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  • Votes and control ingame

    I came over a list of ingame commands (typed via chat) which enables control of maps etc.

    I'm sure there are a few who are new to this game just like me so here is how this thing works. Bring up chatwindow (? - by hitting the questionmark ingame) and type the command with the # preceding the keyword.

    E.g. To vote PanzerHans an admin type: #vote admin PanzerHans

    User Commands
    1. #vote admin (name or ID) Users can vote an admin to control the server
    2. #vote missions Users can vote for the mission selection
    3. #vote mission (name) Users can vote on a particular mission (named) to play
    4. #vote kick (name/ID) Users can vote to kick off an individual
    5. #vote restart Allows the voting to be restarted
    6. #userlist Displays the listing of users on the server

    Admin Commands
    1. #login password Logs you into the server
    2. #logout Logs you out of the server
    3. #mission Select mission with known name
    4. #missions Select mission a mission
    5. #restart Restart mission
    6. #reassign Takes you back to the selection screen
    7. #kick (name or ID) Allows you to kick the nickname
    8. #shutdown Shutsdown the server
    9. #init Reload server config file loaded by –config option.
    10. #monitor (interval in sec) Shows performance information of the server. Interval 0 means to stopp monitoring.
    11. #debug (command) (interval) Commands can be checkfile, console, totalsent, usersent, userinfo, userqueue
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