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Ribbons 07/09/2009

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  • Ribbons 07/09/2009

    congratulations for the following ribbon awards!

    Date: September 7, 2009

    Presented To:

    * Katanama (ArmA) (Class III)

    Distinguished Squad Leader (Class III)

    Qualification: These individuals have been nominated and seconded by their peers as showing a high level of proficiency as squad leaders. Their ability to utilize their squads is unparalleled. These recipients are excellent models to emulate for all squad leaders

    Nomination: What?
    Distinguished Squad Leader

    Operation Lockdown

    July 22, 2009

    I was in the squad leader position and had divided the squad into 2 fireteams. Ka-Oz was the fire team 1 leader and Katanaman was fire team 2 leader. Each of them had 4 man teams they had to keep track of while we all shared the same ts channel(about 11 us in the same TS channel). Our squad was tasked with destroying AAA radar in the center of the main city of Chernogorsk. As we proceeded into town both team leaders displayed excellent leadership and judgment. They both were able to understand, adapt, and execute my orders to accomplish them in an effective and safe manner. As we pushed into town we were engaged by 4-5 pieces of enemy armor and 2 infantry squads. Both team leaders were able to get all of their men on the same page with minimal time on comms. This also kept me very well informed of their status while keeping comms calm enough that I could easily receive orders from command. Once we had secured a foot hold in town and while regroup ourselves both displayed an understanding of the situation and formed a tight and effective security around the church we were occupying. After regrouping we proceeded along the docks crossing a few roads. One team crossed the road while the other covered. Due to both team leaders execellent coordination we were able to move quickly into town. We located the AAA radar and while team 1 provided cover team 2 was able to place satchels and destroy the AAA radar. Unfortunately we were engaged by enemy mechanized infantry which caught us off guard. Thanks to the fire team leaders coordination we were able to quickly fall back to the church area with minimal causalities. I do not believe it would of been possible to have accomplished the objective and had such an effective squad if it was not for Ka-Oz and Katanaman.
    well done Katanama!

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    Re: Ribbons 07/09/2009

    uh-ra congrats
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      Re: Ribbons 07/09/2009


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        Re: Ribbons 07/09/2009

        Congratulations, Katanama!


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          Re: Ribbons 07/09/2009

          NICE! Good job man.
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            Re: Ribbons 07/09/2009

            Well deserved.

            Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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              Re: Ribbons 07/09/2009

              Good Job Kat !





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