexci had a post up a while back about a similar mission, but with maps. No NVG's though.

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      Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

      heh, yeah, that is true - we are brainstorming some sort of "alternative" solutions to that :p

      The mission wouldn't/won't exactly be accurate, in terms of matching doctorine to the era of technology. if WW2 or mid-1900's units were available, I think we'd be making this with them...

      Nonetheless I think it could be rather fun and a good sort of mission to have going on the server for an evening here and there. Right now I'm just wondering how to give it any sort of a sense of "order" ... it'd be nice to have a platoon cmd, but what is the point of them if it's just 4 or 5 squads of players doing random objectives? (in other-words, how can we make a mission with the scale of Evolution, without the rambo-ism?)

      any thoughts? :)


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        Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

        I like the idea but make sure it's JIP, because with 4-5 hours of game play, we will sure have allot of people coming and going. Concerning the maps, put them in all units, but make sure the mission is played in veteran so we don't have our position in the map.

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          Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

          Macolik was going to post this tomorrow... but I figured I'd do it for him: We are currently looking for opinions about ways that respawns/JIP's could get into the battle.

          Current process:
          A) All players start at an offshore base. (including respawns and JIP's)
          B) when ready, group leaders select for their group to paradrop to a known location (either chosen by them, or selected at random and then shown to them)

          Obviously, we then have the question: What do JIP's or respawns do??

          Current ideas we have:
          1) Let JIP's/Respawns paradrop alone to a completely random location, with no map.
          2) Force JIP's/Respawns to accumulate at base until they can form a group together (4+), then paradrop them in as described in (B). Leader gets a map. Also, players could use the spectator script while they wait at base.
          3) Let JIP's/Respawns do either of the above.
          4) No respawn or JIP (not likely - if Sunday Events came back, we would then consider the benefits of shortening the mission and doing this)
          5) ???? Suggest something! :)

          (Macolik: post if I missed anything :p)


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            Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

            I would like it if every player (JIP/respawn/starters) alike spawns in the air at a random location area of several hundred meters and 100-400 meters height, atleast until there are decent paradrop vehicles in the ACE mod (paradropping off a blackhawk doesn't seem too logical to me) , if we get an AC130 starting players might start at a base, JIP and respawn in the air.

            I must say that I don't like respawn maps that much though, it tends to players saying "What? You are injured and need help? Just respawn!" and the like, removing immersion and atmosphere. People are way more careful on no respawn missions and it's like every player's life REALLY counts.

            JIP and no respawn works fine if you set respawn to "side", this means any units dead will spawn into AI slots, but if you disable AI people will turn seaguls as there are no AIs left and new players can still JIP. I know this might be abused by players relogging but's a bannable offense anyway.

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              Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

              This: :P
              Players will be able to use a Flashlight to communicate/find each other at ground.
              It's like: 2*flash ._. means "send" and .._.. "received".


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                Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                well apart from the fact there is no flashlights. I dont think people would really remember flash codes anyway:p

                as for jips and respawns. make them wait set time then everyone in the waiting area gets drops at a random location, unless SQ sets otherwise (IR beacons or smoke could be used as markers etc)

                That or have a pilot on hand for transport etc

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                  Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                  Well scripts make it possible AdeptAbyss..:)

                  and the flash codes will be visible at the action menu. It's like this:



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                    Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                    thanks for the input guys,

                    Macolik: I was going to wait until we could show it off! (just kidding) Here's a very short video of Macolik & me sending flashlight signals to each other. In this, Macolik sends me an SOS signal (. . . _ _ _ . . .) and then I send him back a "received" signal (. . _ _ . . ). Currently it has three signals: "Hail" , "Recieved", and "SOS" ... we're open to suggestions about signals too :)

           flashlight signalling video (anyone know of a better upload site? haha)

                    Skychief: I agree with you, mostly. The one catch is that we are trying to maintain *some* sense of order ... which is why we are thinking of keeping them in some sort of groups whenever possible (these groups would be dropped in a line or area, as if from a C130). I think we might hope to make a respawn and a no-respawn version of this mission. The no-respawn version would be awesome for an organized event, similar to the writeup Barnacle mentioned:

                    AdeptAbyss: I like the idea of making new jumps happen at certain intervals for any respawned/JIP players ... I think we'll do that.

