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  • Tg + Cti = 1

    TG + CTI = 1.

    Greetings fellow gamers. A new dawn is fast approaching for TG with the upcoming U.K. and U.S. release of Armed Assault. Having three types of game modes to choose from, this essay will focus on Capture the Island (CTI). The purpose of this essay will be to brainstorm and create discussion on how to make CTI the best pick up and play server in North America.

    This essay’s major goal is for the TG CTI server to be full of gamers acting as a team and having fun during primetime gameing hours once the U.S. release happens.

    The game mode: 64 total players are currently available on the TG server.
    Story: USMC vs SLA (Communist). For good measure a third outfit, the RACS are fighting both the Corp and the SLA.

    It is important to remember that real people can join the Corp (BLUFOR) or the SLA (OPFOR), and not the RACS.

    Furthermore, it is important to note that the RACS holds all but two flags. The Corp starts out with one and so does the SLA. Because of this, capturing the island itself is a long task, one that I do not see happening much at all. However, one time I and Galas were experimenting with the server. (Keep in mind we were the only ones on the server). I joined the SLA to teamkill the enemy in order for Galas to capture the flag. Long story short, the RACS came along and captured the flag. Somehow at the same time, they must have captured the Corp base because they won the game!

    So both sides will need to use the RACS to their advantage on assaults and look out for them at all times.
    Actually both sides could form an alliance and team up and destroy the RACS. But I digress, this essay is not for such discussion.

    Objective: The game ends and the winner is declared once one of the three factions captures ALL of the flags on the island.

    How I see the CTI server: I see it as a server open to the public and only passwored for scrims.

    What I mean by pick up and play: To load up the game on a whim and have casual play that is more relaxed than scrims and co-op mission. The ability to communicate easily to parts of your team and produce mechanized and supported assaults and defenses with as little frustration as possible. Also to be regularly populated with mature gamers. However, it is expected to see John Rambo role up with Mr. Murphy. Once this happens it is important for this type of player to be quickly educated on what is expected of them and HOW to get the most out of the game.

    The challenges ahead: The biggest challenge is the verbal aspect of the mode and the low quality situational awareness of the player spawning in for the first time. A player is dropped into the game without any means to communicate verbally to a teammate. Without a chain of command and having a leader who is aware of the situation, they are soon lost and are instantly a lone wolf.


    There are four elements that need to be looked over if this server is going to be the best out there.

    I. Hospitality
    II. Administration and Rules of Engagement
    III. Unit Structure, Teamspeak Set-up and Ingame Communications.
    IV. Server settings

    I will give a brief overview of each element.

    I. Hospitality.
    This element will focus on getting players who are not familiar with TG and Armed Assault to understand it quickly. This will allow the quickest acclimation to the TG primer and what is expected of them while playing on the server. Much of this is already taken care of. However, more may be done if the rest of the elements are engaged.

    For example, an Armed Assault primer will need to be stared. The AA primer thread will be THE thread for all new players to the server to be directed to. All the great stuff we have now will be linked inside it (SOPs.) Accordingly it should be in the sigs of all TG players who wish to make the server great to play on.
    Bommando created a great one for BF2, and I believe Armed Assault needs one once we understand what we can do with CTI and get everything figured out on what we will do once the game population goes up.
    I believe this aspect of the primer will take a large bulk of element III. and should prove to be some fun writing.

    An addition to this start up guide will be descriptions on how players will behave based upon their role with the team (Unit Structure). Their role will be based upon the teamspeak channel they join. Also, the VOIP and text messages channels will be viewed and used by certain roles. For example, grunts will stay in the green channel and yellow channel. They should not venture to the command channel. Like wise, the Commanders of the unit has no business communicated to grunts (Unless in a vehicle, or life or death situations).

    Note: Actually, the SL can assign a Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) to listen on the VOIP command channel in order to look out for communications directed at their squad. This would allow the SL to be able to switch to other channels to text message and talk to others without missing important transmissions. But I digress again, this essay will not cover such intensive communications write ups. However, a future thread will.

    The goals of the Hospitality Element.

