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A few different server monitoring options

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  • A few different server monitoring options

    Here are a few different server monitoring links that some of you may find interesting/useful.

    As most of you probably know by now, Yoma's tool allows you to see who is on a server before joining. This is pretty handy, but understandably limited to just who is on at a given time. If you're interesting in seeing more details (ie - missions played, player stats for missions, graphed histories, etc), you have several options available to you.

    The first (and newest) is on that Sickboy (ACE2 dev) has throw together, based off of something he did for his own 6th Sense group. It is found here.

    Inclusion in the list is selective - which is to say, you will not see every single A2 server out there showing. The cool points of it are that you can see the mission list since it's been recorded (including dates etc), as well as who was playing on each mission and how long they played. It's new, and Sickboy's probably pretty receptive to suggestions about it if anyone is inclined to give them. It's ArmA-specific currently, and since it only began recently, the history is limited to the last few days (but will of course grow over time).

    If you'd like to see the TG servers via it, you can use these links: TG ArmA Alpha (dh) TG ArmA Bravo (dh)

    The other options are Gametracker, Game-monitor, and the swec stats. Gametracker and Game-monitor both support a variety of games, so if you're one of the TG ArmA people who plays other games within the community, you may find these useful for that as well. These have been around for awhile and thus have accumulated more stats/history.

    Links are:
    Gametracker TG ArmA Alpha (gt) TG ArmA Bravo (gt)
    Game-monitor TG ArmA Alpha (gm) TG ArmA Bravo (gm)

    I believe there's still a Greasemonkey Firefox mod around for TG that will add a Gametracker banner of one (or both?) of the ArmA servers to your forum 'skin', to allow you to see the status at a glance when browsing the forum.

    The last option is the swec stats, found here. TG Alpha (swec) TG Bravo (swec)

    And, finally, if you want to see Teamspeak, you can use:
    TS Viewer, TG server

    Each of the different stats trackers offers slightly different views and histories, some of them complementary, some of them less so. There's plenty to pick and choose from to suit your needs, however.

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    Re: A few different server monitoring options

    Cheers Dys, here is the TG greasemonkey I have used for longer than I can remember, feel free to grab it those of you with firefox:

    TG ArmA Greasemonkey


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      Re: A few different server monitoring options

      Originally posted by Jeepo_SAS
      Also works in Opera, and I believe Chrome too. Haven't tried it with Chrome though.

      How-to for Opera:




      TeamSpeak 3 Server


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