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  • what admins have to deal with

    To contextualise this post: I was a moderator for an online game. My main task was to ensure there was at very minimum a certain level of decorum in the game by banning the otherwise stupid or troublesome. In this case, the player Static was banned for flagrantly violating the rules and approached me to have a resolution to this ban. I will state that this post illustrates the wonderful beauty of the internet where 14 year olds try and convince you of the merits of their argument by repeatedly swearing at you.

    I think my comment to him sums it up:
    [20:26] <Skin> do you have anything else to do? Take up a sport, go outside, see a movie?

    Read on friends, read on.....

    Session Start: Sat Nov 25 22:11:24 2006
    Session Ident: Static
    [22:11] Session Ident: Static ([email protected])
    [22:11] <Static> help
    [22:11] <Static> me
    [22:11] <Static> lpz
    [22:11] <Static> answer
    [22:11] <Static> plz
    [22:11] <Static> i need help.
    [22:11] <Static> im NOT ****ing joking
    [22:11] <Static> im dun woth this ****
    [22:11] <Static> with*
    [02:32] <Skin> hi
    [11:17] <Static> Skin,im really sorry for doing what i did but i really dont want a ban for 3k minutes i understand not to summon a btyer but lots of ppl did and didnt get banned so i thought it was ok.. but now i know not to ever do that.lets make a little deal,Listen,if u unban me i will never have to be banned for nothing again ill be not a cheater anymore... i wont be bad,curse or do all that thats a promise ill make with you if u want,Keep it our secret,
    [11:17] <Static> if u understand me plz unban me :)
    [11:17] <Skin> hi static
    [11:17] <Static> im sorry for that btyer :(
    [11:17] <Skin> i just log on
    [11:17] <Static> skin
    [11:17] <Static> im really
    [11:17] <Static> really
    [11:17] <Static> sorry
    [11:18] <Skin> but looking at the logfiles in #infantry, i mean there was really no reason to spam the chat
    [11:18] <Static> i like infantry
    [11:18] <Static> i did?
    [11:18] <Static> oops
    [11:18] <Static> sorry bout that
    [11:18] <Static> i just wanna play infantry so bad :-(
    [11:18] <Static> i will never be banned again if u unban me
    [11:18] <Static> read what i said on top.
    [11:19] <Static> tell me what you think
    [11:20] <Skin> it isn't my call at the moment, i'd have to see what hellspawn thinks
    [11:20] <Static> sigh
    [11:20] <Static> plz get him to understand what i said.
    [11:20] <Skin> which alias was banned?
    [11:20] <Static> i really wont get banned again
    [11:20] <Static> i dont know
    [11:20] <Static> i just got banned.
    [11:20] <Static> i think Static
    [11:20] <Skin> how much time is left?
    [11:21] <Static> 3K MINUTES. SIGH :-(
    [11:21] <Static> thats harsh man
    [11:21] <Static> 3.2k
    [11:21] <Static> but im sorry
    [11:22] <Static> if u want me to be a good player and not be banned ever again unban me plz.
    [11:22] <Static> plz :'(
    [11:22] <Skin> are you saying that when the ban expires right now, you won't be a good player?
    [11:23] <Static> no
    [11:23] <Static> im not
    [11:24] <Static> im saying ILL BE THE BEST WHEN I GET UNBANNEED !
    [11:24] <Static> :(
    [11:24] <Static> but i have no plans today i wanted to lpay this
    [11:24] <Static> sigh !
    [11:24] <Static> Please unban me. Ill be good. I swear
    [11:25] <Skin> static, i have to speak with the person who put the ban in place
    [11:25] <Static> nanx DID
    [11:25] <Static> plz tell him
    [11:25] <Static> Please dude
    [11:25] <Static> Please
    [11:25] <Static> :( :\
    [11:25] <Static> can u unban me !
    [11:25] <Static> ill be good
    [11:25] <Static> very good
    [11:25] <Static> the best there is !
    [11:26] <Static> i really wanna play.
    [11:27] <Static> thats a promise
    [11:29] <Static> Skin
    [11:29] <Static> dont leave me.
    [11:29] <Static> please
    [11:31] <Static> what you doing?
    [11:31] <Static> im bored and i wanna play badly
    [11:42] <Static> Skin you there?
    [11:55] <Static> sKIN
    [11:55] <Static> skin
    [11:55] <Static> help
    [11:55] <Static> i need you.
    [12:42] <Static> Skin !
    [12:42] <Static> unban me?
    Session Close: Sun Nov 26 14:12:31 2006

