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  • Performance

    Please post your performance and specs please. I'm really upset it's not running well. I couldn't have fun on CTI tonight because of some type of lag. It almost seemed like server-induced lag we had on RO whenever the server was full.

    Anyway, I'm running everything on low, no aa/af, no shadows at 1024x768x32.

    My specs:

    Intel 2.8 HT CPU
    2048MB DDR 333
    ATI x850 Platinum 256MB AGP
    Loaded on WD 10K RPM RAPTOR

    No programs are running other than xFire and TS.

    Edit: I should add that a few nights ago we were playing and everything seemed fine and was fun. Not sure if it was the amount of vehicles, the size of the CTI map, or what...
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    Re: Performance

    It was running okay for me tonight on CTI.

    Resolution: 1280x1024
    nVidia 7950GX2
    AMD 4800+
    2048MB RAM
    Overfull and undersized 7200.8 Barracuda HDD

    Shadows very low/disabled, no AA, normal AF, normal everything else. View distance at 1200. I dialled the resolution down from 1680x1050 to get more consistent performance. I'd think that it should run better, but the areas are so uniquely massive, the view distance so long, that it's hard to say.
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      Re: Performance


      AMD Opteron 144 overclocked to 2.4 Ghz
      EVGA Geforce 6800GS
      1024 ram
      Basic run of the mill Western Digital hard drive.
      ASUS A8N5X motherboard w/ onboard sound
      1024x768 with everything at low settings.

      It's very playable except in bush/heavily wooded areas where the FPS drop into the teens. I'm convinced it has to do with the shading of the trees and bushes.

      Last night in the CTI map my fps stayed in the upper 20's to low to mid 30's most of the night. I would like better performance and might upgrade my video card, but I'm going to wait and see what kind of improvement comes from the game patching process.





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