    • Allow new players to the server to get pointed in the right direction to what this server has to offer. (Meaning, when a player goes to the server, very soon they know they are somewhere special.
    • Allow TG regulars to be happy to do some pick up play on the server with as little annoyance has possible.
    • Have anyone with a TG tag go out of their way to greet the new guy in order for them to be interested in the server and checking out the WEBSITE. This should happen the first two months of the server without question. Do the recruiting and hard work early, and the community will grow more from it and be better in the future.
    • All of these things over whelm the server with good gameplay, thus discouraging piss poor behavior to happen in the first place.

    Note: Hospitality is actually everything the server and the community has to offer the new player and the casual player on the server. Meaning, the other three elements will influence this first element more so than the others.


    II. Administration and Rules of Engagement.

    Obviously staying on top of things is the best way to get the server off on the right start. Not doing so will retard the gameplay we are looking for and inhibit the potential of the server.
    This will involve your classic administration that needs no additional writings from me.

    Rules of Engagement.
    This represents the rules that take place on the TG CTI server.

    An example of a rule would be not to spawn kill via sniper while not trying to capture the flag with an assault.

    With this game mode, I will introduce rules of engagement that I believe will improve gameplay on the server.

    1. Do not steal vehicles from the main base.
    2. Do not steal tanks/gunships/choopers/jets from any base. (jeeps/boats are fair game.)
    3. Only attack the original main base if the closes flag to it belongs to your team.
    4. Do not destroy the hospitals and medic tents.
    5. Do not spawn camp the support truck.
    6. Stick to the roles that you are allowed to play in based on the teamspeak channel you are in. Example: infantry grunt getting into a tank to use would be against the rules.

    Number 3 is tricky and has pros and cons.
    The Main base would be a good place for the players to spawn into first without being attacked, allowing themselves to get some situational awareness. If the main base is fair game these players may suffer with questionable assaults that boarder on spawn killing or tank round shelling that do not allow their chopper and tank to spawn.

    Having this rule would prevent a Hollywood unit from massing an assault and trying to win the round early, thus preventing a realistic unit form every getting a coordinated strategic assault to take place. If a team loses their flag in the opening minutes, they cannot respawn unless the ones alive capture a flag. IMO, this would be frustrating gameplay.

    Doing so will allow the game to last for hours. This will create scrimmages and assaults that could lead to epic battles over towns and sections of the landmass without having to worry about your main base being assaulted by the enemy. This will also allow the two teams to explore other parts of the island and have battles farther away from their main base.

    Although the server is more pick up and play, we want to establish the need for support lines. Giving a unit the ability to assault a main base based upon acquiring the closes flag to it will keep the teams honest and more realistic.
    Note: More thought will need to go into this.

    This takes away freedoms of the players, and daring assaults that have potential.

    Con: it prevents players from learning how illogical it is to assault a base without close support lines.

    Con: After hours of play, literally hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies will be around. This would hurt ones computer performance.

    Number 5 is questionable also. I believe it is up to the support personnel commander to make sure the support truck gets out o.k. I am actually against this rule, but thought I would throw it out there.


    III. Unit Structure, Teamspeak Setup, and In game Communications

    This third element is what is going to separate us from the other servers out there. If we can get players to check out the TG website and read over the AA primer, they should be happy to try out our unit structure and communication procedures. It is vital for the new players to understand the importance of this aspect to what we offer.

    It is the up most importance for us to understand that through joining specific teampseak channels the command structure of the unit is created and thus order from chaos. Without a well made teamspeak channel set-up the potential for nice pick up and play gameplay is lost.

    In the primer the Unit Structure will be discussed. Here detailed writing on the kit you chose and the vehicles you use relate to the teamspeak channel you joined. Again, will be gone over later.

    It is recommended that a cheat sheet of how to best set-up your key bindings be laid out on the AA premier.

    It is recommended that each channel have a brief description of what it does and how many different roles it offers the players who join it. Keep in mind, what I am talking about here takes place on the teamspeak program it self. Granted the primer would have more detailed descriptions.

