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  • Positive Impressions About Armed Assault

    This is a test concept. Lets see how useful it will be. Feel free to comment

    Idea is to collect all positive community comments about ArmA from other threads under one topic to give a newcomer an idea about the great things that can be achieved with the game. Something like a feature list with comments.

    Procedure is to get only the relevant parts (game features, positive impressions) from a post. Since you are quoting, one can always follow the link to go back to the original post.

    Here we go...

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    Re: Positive Impressions About Armed Assault

    Originally posted by Chappie
    ...after playing it quite a bit more I have to say it's even better than I first thought!!! The game is amazingly deep. It has something for everyone, IMO. If you prefer to make/develop missions the editor is FANTASTIC. Just name it and it can be done. The graphics are very nice, just be sure you have the video card for the job. I'm running a 6800GS and I do have to turn most of the options down to still looks very nice..just not as nice as I know it can!!!!

    The netcode seems very stable...

    The only other thing to remember is this is not BF2. Slow, well thought out, well planned movement wins the day here.

    Originally posted by Turbo View Post
    The game is pretty bad ass and it has endless possibilities just like OFP did with all the mods and missions that will be made down the road.
    Originally posted by Buccaneer View Post
    ...I know I am going to enjoy this sim for a very, very long time!
    Originally posted by John CANavar View Post
    Armed Assault is the ultimate experience for those who enjoy simulations, realism, open-ended game design and complexity.

    I dont mind the bugs... I dont think there is a simulation out there which can do half of what ArmA does without such bugs. They will be fixed in time by BIS or ArmA community.

    Single player campaigns and missions, multiplayer modes (coop, adversarial), extremely easy to use editor to let you create your own world (training courses, missions, campaigns, movies), non-stop, high quality content (models, skins, missions, campaigns, scripts, maps) coming from the most mature, productive and helpful game community I have ever seen, on daily basis... You would have to pay hundreds of dollars to get the same amount of high quality content for another game (BF2 boosters, Flight Simulator third party addons, etc) But OFP/ArmA community brings all these to our screen FREE ! You dont buy a game when you pay 50 bucks for ArmA, you buy dozens of them which will keep your interest high for many years to come.
    Originally posted by Dslyecxi View Post
    Twitch has very little to do with ArmA. If you can move and observe in an intelligent manner, you'll do find as a point man. You should see them before they see you, and if that's the case, it's not a question of a twitch-fight to see who kills who first. Instead, you should be communicating to your team that you have contacts, where they are, and then the next guy up the chain will let you know what to do about it.

    Twitching will do precisely nothing if you're being ambushed by a fireteam or even a squad of enemy players. Tactics mean far more in ArmA/OFP than they do in other games, particularly when the situation is "One mission, one life". Knowing that you only get that one life makes the gameplay far more realistic overall... you won't see people just Rambo around, since that'll get them dead fast, isn't effective, and will force them to spectate the rest of the mission.
    Originally posted by Trooper[SNPR] View Post
    Yeah i think the community just like OFP community will do nothing but help and keep this game going. OFP was kept alive by its players and i think AA will be the same. Bugs will be fixed in due time and better game play ported over. Kind of cool to see a developer that doesnt hinder its players from making the game/play better.
    Originally posted by fldash View Post
    It [Multiplayer part of the game] includes Coop, CTF, Sector Control (like BF2 flag system), Team (which I guess is like DM?), and maybe a few others. I've only played the Coop, CTF, and Sector Control game modes.

    Despite the heavy system requirements, it's great. That said, I've found that even setting everything to very low or off doesn't detract away from the experience. Gameplay first. ;)

    I've found that it takes nearly as much coordination, if not more, than Red Orchestra and the maps are many times larger than those available in RO.
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      Re: Positive Impressions About Armed Assault

      Originally posted by PanzerHans
      The game brings a strategic perspective to the battles which BF does not have due to BF's intense speed. When the battles start in AA you need to have planned your approach and be sure to have ample cover. You have to count on your squadmates and supporting squads ability to perform their duties.
      Originally posted by PanzerHans
      The complexity of the game mechanics and storyline gives me the extra kick that I have been missing in BF. Note that this is not meant as a negative post about BF, I still love playing it, but it is different.


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        Re: Positive Impressions About Armed Assault

        Very impressed so far


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          Re: Welcome! (and FAQ)

          Here is a link to a recent review from Gaming Target:

          I like how there is potintial for 100 players on a server.
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