    Session Start: Sun Nov 26 22:15:47 2006
    Session Ident: Static
    [22:15] Session Ident: Static ([email protected])
    [22:15] <Static> Skin
    Session Close: Sun Nov 26 22:15:52 2006

    Session Start: Mon Nov 27 08:12:57 2006
    Session Ident: Static
    [08:12] Session Ident: Static ([email protected])
    [08:12] <Static> can u unban me?
    Session Close: Mon Nov 27 13:41:56 2006

    Session Start: Mon Nov 27 19:42:11 2006
    Session Ident: Static
    [19:42] Session Ident: Static ([email protected])
    [19:42] <Static> Skin
    [19:42] <Static> ffs
    [19:42] <Static> you there?
    [19:57] <Static> Skin
    [19:57] <Static> plz unban me
    [19:57] <Static> ive been banned for 4 days for summoning btyer i think i get not to do it again :D :'( i wont do it again
    [20:16] <Skin> you have less than a day left
    [20:18] <Static> dude
    [20:18] <Static> plz
    [20:18] <Static> IVE BEEN WAITITNG 3 DAYS
    [20:18] <Static> I SWEAR THIS WILL BE MY LAST BAN
    [20:18] <Static> NO MORE
    [20:18] <Skin> good to hear
    [20:18] <Static> IVE LEARNED MY ****ING LESSON :S
    [20:18] <Static> Skin
    [20:18] <Skin> so in 1 day you will cause no more problems
    [20:18] <Static> no
    [20:18] <Static> **** you.
    [20:18] <Static> why cant u unban me ffs?
    [20:18] <Skin> it isn't my call
    [20:19] <Skin> obviously you were banned for a reason
    [20:19] <Skin> i'm not privy to it
    [20:19] <Skin> but there is a deterance factor
    [20:19] <Static> ****ING SKIN
    [20:19] <Static> PLZ
    [20:19] <Static> DUDE
    [20:19] <Skin> you now know not to do it again, as there are repercussions to your actions
    [20:19] <Static> IT WAS ****ING 4K MINUTES
    [20:19] <Skin> did he?
    [20:19] <Static> YES
    [20:20] <Static> I SWEAR
    [20:20] <Static> HE TOLD ME
    [20:20] <Static> *CRYZ
    [20:20] <Static> IM NOT LIEING TO YOU.
    [20:20] <Static> BEFORE IT WAS 1400
    [20:20] <Static> NOW ITS 1300
    [20:20] <Static> TELL ME
    [20:20] <Static> how is that possible
    [20:20] <Static> if i got banned 3 days ago..
    [20:20] <Skin> it decreases
    [20:20] <Skin> the number goes down
    [20:20] <Skin> so it makes sense
    [20:21] <Static> ARE U RETARTED?
    [20:21] <Static> IT WAS 1.4K
    [20:21] <Static> NOW ITS 1.3K
    [20:21] <Skin> yes
    [20:21] <Skin> it goes down
    [20:21] <Static> IT WAS 4K 2 DAYS AGO.
    [20:21] <Static> sKIN.
    [20:21] <Static> dude
    [20:21] <Static> wtf.
    [20:21] <Skin> static
    [20:21] <Static> ask him.
    [20:21] <Static> if he did
    [20:21] <Static> i get unbanned.
    [20:22] <Static> im sick of your stupid ****.
    [20:22] <Static> you dont do ****.
    [20:22] <Skin> excuse me?
    [20:22] <Static> he increases
    [20:22] <Static> and u dont do anything
    [20:22] <Skin> may i ask you a question
    [20:22] <Static> EXCUSE ME?
    [20:22] <Static> FINE
    [20:22] <Static> GO AHEAD.
    [20:23] <Static> btw the answer is unban.
    [20:23] <Skin> if you are trying to lobby for me to reduce your ban, saying "**** you" and calling me "retarded" then saying I "don't do ****" is not the best approach. You should not try to annoy the person you are trying to seek a resolution from
    [20:23] <Static> so whats your question?
    [20:24] <Static> ****ING FINE
    [20:24] <Static> SORRY DUDE
    [20:24] <Skin> hit your caps lock key
    [20:24] <Static> WHY SHOULD I ?
    [20:24] <Skin> makes it easier for me to read
    [20:24] <Static> ...
    [20:24] <Static> ok
    [20:24] <Skin> ok
    [20:24] <Static> Skin
    [20:24] <Skin> so what happened
    [20:25] <Static> please
    [20:25] <Skin> when did this happen
    [20:25] <Static> listen to me
