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  • 8 new screens...
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: 8 new screens...

    I dont think they will, they dont look all that bad anyways. the modding community will bring better graphics if needed. Its nice to see a game company make a game that will play on almost all mid ranged PCs. The game play is gonna be the thing that makes this game, if they find a distributor.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: 8 new screens...

      I think it looks like the source engine, which I think looks very good, so I am not one bit worried about graphics.
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        Re: 8 new screens...

        Those shots are still from the E3 pre-alpha, for the record.


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          Re: 8 new screens...

          They look good enough to me.

          I never played the original game...

          But I just started playing Ghost Recon. (I played it first on the xbox). The graphics are dated but this is the BEST FPS game I ever played. It is so much more engrossing than any other FPS. Even better than the GRAW demo I downloaded.

          I wish developers would spend more time with the game and less with graphics.
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            Re: 8 new screens...

            Originally posted by Bonehead
            Magnum, do you expect the graphics quality to improve? Or is it the older engine showing its age?
            Regardless I am planning on getting this one fer sure.
            I wouldn't say the engine is showing its age. It seems they've updated it with DX9 graphics. Most of the required changes like higher res textures and better models have been updated. The lack of graphics quality compared to other games comes from lower res textures but that's necessary for performance. While the textures look much better than OFP, it's hard to make them better when you have a huge environment to render real-time. How many other games have a view distance of over 1km?

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              Re: 8 new screens...

              I just watched the Track IR video Jammydodger posted in the other thread. Pay close attention to the graphics.

              For example:

              1) Note the texture of the wood house the soldier is standing next to. You can actually see the wood grain. Not textured, but actual "graininess". Looks like they're using some sort of bump map. I can't imagine modelling that sort of detail.

              2) Note the grass/flowers. See how they move?

              3) Towards the end of the video, the soldier moves under a tree. Take a close look at the shadow playing off his helmet. Looks like individual branches/leaves are shadowed.

              The models are more sophisticated than OFP, for sure, but you can tell that BI values environmental immersion over BF2 style "prettiness" if you catch my meaning.

              Oh yeah...this is a video of the E3 release. We'll probably see more refinements in the graphics department.
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