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  • Good start but...

    I played multiplayer Armed Assault for my first time today. Good games with a full server(20/20). I see one issue that would be great if we could fix, namely setup of permanent admins. We were getting restarts for the same level 4 times in a row while what we needed was to move on to a bigger map as there were a lot of people trying to get in.
    Temporary admins was very difficult to setup as the game is a bit unstable and disconnects has to be done several times and thus admin status is gone for a temp admin.

    Also we lost the daemon and it didn't come back. I'm wondering if we can do some sort of health probing to the serverprocess and restart it if the probe fails.

    This game is fantastic, if we can get this rolling it will be a blast. Good graphics, excellent scenery and large playingfields. Destroyable objects such as fences, concrete walls and even buildings.
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    Re: Good start but...

    you can vote anyone a server admin, then they can go in and change the missions... same as OFP way.
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