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Good news on Armed Assault Sound Issues

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  • Good news on Armed Assault Sound Issues

    Suma an OFP Lead Programmer writes the following at BIS forums:

    "We have recently found a bug in OpenAL XFi native driver, which returns failure errors while capturing sounds. We have implemented a workaround, which will be available in the next patch / next demo version (and before you ask, no, I cannot tell you when this will be ).

    As a workaround, disabling HW acceleration in Windows sound control panel will solve the problem."

    I'm interpreting this the way that they are addressing sound issues in the next patch. Let us hope the patch comes sooner than later.
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    Re: Good news on soundissues

    What about the sound problem in multiplayer where sounds dont even transmit.. You can be standing right next to someone shooting and not hear a thing, or be a gunner in a tank or helo and not hear yourself shooting.
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      Re: Good news on soundissues

      I have seen that get better lately for some reason. I have actually been hearing gun fire from the person next to me.
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        Re: Good news on soundissues

        I had the same issue evilK...went away when I disabled hardware acceleration. Sound seemed fine since then.
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