    [20:25] <Skin> when did he increase your ban
    [20:25] <Static> this happened 2 days ago
    [20:25] <Static> i am telling the truth i had 1.4k and after i saw 4k
    [20:25] <Static> ive been waiting alot man
    [20:25] <Static> im pissed
    [20:25] <Static> im bored
    [20:25] <Static> im home alone thinking you would unban me
    [20:26] <Static> thanx for ruining my day
    [20:26] <Static> all i EVER wanted to do is play cm
    [20:26] <Skin> do you have anything else to do? Take up a sport, go outside, see a movie?
    [20:26] <Static> I PLANNED it from 2 weeks ago
    [20:26] <Static> dude
    [20:26] <Skin> your ban is now less than 24 hours
    [20:26] <Static> its 7
    [20:26] <Static> please
    [20:26] <Static> FFS
    [20:26] <Static> i got school till 5
    [20:27] <Static> unban me please
    [20:27] <Static> tell me why your not unbanning me?
    [20:28] <Skin> find nanx
    [20:28] <Skin> he is the one who banned you
    [20:28] <Static> omg
    [20:28] <Static> OMG
    [20:28] <Static> OMFG
    [20:28] <Static> OMFG
    [20:28] <Static> OMFG
    [20:28] <Static> OMFG
    [20:28] <Static> OH MY ****ING GOD.
    [20:28] <Static> HES NEVER ON
    [20:28] <Static> like now he isnt
    [20:28] <Static> im not waititng one more day
    [20:28] <Skin> send him a message over the bb forums
    [20:28] <Static> no
    [20:29] <Skin> he lives in the southern hemisphere
    [20:29] <Static> Skin
    [20:29] <Static> SKIN
    [20:29] <Skin> static
    [20:29] <Static> IM SICK OF YOU
    [20:29] <Skin> what?
    [20:29] <Skin> i'm looking at the log right now
    [20:29] <Static> YOU ARE SUCH A FAG
    [20:29] <Skin> here i will show you a copy of it
    [20:29] <Static> no
    [20:29] <Static> stfu i quit
    [20:29] <Static> this game is gay
    [20:30] <Static> .
    [20:30] <Static> show me log..
    [20:30] <Static> i wanna see
    [20:30] <Static> that he didnt increas
    [20:30] <Static> lemme see.
    [20:30] <Skin> Hero [bid: 730] -> Banned by: NANX (Team Sabotaging and Killing) -- 1340.0333 minutes remaining.
    [20:30] <Skin> is that it?
    [20:30] <Static> your wasting my time
    [20:30] <Static> you know it is
    [20:31] <Skin> i'm asking you so we have no confusion
    [20:31] <Static> ok
    [20:31] <Static> yes..
    [20:31] <Static> yes
    [20:31] <Static> happy?
    [20:31] <Static> JUST UNBAN ME AND ILL TALK TO YOU.
    [20:31] <Skin> send nanx a pm
    [20:31] <Skin> it doesn't work like that static.
    [20:31] <Static> ****.
    [20:31] <Static> YOU.
    [20:31] <Skin> why would i go remove a ban that i didn't put in place without talking to the person who put it on?
    [20:31] <Static> HES NEVER ON/
    [20:32] <Static> fag
    [20:32] <Static> go sex hell
    [20:32] <Static> your prob hellspawn
    [20:32] <Static> i bet
    [20:32] <Skin> again static, you want me to remove your ban, but you say "**** you"
    [20:32] <Skin> i will track down nanx for you
    [20:32] <Skin> next time i see him i will speak with him about your situation
    [20:32] <Static> OH NVM
    [20:32] <Static> **** YOU
    [20:33] <Static> **** YOU
    [20:33] <Static> **** YOU
    [20:33] <Static> SHH
    [20:33] <Static> I DONT ACRE
    [20:33] <Static> CARE
    [20:33] <Static> YOUR ****ING STRESSING ME
    [20:33] <Static> WHEN MY DAY IS BAD ENUF ALREADY.
    [20:33] <Static> WHY?
    [20:33] <Static> WHY THE **** TDO U HATE ME
    [20:34] <Skin> static, i'm going to make a offer here: I will speak with Nanx about the ban, if you stop harrasing the moderators. If you continue to do harrass myself, hellspawn or anyone else on the mod team. I will up the ban myself, ok? you have a choice to make.
    [20:34] <Static> ok
