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BIS Interview prior to UK Release

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  • BIS Interview prior to UK Release

    Found this short interview here:

    But I know they won't mind me quoting here in the ArmA Forum of TG.

    Maruk from BIS: Interview

    January 31, 2007 at 1505 hours

    Marek 'Maruk' Španěl, director of Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS), agreed with us to do a short interview and here it is. We got fresh info on what's going on with ArmA just before the release of heavily anticipated English version. As you probably already know by now: publisher 505 Games will release English version on February 17th, so "go recon" in your nearby computer store! Lets see what players can expect in the new release and upcoming patches to the game versions already on the market. Can you tell us more about what would next patches bring to players? What are you focusing on?
    Maruk: Thereīs very large list of improvements weīre working on and that will be not only part of imminent European and Australian release of ArmA but also be available to the existing ArmA user base in form of the upcoming patch. Most notable improvements are related to AI (many different things from combat to driving were improved), grass handling (including an option to adjust or disable grass in video options), reworked and improved multi player game browser screen, improved voice over net, major stability and performance improvement of dedicated server platform, LOD blending for trees, generally improved LOD switching, various performance and stability optimizations, support for more keyboard shortcuts, design overhaul of UI style in various parts of the game, various fixes and improvements in the campaign and missions, various improvements and tweaking of the environment and game objects. Are there plans to alter the ballistics of current weapons to be more accurate to real weapon data (velocity, trajectory, bullet weight, etc.)?
    Maruk: We keep tweaking all parts of the game and we also keep tweaking ballistics settings. There are many such changes already made for the upcoming release. Dedicated server for Linux - is it on your to-do list?
    Maruk: Yes, Linux Dedicated Server is not only on our to do list but itīs also something we have been already working on. I canīt give any firm release date of this server platform but itīs something for next few months. Do you have a plan to incorporate new armor (T80,T90, Leopard, etc.), maybe even some APCs/fast vehicles? Javelin weapon will probably get a fix soon?
    Maruk: We do have various plans in adding more content to ArmA but nothing I can reveal right now. Can we expect new wildlife (mammals etc.) roaming around the island in one of future patches?
    Maruk: Weīre working on more wildlife but I canīt tell you at the moment when and how we will release it as it is still work in progress. Will damage model be improved, because now we see BMPs getting trashed by machinegunners due to hitpoint system? How hard would be for your team to implement a more realistic system in cases when player gets injured (bleeding, fading out)?
    Maruk: Such changes are not currently planned and could not be only difficult to make but may also have serious impact on game play. Thereīs a large potential for community modifications in many areas and letīs see how far some of the community makers can go with the technology provided in ArmA.

    Many thanks to Maruk for taking time to satisfy mil-sim community and we wish BIS great success with their new game. We're confident that they'll bring mil-sim players what they were waiting for...

    Not sure about more wildlife - would rather have no CTD's in MP - but hey, I'm just a user *shrug*
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    Re: BIS Interview prior to UK Release

    sounds good!


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      Re: BIS Interview prior to UK Release

      They MUST to address the softwrap or any other MP crashes... anything else is gravy IMHO.




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