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  • Probably old news...

    ...but I thought I'd throw it in here anyway.

    From Armed Assault Zone

    Map editing

    The new Visitor 3 can convert satellite data to maps, including their height-maps and surface textures. Again, a Visitor light, token away some of the features, is meant to be released to the community. Due to the new streaming technology the size of the maps isnít limited in any way. Rastavovich showed us a map with a size of 82x82km, mapped with satellite pictures and meant for the military. BIS experimented with cell sizes up to only 5m, but this will probably represent a problem with large maps. The new version of visitor also supports .png import.

    The above-mentioned functions can automate different processes in Visitor. We were shown different examples: Objects were randomly placed, power poles were automatically created along roads. The most impressive thing we were shown was an automatic process to fit streets in the landscape. To make them look more natural, the world around them gets flattened or cut, streets going up a hill in serpentines actually look like real streets afterwards. Right now, it is rather unlikely that rivers will find their way into Armed Assault.
    Here's another link with an interview with BIS:

    OFP Workshop Interview with BIS

    I tell ya...if this thing actually gets a publisher, the possiblities are endless. The ability to convert sat data into a playable map makes this game about 200% more interesting to me. I wonder if the scripting tools will allow a noob like me to make current events maps for gameplay? Interesting stuff.

    EDIT: Oof! I missed this at the end of the second interview:

    And... the most important thing: the release is scheduled for the 3rd quarter 2006, if the publisher doesn't change it.
    Is there a publisher now?

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    Re: Probably old news...

    Thanks Houdini, sounds impressive - still can't wait :)


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      Re: Probably old news...

      There is nothing official-no press release, no big statement anywhere, that they have a publisher, but they could have found one at E3.




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