    [20:35] <Static> **** you
    [20:35] <Static> hes never on
    [20:35] <Static> theres # 1
    [20:35] <Skin> first or second choice static?
    [20:35] <Static> #2 hellspawn upped the bem
    [20:35] <Skin> your call
    [20:35] <Static> i pick **** you
    [20:35] <Static> # 1
    [20:35] <Skin> ok
    [20:35] <Skin> i will add an extra 500 minutes to your ban then
    [20:35] <Static> I SAID TALK TO NANX...
    [20:35] <Static> OMG.
    [20:36] <Skin> you picked #1? then don't say "**** you" to me
    [20:36] <Skin> i'll forget you said that
    [20:36] <Skin> #1 it is?
    [20:36] <Static> OMFG.
    [20:36] <Static> YES
    [20:36] <Skin> ok
    [20:36] <Static> **** YOU HELLSAPWN
    [20:36] <Static> MOFO **** YOU.
    [20:36] <Skin> stop talking about this topic now
    [20:36] <Static> tell hellspawn i said that
    [20:37] <Static> i will talk about this
    [20:37] <Static> wtf dont tell me what to do
    [20:37] <Skin> if you say anything after this point, sweaing etc, i will proceed with #2
    [20:37] <Static> when hje upes my ban
    [20:37] <Skin> swearing
    [20:37] <Static> ...................
    [20:37] <Skin> i leave it at that. I will do my best to get a hold of nanx
    [20:37] <Static> ****
    [20:37] <Static> THIS
    [20:37] <Static> **** IT HARD
    [20:37] <Static> THIS GAME IS ****ING DUMB
    [20:37] <Static> unban me
    [20:37] <Static> now.
    [20:38] <Static> im sick of this ****
    [20:38] <Static> lemme play my cm
    [20:38] <Static> ill add a please :P
    [20:39] <Static> Skin
    [20:39] <Static> my turn to ask a question.
    [20:39] <Static> can u tell NANX i said **** HIM. and hellspawn plz k thanx :D
    [20:40] <Static> dude wtf.
    [20:40] <Skin> i increased your ban by 500 minutes
    [20:40] <Static> why
    [20:40] <Static> take it off
    [20:40] <Skin> because you did not listen to what i said
    [20:40] <Static> WHAT THE **** DID I SAY
    [20:40] <Skin> look at what you are writing to me
    [20:40] <Static> IM NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS
    [20:40] <Skin> you are telling hellspawn to **** off
    [20:40] <Skin> you told nanx to **** off
    [20:41] <Static> IM SORRY
    [20:41] <Static> TAKE IT OFF
    [20:41] <Static> IM NOT ****ING WAITITNG ANOTHER DYA
    [20:41] <Static> day
    [20:42] <Skin> it was your choice
    [20:42] <Static> Skin
    [20:42] <Static> im sorry
    [20:42] <Skin> that is all, i'm now leaving
    [20:42] <Static> no skin
    [20:42] <Static> im really sorry
    [20:42] <Static> plz
    [20:42] <Static> GIMME A CHANCD
    [20:42] <Static> CHANCE
    [20:42] <Static> DONT BE LIKE THAT
    [20:42] <Static> please>
    [20:42] <Static> <3
    [20:42] <Static> plz
    [20:42] <Static> dude
    [20:42] <Static> plz
    [20:42] <Static> plz
    [20:42] <Static> plz
    [20:43] <Static> Skin PLZ
    [20:43] <Static> SKI
    [20:43] <Static> SKIN
    [20:43] <Static> JFKLJSDKFSD
    [20:43] <Static> FSD
    [20:43] <Static> F
    [20:43] <Static> SD
    [20:43] <Static> FS
    [20:43] <Static> SKIN
    [20:43] <Static> SKIN
    [20:43] <Static> SIN
    [20:44] <Static> SKIN
    [20:44] <Static> PLZ
    [20:44] <Static> SKIN
    [20:44] <Static> OMG PLZ
    [20:44] <Static> <3
    [20:44] <Static> TAKE IT OFF
    [20:44] <Static> I WONT
    [20:44] <Static> mother ****er
    [20:44] <Static> answer me
    [20:44] <Static> take it off
    [20:45] <Static> omg i cant wait to tell dangerz
    [20:45] <Static> ban that idiot hellspawn
    [20:45] <Static> hes saying hes upping my ban for 60 minutes
    [20:46] <Static> HES UPPING IT
    [20:46] <Static> PLZ
    [20:46] <Static> HELP
    Session Close: Mon Nov 27 21:35:13 2006