                    We are also currently debating whether or not to have a "platoon commander" - one "game rule" we'd like to have is: sidechat is only allowed by radio-holders. However, this rule might make it a bit boring for a platoon commander, sitting at base with hardly anyone to talk to :p Another option: no commander. Leaders discuss who's doing what at the start of the mission, but on the ground players generally just regroup and tackle whatever objectives they can.

                    Additional thoughts welcome :)
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                      Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                      We'll probably release an event version first (since the sunday events have returned), that'll be without respawn.
                      We also included the Spon Map script by spooner [], with which you can actually draw on the map, create groups for comms etc and make the whole mission planing easier...


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                        Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                        in other-words, how can we make a mission with the scale of Evolution, without the rambo-ism?
                        well this is the million dollar question hehe ;)

                        will take alot of thought etc but would be nice to see this large scale operations (60-80 players) in an organized way. No mission to date has been able to pull it off on public server afaik


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                          Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                          Has anyone thought about recreating one of the PR gamemodes (perhaps Insurgency) with just more players. We could use a ticket system similar to beta's and just use a map like avgani or afgan village.

                          Part of the reason why I think no one has been able to get large scale operations working together is because ArmA lacks the robust organizational structure that BF2 has.


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                            Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                            The problem with trying to make a large scale mission, is there isn't really a large, 24 hours player base.

                            You NEED AI support. AI is a pain to make it behave mildly non-retarded. Not to mention, when you have 60 players on the server, and say, 100 AI, that's a lot of work, server might not do so well.

                            But, I agree, large scale operations that last for days would be a very fun mission to play.


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                              Re: COOP 50+ Avignon Mission

                              thanks for the replies guys, as Macolik stated we are shifting towards making this a shorter, no-respawn mission, fit for a somewhat hardcore game session where everyone will follow the rules (hopefully one of the new TG events!). Mission completion time will probably be around, or over 2 hours. This is something that will be open to input and change, after beta tests. (speaking of which we may be interested in finding a couple of volunteers for testing & input sometime this week...) After this version is complete, we'll see about making a larger-scale "public" version.

                              The flashlight system is working quite well now, and is pretty cool if I may say so myself. You're able to see these relatively "stealthy" signals up to 400-500m (more if you zoom in on the person shining it). I will probably give each group a different lens color filter so that groups can be distinguished (or give the player the option to change filters - any opinions?). I plan on making it alert the AI if you shine it at the wrong person ;) I'm still open to suggestions on what signal-combos should be available, or suggestions of codes (e.g. dot-dash-dot) that are easy to distinguish from each other. I don't know much about this, I'd appreciate anyone's good ideas :)

                              demo at about 300m (pics show it better than the video, but does anyone know a better pic host? haha):
                              Flashlight off
                              Flashlight on

                              Players could conceivably also steal and use a car's headlights for longer range signalling.

                              View distance will be set around 2.5km so that squads can communicate long-range with flares if necessary, but this will alert any AI near. The server's (AI's) normal view distance will be reduced to ~600m-800m to save server CPU, since the AI can't see for crap in the dark anyway.

                              The current plan is for all players to start in a base in groups, for armament and/or planning, but when they paradrop the groups are disbanded, forcing people to use light sources and directchat to regroup, locate each other, and communicate.

                              Players will drop in with steerable parachutes, but I have overridden the ACE code with my own modified version which causes the chutes to act more like a steerable round-chute (descent rate much faster, ~8m/s, much slower forward speed). You hit the ground hard!

                              This is a very uncommon sort of mission style for ArmA gameplay and I think it will be a refreshing new type of challenge. I love the feel of Dyslexci's description of his/ShackTac's similar mission I linked to earlier, and hope we can recreate or better it with the players from this awesome community. (yeah... sorry, this mission is getting me excited)

                              Cheers guys, any input always welcome.




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