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  • Warpig, this is Wizard Actual...

    Hey all, just wanted to recognize the players from last night's run at Operation Ares. To the leaders of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie squads, I commend you on marshaling your troops for the initial assault on Pavlovo, and thank you for putting up with all the delays. To the commander of Warpig, excellent job keeping the armor support rolling, especially in the liberation of Chernogorsk. To Eagle 1 Actual/Steel Rain, your support was critical to both operations, thank you for being dependable. To the 4 brave souls that made up the remainder of my command squad, thank you for patiently sitting out the assault, you all showed great dedication to the overall plan of attack.

    Yesterday was my first time commanding, so thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable experience. I'm looking forward to more practice in the platoon lead role for the future!

    Also, props to Nikov for being a great opfor leader earlier on that night.

    Wizard Actual, out.

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    Re: Warpig, this is Wizard Actual...

    Good job holding that together despite the lag issues and a huge group with lots of new faces. Not easy to do.

    I think that mission (Op Ares 2) needs to be looked at though... the lag issue seems like it might be tied to the way the mission was designed. Maybe it's spawning AI prematurely? Also, we had a hell of alot of assets for the objectives... I almost felt bad for the poor AI in those cities, we were like rolling thunder...

    Good job, cya in the CO slot again.




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