    Session Start: Mon Nov 27 20:52:05 2006
    Session Ident: Static****you
    [20:52] Session Ident: Static****you ([email protected])
    [20:52] <Static****you> Skin
    [20:52] <Static****you> i came to sorry
    [20:52] <Static****you> and i wanna start over.
    [20:52] <Static****you> if thats ok
    [20:52] <StaticIsSorry> sorry
    Session Close: Mon Nov 27 21:35:13 2006

    I hope that everyone who made it through this post feels smarter now.

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    Re: what admins have to deal with

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this.
    <3 admins who keep our games clean

    Entertaining script - reminds me a lot when I used to work tech support.
    Without teamwork, you'll never survive.
    Without betrayal you'll never win.


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      Re: what admins have to deal with


      Yep as admins we have had to deal with all of this.... BTW, I have the webcam footage of the guy as he was talking to you on chat! ;)

      THIS is your guy STATIC.... ;)


      (Thanks to Xmaster for finding this for of the most hilarious clips I have seen for ages...)


      "What we do in life... echoes in eternity!"


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        Re: what admins have to deal with

        Yeah, there was a very prickly player here I got into with in PMs when I admin'd ArmA. It gets pretty silly.


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          Re: what admins have to deal with

          Wow, can't believe you wasted so much time on this guy. I would 've probably perma-banned him after the first 20 lines. It got quite obvious that he was a 12 year old spammer with no good intentions. Can't believe you kept tallking to him after all the * 's.
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            Re: what admins have to deal with

            Reading through that is actually a bit scary, can't help but wander if he'll end up on the 6o'clock news one day.


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              Re: what admins have to deal with

              I have been a COD2, DOD:S, TF:2, CC:S, and pretty much every source game admin for 5 years... 5 YEARS! I left the position for TG.

              I know what it is like.
              TG Pathfinder

              "I travel alone through the valley of the shadow of death, yet in my heart I carry no fear, for Gods hands will guide me to Truth and Honor."


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                Re: what admins have to deal with

                Skin (and the rest of the admins), I wish TG was a RL community. Because you guys would never have to buy a round at the pub.


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                  Re: what admins have to deal with

                  im buying skin a beer
                  excuse my poor english, im australian


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                    Re: what admins have to deal with

                    Wow Skin... I'm surprised you put up with that kid for so long. That chat log is impressive, it belongs in the Internet Stupidity Hall of Fame (an institution I founded just now). :P
                    Blackdog's German kid can go there too.

                    edit: Also I didn't know it was possible to whine that effectively via text. I could hear his voice getting higher and higher pitched.
                    Last edited by bamjo; 08-20-2009, 04:50 PM.


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                      Re: what admins have to deal with

                      I should be the politically-correct one and state that not all fourteen-year-olds are immature and unruly, and that since Tactical Gamer doesn't discriminate based on age (only fashion sense), we shouldn't go around insulting part of our player base.

                      Then again, I can't imagine Static being older than my 5 o'clock shadow.


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                        Re: what admins have to deal with

                        I'm also completely stunned you didn't perma-ban after the first 20 lines. But on the other hand, your approach may have actually taught him something about actions and consequences.

                        You should receive a check for child psychotherapy fees for that.


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                          Re: what admins have to deal with

                          That why I shouldnt be admin, I would have perma-banned him as soon as he started swearing, people like that make me want to hurt people :P

                          My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
                          So I'm a very skilled deep hole :D


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                            Re: what admins have to deal with

                            "all i EVER wanted to do is play cm"

                            Knowing somebody wrote that makes me feel so much better about myself.


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                              Re: what admins have to deal with

                              Dear Admins,

                              I love you guys. I have enormous amounts of fun on ARMA2, that I literally could not have anywhere else in the world. You are, through your patience and valiant efforts, creating an experience and atmosphere that is unique in the world. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make your volunteer job easier.






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