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  • Porto?!

    Hey guys, i try to do a non QG mission. Even though i do not use the "DBE1 Mod" I still get some QG objects in my editor. Ive managed to cleanse my mission from QG, now all that remain is some object(s) that makes it say "porto" in the addon list in the mission.sqm.
    What classes/objects belong to this porto addon? (The mission is not located on the porto map)

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    Re: Porto?!

    Ah! Wise man once say if Queens Gambit installed... even though not running, still Queens Gambit objects are present in your editor.

    This is because there are several Queens Gambit addons in your default ArmA "Addons" directory and load up with the game EVEN when you run stock ArmA. I bet you didn't know that!

    This is a problem that has plagued the mission editing community ever since the release of Queens Gambit. BI studios really screwed up by not keeping everything in the DBE1 mod addons directory for Queens Gambit.

    Grasshopper, you need to locate the Queens Gambit addons in your default ArmA Addons directory and move them to the DBE1 "addons" directory so they only load when Queens Gambit loads up.

    Its been awhile since I've run Queens Gambit, so I can't remember the exact file names. But scan the directory and I think there is three of them. The phrase "DBE1" in the file name will be a dead giveaway.

    Also, I can say if you notice the following objects in the editor you are running Queens Gambit stuff still..

    1. Portiable Toliet. (yes, there actually is one in Queens Gambit! LOL)
    2. The REALLY tall Red radio tower w/ ladders. (careful cause I think the ACE mod might load one of these too).
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      Re: Porto?!

      Oh yeah... QG broke some of my missions too. The nice thing is that you don't notice any ctds because you have QG installed.

      If you want to find what's corrupting your mission, remove the QG addons (desert2, dbe1, cutsceneAnims, hotfix_dbe1/qq and some more I think) from your addons folder and start the mission, it will then say something like config error: fieldtoilet not found, where fieldtoilet would be the name of any QG stuff and you can easily find this in your mission.sqm and replace where it says vehicle="fieldtoilet"; with e.g. "computer" and delete it afterwards in the editor.

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        Re: Porto?!

        After I went through all that effort recording sounds in the bathroom, for an authentic mission experience...

        just kidding. thanks Sky and GC, I didn't know about the "hidden" leftover addons either.


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          Re: Porto?!

          Thank you oh wise masters!
          I noticed that some QG files where still in there even with the DBE1 mod off, thanks for letting me know that this is a common problem. I am suprised though that there isn't any list for objects that belong to the.
          Well there was a portable/field toilet lurking in there.
          Porto equals toilet, so it will be clear to everyone in the future.

          Anywayz, my mission is ready and i would like to test it on the testing server. Will put it out there as soon as i fill the requirement of 15 posts.




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