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  • Hello TG!

    Hello there!

    After some time lurking around here it's time to activate myself. Im a long time BIS junky wich love serious teamplay and fun. I always heard the best things about you guys and i cant keep away any longer. :)

    The reason i have been hesitating to start play is because im hoping ACE2 will be released. That has been some sort of cue for me to start getting busy with a team, but i thaught it would be better if i try join in now and get to know you guys and your play style before that massive mod hits us. That plus i had a serious urge of playing good games with good people!

    I am a 37 year young *ehm* ARMA freak from Sweden and i have been involved in all titles from BIS basically since the start so i know the game pretty much in and out. I love teamwork and i play my role as well as i can during the games. I have no problems with getting handed a role if it comes down to that. No problems taking orders etc. I know im coming into a working team so i try my best to fill the slot im needed in.

    Im not so good with texts so i hope to see you soon on TS where we hopefully get to know eachother better and will have some kick-a** games together. :)


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    Re: Hello TG!

    Welcome aboard, Alex! Hope you've managed to get all the addons sorted, and it'll be like a walk in the park to get started :)


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      Re: Hello TG!

      Welcome Alex! I look forward to seeing you on the digital battlefield :)


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        Re: Hello TG!

        Welcome, Alex! Thanks for taking the "new guy" title away from me. :)

        Looking forward to seeing you in game/on TS; if you have any questions about the organization or procedures being used, please don't hesitate to shoot me a note. I also joined recently, and would be happy to lend a fellow "newbie" a hand.


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          Re: Hello TG!

          I read your posts in BIS forum, i think BIS should hire you :-)
          Cool, now i get to play with/against you.

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            Re: Hello TG!

            Thanks a lot guys for the welcome! Will be on TS this evening or tomorrow depending on when i get some things sorted out. Cant wait! :)


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              Re: Hello TG!

              Welcome man! Looking forward to squad up with you
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