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  • Absolutely fabolous

    Last weekend I clocked 10 hours with the game to my girlfriends great dismay. Those 10 hours were packed with fun and action. Whoever tells you that Armed Assault lacks the action of the Battlefield series seriously needs to get their head examined. The game brings a strategic perspective to the battles which BF does not have due to BF's intense speed. When the battles start in AA you need to have planned your approach and be sure to have ample cover. You have to count on your squadmates and supporting squads ability to perform their duties.

    Example: The Royal Rescue mission

    This mission simulates the Crownprince of Hipety Hopety music being abducted by a bunch of villains with an arsenal of AK47, Dragunovs, PKMs and the crown jewel, an old red tractor.

    The objective is to bring the Crown Prince back from captivity.

    To your disposal is a troop of British SASs, one troop of SEALs, one blackhawk with a pilot and a mingunner and lastly two snipers.

    The way I see this mission is best executed by having the snipers start taking out the enemy targets immediately after deployment.

    The british SAS should land its troops on the beach with their RHIB, move towards the objective(armed only with pistols -wonder why-?) and hold.

    The RHIB should be manned with the captain and two gunners waiting for the SEALs to hit the city from the landingzone of the BlackHawk.

    When the SEALs attack the city the Blackhawk should start circling the city and kill rebels from the air. The RHIB should supress rebels from the shoreline by moving up and down the beach
    This brings the rebels out from the hidingplaces in the city and the the SAS's should be able to extract the Prince. Hopefully the city should by now be cleared from any rebels and the mission is a success.

    The complexity of the game mechanics and storyline gives me the extra kick that I have been missing in BF. Note that this is not meant as a negative post about BF, I still love playing it, but it is different.

    Now for the negatives:
    1. Ingame VOIP is not working good. I hope BIstudios fixes this. A simple adjust microphone sensitivity would go a long way....
    2. Frequent crashes. It seems that an unexpected response from the server causes the client to crash. This happened to me quite frequently. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
    3. The admin capabilities are lacking. The need of voting in an admin from the game simply does not cut it. I hope BIStudios implements an outside-of-the-game API for us to hook into so that we could have an independent mean of controlling the game.

    Other than that I am hooked on Armed Assault.
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    Re: Absolutely fabolous

    Is it not possible for ArmA admins to log on with their video client?
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      Re: Absolutely fabolous

      TYBALT: It is possible.
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