    What we have now in the Armed Assault teamspeak channel is good.
    The following describes it:

    Squad 1
    Squad 2
    Squad 3
    Squad 4
    Air Element
    Amour Element
    Command Element

    The following are my recommendations:
    1. Add maybe one or two more squads.
    2. Add a transport chopper channel.
    3. Have a separate CTI channel
    4. Inside this channel, have a East side channel with the above, and have a
    West side channel with the above.

    Doing this will allow those playing coop to have their channels, and those playing CTI to have their channels. Furthermore, giving both sides these channels allow real people on both sides. IMO, playing CTI just against the bots is not good pick up and play gameplay.

    Below are more recommendations:

    5. Have restrictions on the amount of players who can join a channel. Currently they are all set at 150. If this stays like that, players will just join the channel that has the most players, leaving the rest of the channels empty.

    A. Squad number limitations: 6-9. If players choice to play this without any bots, cool. If players decide to play this with bots, then if 9 players each had two bots the squad would have 27 friendly units. This is too big for a squad. If all six players had bots, 18 friendly units in the group. I actually think 6 is the most you need, because a bot is always around somewhere to hire.
    Note: this may be needed to be changed from squad to team in order for it to be more simulated. A squad does not have 15 plus people in it (I am counting bots and real players).

    B. Air Element limitations: I really do not have an idea. 20 at the most? I do not know how much air is out there on the retail CTI.

    C. Amour Element limitations: Again no idea. 20?

    D. Transport Chopper elements: 20?

    E. Command Element limitations: 3, no more, no less.

    Although explained later, the three positions in this channel are:
    Commanding Officer.
    Support Officer.
    Assault Officer.

    A detailed communication set-up will need to be in order on the primer for all things to be clear. Keep in mind this essay does not discuss the VOIP that may be around in the game.

    Some pros and cons:
    Pro: elegant communication set-up allows players who use it to establish the fundamentals to be apart of a logistically sound fighting unit.

    Cons: What I wrote above entails a lot of channels. Doing this may be expensive and slow down computer performance on one’s machine.


    IV. Server settings.

    Some type of script in the top left corner should be ran that tells them to go to the TG website and get hooked up.

    Example: “Go to and get set-up on our teamspeak channel to get the most out of the game!”

    Something like that, but better and shorter.

    Although this is more of an Admin thing, I will write down my recommendations.

    1. Do not allow third person view. This can be cheap and will only make players depend on it.

    2. Find a way to have a script that explains how to get the most out of the game by visiting our website while the game loads. I do not know how to do this. But the idea here is to have them see it as they connect to the server or something.

    3. Have the settings set up for a newbie so that new players are not overwhelmed.

    4. At certain times of the day have the server reset so that all the dead bodies are gone. I was thinking about a time before player population gets up. At least twice a day. These times are:

    Before European players start playing after work and before American players start playing after work.

    The good news is that around 05:00 east coast U.S.A. the server will most likely be empty and it will get reset then.

    I really do not know if this is necessary, but I am worried about all those dead bodies taking up RAM.

    5. Would it be possible for the Admins to write on the clip board (press the M button) about how and why taking a look at the TG website would be benifical to the game?

    That pretty much sums up this briefing. As said before a short outline of element three will be presented later.

    Feel free to add comments or what you believe should happen to make CTI on TG the most played server with the best players.


    Thank you for your time.
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    Re: Tg + Cti = 1

    Thumpingly good read there Rick. Your keyboard must have been on fire!

    "Con: After hours of play, literally hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies will be around. This would hurt ones computer performance".

    During a lull in the fighting, or on an opportunity basis teams could carry out a "Hide Body" function. Which might help keep some numbers down? (Or how about a Graves & Registration Unit. Who could do it? .... Only kidding).

    "Comms Channels:
    1. Add maybe one or two more squads.
    2. Add a transport chopper channel.
    3. Have a separate CTI channel
    4. Inside this channel, have a East side channel with the above, and have a West side channel with the above

    Addition of "Support & Logistics" - For units awaiting Repair etc?
    | |
    TG ArmA Pathfinder
    One pass haul ass - Greed kills


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      Re: Tg + Cti = 1

      Thanks for the feedback Buccaneer.

