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    Ok, so I've been following the development of the idea of the concept of a 'VR Game Gun'. The basic idea is a small tft screen mounted on a toy gun hard wired with some sort of controller and a gyration mouse. The gyration mouse translates the movement of the gun into changing of the view in-game.

    To better explain it here's a video by one person who seems to be making a fair few prototypes and is planning to release an actual retail product (mullet is optional): Click Here

    This is an update of the first gun: Click Here

    And now he's developing the idea with a few further ideas including head-mounted displays. So instead of looking at a screen you have the headset, which also means you can move the gun and your point of view independently of each other (think TrackIR but with VR). Notice that the game he demonstrates this with is ArmA: Click Here

    Also, there are a few others trying the same ideas: This guy is also looking into having independent gun and head tracking for use specifically in ArmA.

    Anyway, it looks like a great way to play games, and hopefully if it takes off some big company will latch onto it and make it a whole lot better and cheaper.
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    Re: VR Game Gun

    I had a consultancy role in a similar project for Bath University, the stumbling block for this kind of device is tracking the foot movement and having enough play area for it to feel natural.

    Also because of the way the body understands its centre of gravity these devices are known to cause considerable disorientation and unease in a high number of users.

    I hope someone gets it cracked however because if a travelled as many real world miles as I do virtual in ARMA I would be a very fit little monkey.


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      Re: VR Game Gun

      Wow! That is some dated web design on his order page.. makes me very suspicious. I don't know about this. I don't think its all that great. There is no way I would enjoy playing on that tiny LCD screen.

      The gun with screen is kinda big. If you drop it that screen is sure to break.

      I think the VR visor was a better idea with that gun with no screen on it. I am totally ready for this technology to get into gaming. It WAY over due in my opinion. I don't know if how many of you have tried the Nintendo Wii.. but its refreshing to play some games with a totally interactive input. Really fun. I would love to combine that technology with great simulators like ArmA 2.

      I'm ready to put on my visors and pick up my gun and really aim in space to hit targets! Lets make it!
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