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Demo - dedicated server?

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  • Demo - dedicated server?

    Do we have one?

    Also, when I join a dedicated server - it goes to a voting screen that just keeps resetting the voting timer... never starting the game. Does my vote not count? Do I need to register for the draft first? How realistic is this game?

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    Re: Demo - dedicated server?

    LOL, i woudnt mind if we got a demo server as well. I just cant bring myself to purchase a foreign version of this game.


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      Re: Demo - dedicated server?

      I do not believe TG has one.

      However, mine works good.

      The trick is to start a new game, then pick one of the three game modes yourself, then let everyone starting joining the server. This should by-pass all the voting stuff.

      I am about to start a thread on getting a TG vs. AI scrim going or even TG vs TG 8 vs 8 Capture the flag.

      The game is fairly realistic. There are some arccade issues (spotting someone when you do no see them/ shooting an enemy soilder and knowing it was an officer)

      The vetarn option should make it more realistic.
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