      Support & Logistics will be a huge part of CTI, if the unit wants to set up bases.

      I am right know toying with some things.

      I believe your recommendation is sound.

      I would imagine that Support and Logistics would polcie the bodies with the "Hide Body" function.

      I am trying to do is create a command structure that is functional for Armed Assault.

      Again, thanks for the feedback.
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        Re: Tg + Cti = 1

        Unit Structure. Teamspeak set-up. In-game VOIP.

        Unit Structure.
        As stated, the unit structure will allow players to pick a defined role and play it in order for team work and enjoyment to take place on the CTI server.

        The general idea here is to use teamspeak as your primary communication device, and the in-game VOIP as your secondary.

        Again the following ts set-up is assumed in this discussion:

        1st Squad
        2nd Squad
        3rd Squad
        4th Squad
        5th Squad
        6th Squad
        Transport Chopper element
        Air element
        Amour element
        Command element

        In order for this to make the most since, I’ll need to discuss the chain of command from the top down.

        The Command Element.

        There are three types of commanders in this channel. They will be able to freely talk to each other.
        Commanding Officer. CO****
        Ground Support Officer XO####
        Ground Assault Officer (or First Sergeant). Top////

        What I mean by this is that the CO has two Lt.s
        Their Executive officer
        Their First Sergeant.
        These two positions will help the CO with the two biggest aspects about CTI.
        Assaulting flags and locations (Top), and Supporting nearly acquired flags and locations (XO).

        1. Commanding Officer CO****.

        The highest ranking officer, they are the commander in the channel.

        Because they are the highest ranking officer in the channel, that makes them the commander of the entire unit.

        Makes the final decisions and gives the orders on general things like what towns will be attacked or what locations will receive support.

        Will be responsible for organizing arty strikes.

        Will talk directly with the Air Element via the blue channel. Like wise, the Air Element channel commander will report to the CO via the blue channel.

        Generally sees the least amount of action.

        Usually by themselves, in friendly positions, or being driven around to new secure bases.

        Spends much of their time studying their map and receiving feed back from the XO and Top about the battlefield via teamspeak.

        The CO needs to spend nearly all (99%) of their time in the blue command channel. The reason for this is that their XO and Top will find themselves in vehicles sometimes, and the command channel needs to be monitered at all times!!!

        The CO will gather intel from air vehicles and process it.

        The CO creates the strategy to be carried out on the objective/s at hand. They are the architect that needs to have a wide scope of vision.

        When the population is low, or a Support Officer is not around, the CO will act out the role of the Support Officer.

        When writing chat, they will have “CO****” as a prefex to their messages so that players are aware of who is addressing them. This sort of looks like General stars.
        1 Bigtime: CO **** Air strike is three minutes out of icon on map north of Pita. Take cover!!!

        One of the most complex things they will do is delegate what resources the XO and Top will use and recieve.
        Example: The CO will address the commander of the Transport channel and say he/she needs one transport chopper to be assign to the Support team and have them report to the XO at x town. Like wise, the Transport channel commander will need to keep tabs on where their choppers are being assigned too. Do not worry, the choppers will either be put on assault detail, support detail, or recon detail.

        2. Ground Support Officer XO####


        Second highest ranking officer.

        Will be assigned at least one squad to help them in their endeavors.

        Will be responsible for getting the transport trucks to the destination they need to go.
        This is a full-time job in of itself. A mechanized convoy will need to be organized.
        Seeing how these can include jeeps, tanks, troop personnel trucks, and support trucks, the XO will have their hands full making sure things are done quickly and safely.

        Will be responsible for supplying the frontlines with ammunitions.
        This is a full-time job also.
        Because of this, they may be assigned a transport chopper team.

        Will be responsible for picking up wounded and getting them back to a friendly base.
        Again, a transport chopper team will aide the XO in this endeavor.

        Will be responsible for policing dead bodies from friendly bases.

