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  • Another "my 2 cents" post...

    OK, I've had the German version of Armed Assault, patched with the English translation patch for almost a week now, a little less then a week.
    I have not dived deep into Armed Assault yet, mostly due to holiday activities and my new addiction to Rainbow Six: Vegas (on the 360). lol

    But here's my 2 cents about Armed Assault. Remember, this is simply one mans opinion of a game, I may be right and I may be wrong, thats up to you the reader, or other players to decide. Some of you respect my opinions and reviews on tactical shooters, some of you think I'm full of... well nevermind, lol. Thats OK with me. ;)

    First off is the menu's, layout, and options of the game.

    Here is a short video I made of those features.

    My opinion, very well laid out, nice menu system, and tons of options, especially in the control area.

    Does seem to look more like an arcade, or dare I say console layout, meaning that it is very friendly and usable, but the original OFP (and of course I have to compare Armed Assault with OFP) just seemed more serious and hardcore, at least in my opinion.

    Graphics and sounds of course are incredible compared again to OFP, but it is 5 plus years later also. But there not the top of the line graphics we are seeing in other games like GRAW or Americas Army for that matter. Matter of fact, IMO, with all the add-ons, updates, and total conversions OFP can look just as good as Armed Assault.

    There is a low framerate, with my settings (posted at the end of this thread) I am averaging 20 to 30 FPS, sometimes up to 50, sometimes as low as 15... but so far it's been very playable for me. I do have everything set on HIGH, and refuse to take or lower anything, lol.

    Gameplay is very similar to OFP, but I do think they changed a few things and I'm not to happy about it. For instance, I liked the little radar thing up top in all the armor and flight vehicles, all you had to do was hit the spacebar to select the weapons, right click what you wanted your gunner to fire at, then left click to allow him to commence firing... that is gone and now you have to right click a target you see in screen and issue the order, it just seemed easier and more fluid with OFP. (hint: BI Studios... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.)

    The game comes with 4 or 5 tutorial missions, but most didn't seem to work right, sure the obstacle course and firing range were fun and easy, bugs flying in your face while you try and aim and shoot, only thing missing for a true flashback was the sweat rolling down your forehead, stinging your eyes while you try to qualify. lol

    But the armor training mission never worked right for me, not letting me right click a target to designate it.

    The helo training (2 of them) heck I quit after a number of crashes, again BI Studios, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Helicopters were easy and fun without to much detail in OFP, thats gone in AA for some reason.

    Then the control your squad training mission, it was OK... but I designated a target as instructed, the car... and the idiots tried to pile up in it, lol. but then a second attempt at the command worked, and yes I did it right.

    Anyway, the training missions have come and gone, they taught nothing to an experienced OFP gamer, but maybe good for a newbie at it.

    Then there was only 4 stinkin single player missions to play, you have to complete all of them I guess to unlock others, what the hell is that console crap! and then the four missions are ridiculous, like the first one... an army of one, me, has to stop a convoy with 2 BMP's and three trucks in it...with 1 satchel charge and 2 M136 rockets, you do the math. Not very realistic, but was made for fun and showing off the game I guess.

    By the way, here is the first mission for you, no I never completed it, nor any of the others... so I guess those locked missions will stay locked.

    I didn't try the campaign, don't want to ruin that for anyone who wants to play it... I never played the campaigns in OFP, all three of them, lol... most of my missions were user made or online gaming.


    Where Armed Assault shines and will shine later even more is it's mutiplayer. Especially with the people I game with who play it with teamwork and tactics.

    Oddly, one of the 2 included islands has no included MP missions what so ever, the other one, the main one has about a dozen or so, but only 3 co-op missions, which is what I usually prefer to play. Well I've always liked armor missions for my OFP and VBS1 gameplay, so I wanted to check it out in AA, now remember this ain't no Steel Beasts (which I highly recommend to anyone remotely interested in armor simulations). Here is one of the included co-op missions, where you command a tank platoon... I simply locked the server and played it myself, I wanted to test the AI, since it is supposedly better, so I simply changed formations, ordered "fire at will", and let the AI take over... they engaged and took out the enemy infantry units, but weren't so good when it came to taking on a T72. So the moral of the story... play the important parts yourself, lol.

    To me the AI hasn't been improved at all, I still see infantry AI moving in front of me towards an enemy over the hill, when I ordered everyone to stay in formation. How hard is it to program your teammates AI to go prone when you go prone, maintain formation, and engage the nearest baddest threat first. oh well.

    My little 2 cent conclusion, and this post is purposely kept short and without to many details.

    Armed Assault looks and sounds better then OFP, but Armed Assault, IMO, is really just a sand box program, out of the box (or should I say down the wire), AA disappoints as is... to few included missions, only 2 included islands, a hand ful of MP missions... the include stuff is just to show you, the owner of this game, what can be done with this game. This game will really take off and be another classic once the bugs are patched, and the fantastic community and the fantastic talents of certain members of that community kick it in to gear and make Armed Assault what it will surely become. And when we have our own dedicated server up and running for it.

    Should you buy it now? I can't answer that, I can only guide you thou.

    Do you love OFP?, can you work around bugs?, can you make and/or download better missions?, do you have a group of friends willing to buy it and play it with you?... then hell ya buy it.

    Do you have other games to play?, do you not like being an unofficial beta tester for games?, do you not like making your own missions?, do you have no friends and prefer to play games by yourself?... then wait, wait till BI Studios patches the game, releases it to the US market, and hopefully adds more missions and stuff to the game before that release. Also by then there will be hundreds of missions and players to pick and choose from. Right now, finding a good online game is hard. and only 3 co-op missions, make it boring quick.

    Armed Assault is a sandbox, that is all, a nice sandbox... and in time will be another classic like OFP. I find myself while playing, in the current state, without too many Friends owning it also, wanting to go play VBS1 with it's 12 islands, 4 seasons, and hundreds of realistic, good missions. I find myself debating about re-installing OFP with the FURR mod, and holding off on Armed Assault till more get it.

    The future will tell for Armed Assault.

    BTW heres some screenshots, more to come...
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: Another "my 2 cents" post...


    Nice report bro...sorry if I overlooked them but what the specs of your rig??



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      Re: Another "my 2 cents" post...

      Well I respect Magnum's opinion and after reading his review. I've decided to continue to play OFP and wait for the official U.S. release.
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      I prefer a challenge and teamwork rather than a stat loading server without sound tactical ideals.


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        Re: Another "my 2 cents" post...

        Oh, sorry... forgot...

        Dell XPS Gen 4
        P 4- 3.75 MHz
        2 gigs of DDR2 RAM
        Raedon 1950 XTX w/ 512 video RAM
        Audity Sound Card
        Magnum |TG-18th|

        We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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          Re: Another "my 2 cents" post...

          "But the armor training mission never worked right for me, not letting me right click a target to designate it."

          Error in the instructions: Use spacebar to designate together with left mousebutton. Use F to switch weaponstype for your gunner to use.
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