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  • Some ideas to better TG

    I have some ideas we should implement to help us get better orginized, as of now its hard to know who is a SM, Who is TG, what maps work, what maps dont, what maps are. We should have a running list of the following.

    1: Current Sm members that play Arma---So we know who had priority for things
    2: Current registered members that play Arma--so we know who we can trust/who are pubs
    3: Current maps in the rotation/and what they do like What is coop/what is the objective, some missions don't explain everything well
    4:Broken missions. We have a list going but it could be updated. We need to work on that
    5: Current ARMA TGU instructors, Admins.

    Thats all I can think of, we have alot of new people, I know we have a welcome, and get started with TG thread but something more in a roster format could be more useful.

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    Re: Some ideas to better TG

    we might have this in an TG arma2 wiki no???

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      Re: Some ideas to better TG

      I have been trying to document all the missions here:

      Unfortunately only supporting members can edit the wiki. I've documented maybe 30% of the missions from Chernarus and even less from Utes. I have already found several broken missions, or made bug notes there for mission problems. The whole list is a work in progress.

      Any help adding to that list is very welcome, but please try to keep the format correct. I usually keep a notepad by my keyboard to record mission names and in the following info is particularly valuable:

      a) Respawns yes/no
      b) allow JIP yes/no
      c) length of time to play (short/medium/long)
      d) COOP or TvT

      This info is partially built into the mission name (ie-- Coop42OperationLalala is a coop for 42 players) but it really isn't enough to help the current admin easily select missions.

      As for the other items (RE: lists for members/admin/etc), maybe someone else can speak to that.


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        Re: Some ideas to better TG

        While posting stuff like this is good, I feel it would be more appropriate in the Contact an admin forum
        Just create a new topic and post away. The CAA forums are generally used for reporting problem players, Submitting new ideas, Voicing concerns and making ban appeals.
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          Re: Some ideas to better TG

          What Socom said, repost in the CAA by all means. Also, here is a complete admin list for TG, scroll down for ArmA, the guys in Green are the bosses of their respective game, the other guys under the game are the admins.


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            Re: Some ideas to better TG

            Roger will do next time.


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              Re: Some ideas to better TG

              Since ArmA2 isnt completely fixed yet, I think players should be more forced to use ironsights. Since AI is unable to engage under 200m, and squad with ACOGs or PSOs can take em out in no time without any return fire, I think we should be forced to maneuver to get in position, and use surprise to take em out, instead of just sniping them from 300m. In fact I think this game in current state is more fit for cold war era like OFP, when squad had less range. No point of supressing fire when you can snipe with your rifle without worrying ATM.




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