        Will employ ground fast movers to respond to and defend bases that come under assault.
        (man, this guy is going to be busy).
        Because of this, they may be given an Air Cavalry Chopper and a Paratrooper squad to aid them.

        Communicates with the Top via teamspeak in order to better coordinate support while not taking up radio net space on the blue command channel.

        Being in a convey, they will be in the yellow channel sometimes. This will allow for good communication with the chopper co-pilot and or jeeps. Remember, even if they switch from the command channel, they still have a open channel via ts with their CO.
        Generally, the XO should not need their own RTO, but a good SL will have a RTO monitoring the command net and give the SL and XO a heads up when they are talking in a vehicle with the yellow channel.

        When things become TARFU, the XO may need to actually switch ts channels and go to one of the squad channels in order for best communication during hostile situations. Before they do this they should tell the CO for best communication. In order for them to stay in touch with their CO, they should stay in the command channel.
        Note: The XO does not command grunts during these situations. The SL will be incommand and the XO will be in the same channel for survial reasons. However, their will be times when the XO commands a driver to take a left at a intersection when moving a convoy (both the driver and XO will be in the yellow channel).

        When writing text, they should type “XO####” before their message, in order for players to be better aware.

        Unlike the CO, the XO will see plenty of action. Granted, they are not the point man on conveys, but will not be spending too much time looking over maps. If the unit is doing well, the XO is busy. If the unit is doing poorly, the XO is busy.

        3. First Sergeant (Top)////

        This is pretty much the highest ranking person on the battlefield or front lines that commands the assault.

        They will spend much of their time in the command channel coordinating assaults with their squad leaders.

        Like the XO, they will receive tank/transport chopper/lil bird assets as delegated by the CO.

        Will be responsible for managing the assault squads into a mechanized platoon that can assault locations with expertise.

        Will be responsible for giving intel reports on the situation. This could involve requesting support/arty/fast mover. This will be done via the teamspeak channel.

        The Top will be responsible for gathering all the intel from his/her ground forces. This includes, recon teams, sniper teams.

        Like the XO, the Top will sometimes need to change to specific squad channels for best combat communications.


        O.k. I have presented the command element.

        Next will be an exact break down of how many players will be in the blue command channel. This will give us a good idea of how much chatter will be on this all important channel.

        Furthermore, we will look at who reports to whom.
        Things can get dicey in the Transport Chopper element Channel.
        For example, the lil bird can actually provide functions to the CO, XO, and First Sergeant.
        CO= air recon. XO=Medic evac. Top= Assaulting a coordinate.

        No worries for the Transport Chopper element commander. The clarifications will be spot on.
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          Re: Tg + Cti = 1

          Let’s take a look at just how many warrior can be on one team. When I say warriors I mean players and bots.

          With 32 players on one team. If each player has two bots, that is 96 warriors moving around for one unit. This does not count the bots that have been dropped into a base waiting for support.
          However, because a fair amount of players will not have bots, 96 is actually a high number. Let’s say the number will actually be around 80 warriors.


          Now to the blue command channel. The is the most important channel to maintain if coordination is desired.

          As promised, let’s take a look at all the players who will be tuned into the command channel.

          At least 12-14 players out of 80 warriors will be tuned in if the server is full.

          Here is a list of the positions
          Amour Element Commander
          Air Element Commander
          Recon pilot
          Transport Chopper Element Commander
          Transport Chopper co-pilot (to be assigned to the XO or Top)
          Squad Leader X 4-6 (or RTO)

          Just looking at this, things can get messy in a hurry.

          Obviously proper radio communications are in order. This post will not discuss such issues. The SOPs clearly discuss this.

          There are four key ways to make sure those in this channel hear the needed info that is addressed to them.

          1. Make sure those in your ts channel are communicating relevant info. For example, as a SL, you will need to keep your squad from talking it up about trivial real life stuff. Too much ts chatter will distract you from the command channel.

          2. Utilize the yellow channel. For example, when needing to discuss plans on assaulting a location, instead of two squad leaders using the command channel for a detailed conversation, hop into a vehicle and talk about it. !!RTO needed for this!!!

          3. Set-up the ability to whisper or switch to another ts channel. For example, the First Sergrant needs to talk to Squad 1 about their role in an assault, he/she could switch to that squads channel and give the entire squad a briefing of what they need to do.

          4. Have Radio Telephone Operators set up in the channel if you the commander of the ts channel will be no longer be on the blue commander channel. This should be performed often at the Squad level because many times the SL will be engaged in the yellow channel.


          What positions will these ts channel commanders have? Remember, the commander is in the blue channel. Also, someone will need to volunteer as the commander.

          At the squad channel, the SL will be the commander.
          This channel needs little description.


          With the transport chopper element:


          Transport Choppers and Lil birds are found here.

          Reason for ts channel: Allow pilots to communicate with others outside their vehicle for best mechanized coordinated drop offs and pick ups.

          Commander of this element: This person says little over the blue channel because they are taking orders and reporting little. However, they like all element commander should keep a pad and pencil close by to keep up with their responsibilities ( the choppers and their locations).

          The commander will need to be able to designate birds to specific areas based upon orders from higher higher. This could get dicey if the command element is incompetent.

          Someone who is not piloting an air craft should be the commander of the element. I am thinking the co-pilot of a chopper would be good for this. Granted, the door gunner can be the commander.

          The reason things get tricky for the T.C. commander is because their choppers will be divided up all over the damn map doing all kinds of different stuff. This is no big deal because this element will depend more on the yellow channel than the ts for critical communications.

          In fact the crew (or pilot) in the Lil bird doing recon will be talking the most in the blue command channel. They will report to the CO**** this vital information.

          Because of the need for the yellow channel the element commander should assign a RTO when needed.


          Armored element.

          This resembles the last element. Like before the yellow channel will be used for crucial communication.

          Unlike the last, tanks do not do recon, therefore, there will be only one player tuned into the blue channel, the element commander.

          Like the infantry squad leader, this player should be commanding warriors on the battlefield (meaning, being a tank commander).

          The commander of this element will have their hands full delegating their tankers and amour to either the XO or the Top. Generally, they will spend much of their time on assault and working with infantry.

          The commander need only worry about what tankers will go where. If the First Sergeant needs a tank somewheres, and none are available, tell them sorry champ with a brief explanation. Let the command element figure who gets what, the armor element commander need only keep up with his/her resources.

          Because of their demand to use the yellow channel, they should assign RTOs to help them out.


          Air element.

          Those wishing to use the gunship, jets, bombers, and the like should join this channel.

          Much like the armored element commander, this person should be in a commanding role and not controlling a vehicle. Gunner on a gunship or co-pilot in a bomber.

          Unlike the last two elements, this commander will take all of their commands from the CO.

          The Air element commander is the only one in the ts channel that needs to focus on the blue channel.


          I will wait on more feedback before continuing.
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            Re: Tg + Cti = 1

            As far as I know, the various VOIP channels work the same way in voice as they do in text.

            Meaning, EVERYONE on one side will hear blue chat. If you are talking to vehicle, and someone talks on side chat, you will still hear it. Also, with "Direct VOIP", there is no reason to 'jump into a vehicle' to communicate with someone else.

            Those are the two main things that stood out to me.

            You may be over-thinking this currently. Try starting with basic org and moving up from there. Find out what works and use it. Find out what doesn't work and ditch it. Your current plan is a mix of "Might work" and "Probably won't work", and if you started from a more basic level you might be able to evolve it better.

            I've learned a lot from running organized ops in OFP with ShackTac, and the "old" comm stuff (as set up in our OFP TTP) really is not the ideal system to use. If you've based any of your organization off of it, you might want to rethink things.

            I'll have a new ArmA TTP published sometime in the middle of February, hopefully.. there will be a section on organization and teamspeak/ingame VOIP that might prove useful to you.


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              Re: Tg + Cti = 1

              Thanks for the feedback.

              I was afraid that the Blue chat would be heard by all.
              When a base is captured a voice comes over the net and tells you what that paratroopers are on their way. No matter what channel you are in you hear this. I was hoping that this was just in those kinds of circumstances.

              If everyone can hear the blue channel, then there is no need for a RTO. I was hoping there would be.

              Another system that would start from scratch would be:

              Support and Logistics------ commander would be the XO
              ____Convoy Team
              ____Chopper Trooper Team

              Assault----------- commander would be the Top
              ____Team Alpha
              ____Team Bravo
              ____Team Charlie

              Recon/Saboteur-------------- no element commander. They simple report intell over the blue channel and take orders from the CO.

              Air --------------- no element commander. They simple take orders from the CO.

              Command------ CO of the unit.


              This set-up will cut down on players speaking in the blue channel.
              This set-up will allow the First Sergreant not to worry about recon.
              This set-up will allow the Less need of channel commanders.
              This set-up will allow the CO to have a direct communication with the ground Recon.
              This set-up will allow the two biggest features of the CTI to be all ready set-up; support and assault.
              This set-up will allow the blue channel to be usded more for stressful conditions and conditions outsound their area of operations.
              This set-up will allow casual circumstances to be handled over ts.


              Changes to this system.

              Seeing how Support and Logistics will spend most of their time bringing up the support trucks to newely taken flags, the Convoy channel will help them recieve info without taking up the blue channel. (There should be no more than 20 players allowed on this channel.)

              The Chopper Trooper Team channel will not only involve a choppper crew but paratroopers as well. This will allow them to have their own free channel while providing support to locations and flags being assaulted. 16 should be the limt on this channel.

              The concept of squads in the ts channels has been 86. Instead teams are made. It is assumed that these channels will have choppers and other vehicles working together in a assault. granted there will be SLs, but having these teams will allow for larger warriors on the assault with again, less blue channel chat. Keep in mind, a e Team on the Assault channel could be just infantry depending on what the Top orders. These channels will need to be larger (20) players per Team. This set-up allows larger personnel numbers in coordinated assaults.

              The changes to this system involves were the XO and the Top is located.
              Now they are found in their unit channels. Meaning, they will switch around based upon the circumstance.

              The XO and Top will need to channel switch or whisper from his/her three channels for best results. Furthermore, they would need to whisper to the commander. The XO and Top will need to communicate well when switching channels. Meaning, just do not leave without saying anythig. Be clear before leaving.

              Recon/Saboteur: Recon is a job by itself. The warriors in this channel will also try to intercept enemy supply trucks, hence saboteur. I prefer Raiders myself. The will need lil birds to move them around. Furthermore, the lil birds do their own recon.

              Infantry SLs do not report to the CO via the blue channel. Instead, they report to their XO and or Top via ts. This will drastically cut down on blue channel chatter.

              For example, A SL who just set up their squad over looking a location does not need to use the blue channel to report this. If their XO or Top is in their ts channel, they can do it there. If not, they will need to use the blue channel and request the XO joins their channel, or possible type their message. He/she (XO) then types back they got it. This typing would be done in the blue channel.


              Hope this sounds better, and hope this brings about more stimulation for a good system.

              As I said before, a piss weak CTI communication set-up will allow piss weak gameplay.

              I look forward to your next communications set up Dslyecxi, I am sure it will be functional.
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                Re: Tg + Cti = 1

                I updated my last post.

                This set-up requires the players to have keybindings set up to switch channels.

                I believe this to be a good foundation to trouble shoot on.
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                  Re: Tg + Cti = 1

                  Is AA CTI the same as OFP CTI?


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                    Re: Tg + Cti = 1

                    Quote by =Sarc=

                    "The ArmA CTI mode isn't the same as OFP CTI at all. It seems like a dumbed down version. There isn't a commander to build assets. You hire your soldiers and all the vehicles/aircraft is available immediately.

                    Plus, you have to capture ALL the bases in order to win. It'll be very difficult to win with two human controlled sides. It seems to be suited for a persistant world that has an epic battle going back and forth."


                    I hope they make changes to the game mode so that a command structure is created and the Green VOIP channel can be used by multible teams on the same unit.
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